Friday, August 31, 2007

UW Syracuse Game Blog

We have approximately two hours and ten minutes before game time, just cracked my first beer and am listening to the Husky Honks doing the pre game show on KJR. You have to like the coverage that KJR puts together on game day. I feel very confident tonight, and after studying this one backwards and forwards don't see how UW can lose unless they turn the ball over repeatedly.

Come back during the game as I will be updating summaries of the action at the end of each quarter. Also tune into the Husky Chat Room at All the usual characters will be there since this is a road game.

First Quarter

Syracuse gets a nice return on a decent kickoff by UW. The Oreange march down the field and settle for a FG. The Orange aren't going to be able to run tonight, and they are going to be passing out of the gun and passing it wide for a couple yards at a shot. The Huskies look a little tight, and a little slow. Rayford had a couple of good plays, they can't block him.

3-0 Syracuse

Locker gets pounded on the first play. Rankin for zero on second down. Locker overthrows Reese, but he had a good shot. Three and out. Huskies continue with terrible punt coverage, but it is called back on a clip.

Syracuse starts from the 25. Sacked on the first play, false start on the second. A couple by Brinkley on the next. Quick kick by Syracuse on third!

UW starts from their own 12. Locker for 8, but a five yard procedure penalty. UW from the 7. Locker sacked at the 4. Reese for around 8 on a quick out. Locker overthrows Daniels who is wide open. Time to punt. 42 yard punt no return.

Syracuse starts from their own 42. Robinson to Smith for 7. Brinkley for a couple. robinson picks up the first on a keeper. Savannah was run over by a QB. Fumbled snap, and a loss of seven. Robinson for zero. Short pass, and Syracuse has to punt. Punt is a touchback.

UW starts at the twenty. Locker to Williams for 7. Rankin for a couple. Homer for 4, first down. Rankin for 15 on pitch that he reversed. That was all Rankin . Rankin on the swing for 6.

Second Quarter

UW starts off driving over midfield. Rankin for 15. Swing to Rankin for 6. Locker keeps it for 11 to the 13. Locker to Russo for 1. Rankin TD from 13 yards!!! 80 Yard Drive!

UW 7 Syracuse 3

Syracuse starts at the 23. Robinson for very little. Robinson to Williams for 12. Incomplete. Gain of nine on a quick pass. Cuse at midfield. Brinkly for the first on a short gain. Sack by Howell loss of 7. Delay of game, 2nd and 22. Incomplete screen pass. Complete for a good gain but well short, time to punt. Touch back.

Huskies start on the 20. Locker for 20. Rankin for a couple. Rankin to Reese for 12. Locker for 7. Incomplete ...3rd down and UW calls a time out. Rankin for the first down. Locker for five. Locker for 10. Rankin dances for a short gain. Locker to Russo to the 6 yard line. Locker to the 1 for a five yard gain. Homer stopped at the 1. Locker on the keepr for the TD. Two 80 yard drives in a row.

UW 14 Syracuse 3

Touch back on the kickoff, but a flag so they have to kick again. Syracuse takes it back to the 42, they start from there. Brinkley for 4. Robinson to Brinkley for 16. Robinson to Sellers for 4. Timeout Syracuse. Robinson goes for the endzone but McDowell has it covered well. Robinson to Moss for 13. Offsides. 1st and 15. Incomplete to Moss. Sack by Gunheim. Timeout with 0:32 to go. Incomplete in the end zone batted away by Nate Williams. Great play. Syracuse hits a 41 yarder.

UW 14 Syracuse 6

Homer take the pooch kick to the 34. Rankin for 8. The first half ends.

First Half Highlights

The Huskies have limited Syracuse to only 9 yards on the ground. Locker has seven carries for 67, and Rankin has 8 for 49. Robinson is 12/18 passing for 110, and Locker is 7/11 for 47. UW hasn't thrown a long one yet. Ballman and Perkins have doen a great job kicking the ball, no problems there. UW is definitely the better team, and they get the ball to start the third quarter. If UW can put together another drive like the last two, both went for 80 yards, this one will be over.

I have the feeling UW is just warming up, and we could see a lot of points by UW in the second half. You have to like the way Locker looks, very poised. Rankin has been running hard all night. the frosh may get carries later, but not until this one is put away.

