Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

Will Ty go with two starting QB's this year?

Yes 14% (3 votes)

No 81% (17 votes)

Other 5% (1 votes)

The pollster's overwhelmingly said no, while Ty has been letting it slip that people were going to be surprised how much Carl Bonnell plays this season. I voted yes, because I simply have been listening to the coach. Locker is the starter, but Bonnell is going to see some action this year if he doesn't prove ready. Bonnell has been noticeably crisper in practice, while Locker has been the better rusher. I think there is a place for both at times.

This weeks question-

Will Washington win the first two games of the season?

In my mind UW has to beat Syracuse and Boise or they are headed to a 0-5 start. If they win the first two then anything can happen. I think it is a reasonable expectation that they can beat Syracuse, and Boise.


hairofthedawg said...

Well, the question was "starting" so I went with no. I have no doubt Bonnell will play, but don't think he'll start barring injury.

I also think we win the first two. It's only been words and will be until Friday, but the team sounds hungry.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think he may end up starting at some time, maybe, maybe not. just based on the point that the coaches can't help notice he is sparkling at practice.

We have to win the first two to have the season we need to have to move forward.