Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Puppy Chow

Former Husky assistant and director of football operations Myles Corrigan passed away at age 64 yesterday. Corrigan coached some of Washington best TE's during his tenure, and was a well liked, and extremely proficient coach.

At age 49 on the Husky sideline during a California game on the road he suffered a disected a aorta which was similar to the trauma which ended actor John Ritter's life a couple of years ago. Miraculously Myles was able to survive because of the close proximity of some of the best surgeons in the country over at the UC medical center.

Our prayers go out to Myles, and his family.

Molly Yanity is Back

Molly Yanity of the PI has been taking some time off but is now back again writing about Husky football. Today she wrote a very nice article about new Husky DC Ed Donatell.

But Donatell sees a program that has known success and a city and university that should attract talented players. He anticipates a successful Huskies defense, though it allowed a program-worst 446.6 yards per game in 2007.

Like any Willingham assistant Donatell isn't tipping his hand at this point. He is just observing his players in person, in the weight room, and on film. One chord on defense seems to ring through and that is the Huskies need better talent on that side of the ball. Two good back to back recruiting years are helping in that goal, and I expect to see some of the younger players get credible shots this Spring. One player that has caught his eye is Daniel Teo Nesheim who is emerging as one of the team leaders for 2008. Daniel has always caught the eyes of the coaches since the first day he stepped on campus because he has a fine motor that never stops.

Husky Basketball

The Husky basketball team suffered a crushing loss to ASU on Saturday, but they can still are possible post season participants based on what they do over the next three games.
Unfortunately all three games are on the road against Cal, Stanford, and WSU which all beat Washington earlier this season at home. I am not counting them out though even if it is a hard hill to climb. The Arizona, and UCLA wins show that on any given night this team can steal a win against the better teams in the conference when they are in sync.


bigdave967 said...

What a great article about Donatell. Seems like he understands what a young person needs to grow into a great football player. How great is it that he can have def ends sit down with Patrick Kearney and discuss the position from another level. I am way to excited for Football season to start.

John Berkowitz said...

I think Donatell is a great hire, and I like the choice better than DeWayne Walker.