Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

Which Frosh is making the most impact early in camp?

CB McDowell 24% (5 votes)
S Aiyewa 0% (0 votes)
RB Shaw 29% (6 votes)
RB Yakaboski 38% (8 votes)
S Richardson 5% (1 votes)
RB Johnson 0% (0 votes)
RB Griffin 0% (0 votes)
Nate Williams (other) 5% (1 votes)

The power of the press is an interesting thing. Going into Fall camp not a single person out there would have picked Yakaboski to have the most potential impact. When he signed last Fall most people yawned, and figured he would end up at Safety, Linebacker, or Fullback.

I picked Shaw, and still do, because his speed will most certainly be utilized this season. UW will use 2-3 of the Frosh RB's this year. All of them are good, really good, but the ones that play will be the ones that figure out how to block, or can be used on special teams.

This is all still a little early because nobody will really know until about four weeks into the season. Count on RB's, Safeties, and CB's making an early impact.

This weeks question?

Which five players will start against Syracuse on the offensive line?

This is multiple choice, so pick the five guys from the list provided you think will start.

Nobody knows for sure what Ty, and Lappano have up there sleeve at this point, but they have gotten a lot of big guys attention early. They did the same thing with Scott White last year and it worked out great. I love it when they make their point clear with these guys.

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