Wednesday, August 15, 2007

2008 Husky Recruit Suspended (Updated)

This just in from Molly Yanity's blog over at the PI.

Washington Huskies recruit Dominique Blackman is on leave from the Carson (Calif.) High football team for violating team policy, his coach Michael Christensen said. "We have some pretty high expectations of our student athletes and Dominique, unfortunately, did not meet those standards of conduct. He is currently trying to rectify his mistakes and, upon completion, will be reconsidered for membership on the team," Christensen said.

Looks like Blackman has the opportunity to rectify it, and get back on the team which is good. Basically it comes down to the kid getting his business in order and proving himself to his HS coach, and the coaches at UW. He won't be the first, or last kid to make a mistake.

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times provides this update

Talked briefly to Dominique Blackman, a quarterback from Carson High School who recently committed to Washington, who confirmed reports that he has been temporarily suspended from the team. But Blackman said he expects to soon be a member of the team again and to be playing for Carson this season. "I'm learning from this,'' he said, calling it a case of being "in the wrong place at the right time'' --- no details were offered --- and that he understands that "I'm supposed to be a leader of the team.'' He said he doesn't expect this situation to impact his future with the Huskies, saying he has talked to some of UW's coaches and that he "owned up'' to what had happened.


hairofthedawg said...

Don't landshark the Lt. Sgt Stevens. or you Lt prrbrr...I don't care how tasty it looks, it's just not acceptable. Go M's!

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think the kid will be ok, looks like the coach has set up some parameters for him to get back on the team.

prrbrr said...

An opportunity for D. Blackman to show his mettle early in life. Hopefully he will get this straightened out and return to his team and school. I applaud the Carson Coach for doing what's right by the team. If he makes it to UW, I doubt TW will have any problems with him after this incident. HIE, FYI in the high desert here in SoCal, school started on 6 August, not sure about the inner city schools though.

Health Insurance Expert said...

My cousin teaches in Baldwin Park which is an LA high school, and they don't start till next week.

prrbrr said...

It is one of the odities here in the high desert as to why they start school when they do. The temp yesterday and today in the 105-107 range, so I have never understood why they don't push it back as far as they can (start) so they can save on air conditioning (carrier dome LOL) costs.
For that matter, why they haven't put in field turf also amazes me, I am sure it would pay for itself in a year or so just in water bills.
Its amazing to me how this area has grown, when we first got stationed here there were 3 high schools, so they played with teams (and got creamed) down the hill like Eisenhower, Fontana, Redlands. Now there are 7=8 HS in the local area.