Friday, February 15, 2008

Speed Kills Huskies

This game was over before it started even though Washington kept within striking distance in the first half. The culprit once again was the defense on the perimeter as Oregon launched three's all night with success and Washington couldn't answer.

As I said yesterday Ryan Appleby is a streaky shooter who needs all the right circumstances to get his ball off with any degree of success. That usually doesn't happen against teams with speedy guards like USC, Oregon, and Arizona.

Brockman only played 28 minutes last night, and that is never a good sign as Oregon kept him in check for the most part. Jon finished with 13 points, and 11 rebounds, but he only had twelve shooting attempts.

Oregon was 14-25 from three point range, while Washington was 4-16. That was the game in a nutshell for Washington, not to mention that UO was 14-26 from the foul line opposed to Washington at 6-9. You can't win games shooting 39% from the field.

The UCLA game last Sunday seems like a fluke now, and this edition of the Washington basketball team is slowly headed for the sunset even though they probably will salvage a split this week since OSU is terrible.


prrbrr said...

Did Oregon keeep Brock in check or was it the refs. 2 quick fouls and at least the second was ticky tack, plus a 3rd early in second half. One thing is very clear, when Brock gets to sit early, I believe we have lost every game. The teams lack of energy in many games this year concerns me.

John Berkowitz said...

I think the refs in the Pac Ten suck, they take him out on the road. You get 36 minutes out of Brockman, and you just might win a few more games. I don't think there is a better player inside in the country.