Friday, February 08, 2008

Weekly Poll Question

What is your opinion of the Seattle Times Investigative reports series on the 2000 Husky Football Team?

Yellow Journalism 22 /28%

I didn't think it was relevant because the stories had already been told. 18 /23%

I thought it was fair, but questioned the timing of the release. 16 /20%

I thought it was about defending Turner, and Willingham 13 /16%

Fair, balanced, and well written 8/10%

Other...3 /4%

Anyway you look at it most Husky fans have trouble with the timing, and the way they presented the story. I could have answered to about anything except fair, balanced and well written. It simply wasn't as balanced as it should have been. It bordered on negative sensationalism.

This Weeks Question:

Pick the Top Recruiting Class Since 1991?

The 1991 class was one of Washington's all time best. The Huskies were turning the corner at that time to be a team that was a legitimate national championship contender more years than not. The probation, and the resignation of Don James prevented that from happening even though Lambo had a few real good years.

I listed a few classes since then that catch my attention. I also listed the three headliners from those classes based on hype, and overall performance while they were here.

Is the 2008 class really the best class since 1991?

We won't really know till 2012.

1 comment:

bigdave967 said...

You almost have to go with the 1997 class because they got it done on the field...just my opinion.

Looks like lame duck Ty guy is starting to surround himself with really qualified position coaches...hopefully it wasnt to late and hopefully these guys can live up to the hype.