Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spider Gaines

I was watching an episode of Bonanza yesterday. Hoss Cartwright was almost lynched by an angry mob who thought he was guilty of murder without the benefit of a trial. Hoss of course was rescued at the last minute as Ben arrived to bring the mob to it's senses. Now I am not saying that Spider Gaines is Hoss Cartwright, but there could be the same rush to judgement without a trial or complete investigation.

KIRO came out with an investigative report where they are trying to solve a cold case murder that happened in South Park years ago. Spider Gaines was identified by KIRO, but not officially the sherrif's office as suspect in the case. The evidence seems to come from DNA that was found in the house that Gaines had been there before, and also from videotaped accounts from a petty thief, and drug addict named Coffey Williams who Gaines used to live with at the time. Not exactly your most credible witness, but an intimate witness no less.

Bob Condotta November 17th 2005

"I've found a purpose for my life," says Gaines, whose 78-yard touchdown catch of a tipped pass with less than two minutes to play gave the Huskies a 28-27 win over the Cougars in 1975 in what might be the most memorable finish in the series. He found it only after years of drug and alcohol abuse, inconsistent employment and estrangement from his daughter, a descent that began when he left Washington in 1978, sure that NFL riches awaited him.

Steve Kelley June 11th 2006

With his mother, Annie Mae, his daughter and other family members at Husky Stadium, where wide receiver Gaines made so many memorable catches in the mid 1970s, he made what he believes was the most important reception of his life — his college degree. "That will be the defining moment of my life," Gaines said a few days before the ceremony. "It's been a long journey to get my life back in order. And receiving that degree just gives me that feeling of accomplishment. That feeling of being back. It's a good feeling.

KIRO Report February 11th, 2008

Then just two weeks ago, while KIRO Team 7 Investigators were conducting undercover surveillance on Spider Gaines as part of our investigation, two cold case homicide detectives showed up to speak with Gaines outside his workplace.

Halsne: "Hi. My name is Chris Halsne. I'm an investigative reporter at KIRO-TV."

Gaines: "Uh-huh."

Halsne: "I talked to you not that long ago about police having you be a suspect in that double homicide down in South Park . I hear things are heating up a little bit and they came and saw you. Can we talk about that? Tell me what they asked you."

Gaines: "First of all, I really don't want to talk about that. Ya know. I'd really appreciate it if you'd leave me alone."

Halsne: "I understand, but we want to make sure we give you every opportunity to counter what the police are telling us, which is that you are the prime suspect in that homicide."

(Not exactly correct)

Gaines: "I don't care what they're telling you. I ain't worried about it. They can say whatever they want to say. Leave me alone. I'm outta that."

Halsne: "When we talked earlier, you encouraged me to track down Coffee Williams). We did. She had an interesting story. Can we talk about what Coffee is saying?"

Gaines: "No. Nope. Nope. I'm not even worried. Nope. Leave me alone. I'm going to work."


bigdave967 said...

Off Topic...

If Willingham doesnt use White as a runningbacks coach he is almost completely wasting a talented coach on Tight ends. After reading a little bio on White...he coach Ron Dayne (Heisman) at Wisconsin, who has always been known for their running attack. Even Slick Rick went to him for help with the running game when he was a UW coach. What a big recruiting tool, telling a high school kid that you have a position coach that helped Ron win a Heisman...I really hope they find a legit Special teams and TE coach and not just use White to fill the position.

Side note...i wish Ty would have established this coaching staff (who we can only go by on paper, but looks darn good on paper) when he first got here. Hope it wasnt to late...

John Berkowitz said...

White has coached many positions, RB at Wisconsin is just one them. White happens to be an excellent TE coach in addition to being a very good RB coach.

Dayne won the Heisman because he was the biggest, and baddest RB that particular year.I am sure coaching, and the type of offense they ran played a part in it, but 95% of the credit goes to Dayne.

I don't have any problems with White coaching TE's.

bigdave967 said...

I dont think you could name one TE he has coached to greatness without looking it up but I could tell you a runningback...He is a runningback coach because at Wisconsin they had dominating runningback performances...under Whites control (I have to admit I looked it up) they had #1 and #2 top ten Wisconsin runningbacks...Dayne #1 (1996-1999, not all White) and Anthony Davis #2 (2001-2004, which was all under Whites watch). website is attached...http://www.uwbadgers.com/sport_news/fb/stat_poll/rushing%20records_3822.pdf

I just personally think that he has a better track record with runningbacks than TE's, hope I am wrong though.

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