Defensively the Huskies have been fine, they have bent, but haven't broke. Syracuse has been aided by field position. If 'Cuse starts from the 20 they are in trouble becuase they have no balance.

Third Quarter

Johnson returns the kickoff to the 30. Locker to Reese for 10. Rankin for a long 3. Locker to Russo for 13. Rankin takes it to the house for a 47 yard TD!!!

UW 21 Syracuse 6

Syracuse return to the 25. Brinkly for a couple. Robinson is sacked by Rayford. Incomplete, time to punt. Russo fair catches at the 30.

Locker to Reese for a first down. Locker for 8. Rankin for 5 and the first down. Huskies run the reverse for a big one. Locker dances into the end zone for the TD.

UW 28 Syracuse 6

Syracuse picks up 28 after we have a break for baseball....I hate ESPN. Robinson for nothing. SACK BY RAYFORD!!! First down 11 yard pass completion. Ty decides to challenge the play. The play stands. Holding. The Husky pass rush is killing them now. Another Sack. Incomplete. 3rd and 24 now. Shovel pass for nothing. Screw ESPN they are breaking again for the perfect game. 4th and 20 time to punt.

Rankin for 3. Russo for 3. Lewis for 13. Rankin stacked for a loss. Penalty. The no hit game is now over, and he walked a guy, and they got a hit....back to the action. 3rd and 24. Locker to Russo for 30 and the first down. Russo 5/49. Rankin for 9. Incomplete in the endzone on the throw away. Homer for a couple and the first down. Rankin takes it to the house again from 21!!!

UW 35 Syracuse 6

Fourth Quarter

Syracuse starts at the 30. They pick up nine on a quick pass. Robinson completes another for 5. 'Cuse calls a timeout after sensing a blitz. 4th down and Syracuse punts. Russo fair catches. ESPN does a terrible job paying attention to the game.

UW takes over at the 12. Bonnell takes over. Shaw for a couple. Williams grabs a catch for one or two. Incomplete. 3 and out, and time to punt. Ballman hits a 52 yarder. i am impressed with him tonight.

Syracuse starts at the 44. Flag moves them to the 49. Smith for a five. Smith for zero. Sack by Gunheim. Cuse picks up a 1st down. Smith for a couple. Flag on Syracuse. Snith for a couple. Swing to Smith for a few more. Incomplete in the end zone. Flags down, poor pass interference call, a little home cooking. Syracuse at the 10. Flags again, false start. Incomplete again. Sack by Gunheim. Nice spin move. Draw to Smith.....4th and goal. TD Syracuse. They miss the kick.

UW 35 Syracuse 12

Johnson takes it back to the 23. Shaw for a couple. Johnson for 11 and his first 1st down as a Husky. Johnson for a couple. Hasty for around five. Johnson for nada. Time to punt again. Huskies are keeping it pretty vanilla at this point and just running the clock. Ballman with another great punt inside the Syracuse 15.

Syracuse fumbles, Huskies recover!!!

Johnson takes it down to the seven. Johnson for a couple. Johnson to the goal line. Brandon Johnson take it in for the TD.

UW 42 Syracuse 12


hairofthedawg said...

I'm counting on the game to keep me awake! Go Dawgs!!

dcdawg said...

Three early comments: one, Chris Spielman is HORRIBLE, why did ESPN hire him?? Two, Louis Rankin is FAST and looks great. Three, that quick kick on 3rd down is a sign Syracuse has no confidence in its offense, a good sign for UW. Good game so far, Locker building confidence...

hairofthedawg said...

Nice the job D, and with that kick and the first play...go Dawgs! C'mon Vonzell!

dcdawg said...

Love the Syracuse kicker's beer gut. Hey, he's a good kicker, whatever works. Also pleasantly surprised by Ballman's kickoffs -- but not Aiyewa's offsides, but did you see Ty light into him afterwards on the sideline? Who says Ty is too stoic!? So far very few mistakes by UW, excellent running game, enough defense. Would like to see more consisent hammering of the orange QB though.

I'll upgrade Spielman to mediocre; like Locker, he's improved during the first half. Speaking of Locker: wow, quite a running performance. Hope Syracuse can't figure out how to stop it!

Health Insurance Expert said...

The announcers were brutal early. McDowell and Williams look pretty damn good.