Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Puppy Chow

Ted Miller of the Seattle PI gives his critical opinion on the Times articles from last week.

It's not often a journalist writes about a competing paper, but many of you seem interested in what I think about the Times series on the 2000 Rose Bowl team. Many things. Many contradictory things.

Ted makes the point that Neuheisel inherited the kids that were featured in the article, and most of them suffered the bulk of their problems before he arrived. He has a really interesting take on the Jeremiah Pharms story.

Roussel Headed Back to UW

LB Bradly Roussel accepted an offer from Washington this week. the recruitment of this kid was pretty interesting since he was offered officially in December, then the Huskies pulled the offer for a few weeks until they were sure they couldn't find a bigger LB. The only knock on Roussel so far is size, he is 5'11 215. If he was a couple of inches taller no way would the SEC have passed on him. I've seen his film and I really like the kid.

Prince Being Drawn Into the Dark Force

LA papers are reporting that Encino QB Kevin Prince is thinking about heading to UCLA rather than Washington. This one will be a signing day decision that really won't matter since the kid will be a recuitable athlete again in the Fall since he will either grey shirt or go on a mission.

Warren Moon

I find it interesting that Husky Legend Warren Moon has been pulled over twice this year for suspicion of drunk driving and has yet to fail a breathalyzer test. You would think that if you passed the breathalyzer you would be fine. Something isn't adding up for me on this one. They can still charge you with a DUI if you are under the legal limit?

Mariners Giving Away the Farm

This is off topic but it should be announced today that the M's have aquired SP Eric Bedard for Jones, Sherrill, Tillman, and Butler, or Mickolio. Sure they picked up a potential young starter, but they also gave away way too much talent on this one for a guy that will only be here two years. I think it is tougher being an M's fan than a Husky fan.


localmoco said...

I think it is refreshing to see a journalist calling the Times out for their lack of journalistic integrity in this series. A lot of the other journalists in the region danced around the issue and perhaps didn't want to speak out against their colleagues.

As I commented on Miller's blog and previously on this blog, the Times articles were based on the legitimate premise of investigating whether integrity was sacrificed for success in athletics. But the reporters did a hatchet job instead of objectively reporting the story. They ended up sacrificing their own integrity for success in increased circulation.

t9odawg said...

A poster on Dawgman raised a very valid point. If the Times series intent was to point out the "win at any cost" problem with college athletics why use just one team and one year from all the college teams available? I hope the UCLA folks looking into this series look at all sides of the information before publishing a conclusion. The Times used what they wanted to "make" their point ingoring all lot of good things about that teams players.
One question that pops up to me, given the innocent until proven guilty concept, it appears the Times ignores that in their judgement of RN's disciplinary actions.

rpm88yb said...

On the Moon issues, I think the first time he was charged with Driving While Intoxicated which they can charge you with if you have any alcohol at all in your system. To my knowledge a Driving Under the Influence is only if you are over the legal limit.

Kirk said...

I am with you on the M's! While I am was not a big Turner and Willingham fan, I am astonished that there is not a "Fire Bavasi" website out there. What a clown he is.