Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked this question:

What place do you think the Huskies will finish in the Pac Ten this coming season?

First 0% (0 votes)

Second 3% (1 votes)

Third 8% (3 votes)

Fourth 16% (6 votes)

Fifth 16% (6 votes)

Sixth 22% (8 votes)

Seventh 8% (3 votes)

Eight 11% (4 votes)

Ninth 14% (5 votes)

Tenth 3% (1 votes)

As you can see the answers are all over the board, but most readers felt the Huskies would finish 6th. For the record I feel they will crack the first division and finish around 5th. Most experts feel that with the 2007 schedule UW is going to be hard pressed to improve upon their 5-7 record in 2006. I think the Huskies finish with a winning record and go bowling.

This week we ask:

In your opinion, is Ty Willingham meeting expectations so far in his effort to rebuild the Husky program?

This is a loaded question because it is completely subjective. It will be interesting to see how you vote, and comment on this one. Remember that Ty is only starting his third season in what has proven to be a major rebuild of the program. I'm not sure if anyone was aware of how fall the program had fallen prior to his arrival.


Anonymous said...

I just voted on schedule. Ty deserves minimum 5 years to get results, after the total collapse under Neuheisel/Hedges. These things are cyclical; remember USC had some pretty mediocre years in the 1990s. Ty has already shown ability to recognize diamonds in the rough (e.g. middle linebacker Butler) and "coach 'em up" as they say. The schedules are brutal but I think UW will be competitive in every game except maybe UCLA (a little payback there, and on the road and on the heels of BSU/OSU). Let's see what happens in Locker's third year as a starter and at that point we'll see what Ty has done.

Health Insurance Expert said...

This is a good post. I agree completely, and couldn't have written it better. I have always said that it would take five years no matter who the coach was, many don't agree, but many don't realize how far the program plunged under Gilby.

hairofthedawg said...

Was that you that voted 2nd? I picked third. I share the same sentiments as the first two comments. I'm asking because I read your post on dawgman earlier and one reply said...I hope your right. The ball bounces in many directions...maybe why I love rugby and oddly shaped things.


Health Insurance Expert said...

Dick I didn't vote us second over here. My post in Dawgman was a what if to fire everyone up because I truly believe we are going to have a chance to win every game we play this year. That being said it doesn't mean it will happen. I want to save my official prediction on wins, and losses until camp gets going. Let me just say that the Huskies will have a winning record in 2007 and go to a bowl. I want to get a look at Locker in Fall camp before I go official.