Friday, August 17, 2007

Puppy Chow

We have two weeks till we face off against Syracuse in the Carrier Dome in front of a national TV audience. That means the players have one more week left to determine who is going to start, and in some cases for the frosh, who is going to play in 2007. I put together a few thumbnails acquired from various sources to give you all a good idea where things stands going into this very important week before game day preparations get serious.

Willingham is opening up practice and is going to scrimmaging in front of the fans and media on Saturday at 2:30. Willingham has stated he is going to give the fans what they came to see and will have officials on hand to simulate game day situations.

I ran my Pac Ten predictions yesterday and a lot of people questioned my sanity for picking UW fourth. My logic is simple, there isn't a lot of difference between #3 and #8 in the conference this year. I think UW can win every game they play this season, at the same time they can lose every game too. If UW starts the season 2-0 they are going to be fine, if they start 0-2 they are going to be in trouble.

Mason Foster was one of the most interesting recruits in the 2007 class. If you had a chance to see this kids film you had to wonder why he wasn't more highly recruited because he was just all over the field. Foster according to Willingham is making a very serious push for playing time as a freshman which is very surprising because of the depth at the linebacker position. Linebacker is probably one of the strongest positions on the squad depth wise, so if he is making a run he is obviously grasping the system and out performing some of the incumbents. Keep an eye on this kid, and give a tip of the hat to Coach Tormey and his ability to evaluate talent. No word on Savannah yet who was demoted behind Stevens. You have to think Foster will be a guy that could step in to provide depth if Savannah isn't eligible.

Kicker Erik Folk is recovering his back spasm's and has begun to open up some eyes with his leg strength. Folks brother Nick was an all conference caliber performer at Arizona. The kicking jobs are all still open at this time, and don't expect them to get settled till the final week of camp. Let's hope Erik continues to stay healthy.

I've been hearing some nice things about JR Hasty so far. It seems JR is sewing up the #2 role, and has shown some good hands early in camp. It's nice to hear something nice about the kid after he had to sit out 2006 for screwing up on credit hours.

Keep an a sharp eye on the Fullback position at Washington this year because we are finally going to start getting some big time production once again from the position. Homer, and Kravitz are currently 1-A, and 1-b. Both of these guys are fast, smart 250 pound guys that can block, run, and catch the football. UW hasn't had anyone like them since Woodinville's Pat Conniff. Pat was a big reason the Huskies went to the Rose Bowl when Tui was the QB at UW. Think about what this extra dimension can do for an offense? Think about what it will be like to have an extra big guy who runs in the 4.7 range pulling out to lead block for Ranking, and Locker.

Every time a Tyee friend of mine goes to practice they give me a call and tell me how good Carl Bonnell looks this Fall. You have to think that Carl has worked himself into the position of being QB 1-B even though Ty hasn't said anything about it. Locker as usual has been described as a complete horse, and many think when the team starts running his ability to do that will keep him in the forefront, but Bonnell so far has been the better passer this camp. One thing to be sure of, Jake will get better every day for the next four years.

We left Safety Nate Williams out of our impact Frosh poll after we hadn't heard much about him during the first week of practice. Well we may have voted too soon as Ty has recently commented that he may be ready to play immediately. Quentin Richardson will most likely redshirt, and we haven't heard much about Victor Aiyewa. It's still early so stay tuned because Ty says they all have a lot to learn in a short period of time.

The guy to keep an eye on at Safety who is doing well is Federal Way's Darrin Harris. Onlookers have been impressed with his hitting ability. This is very good news because we need the experienced depth at safety. Many of you may have forgotten but Darin has logged some starts in his career before getting injured.

Walk on Cory Nicol has been a big surprise as he has put himself in a position to earn a starting job, and a scholarship. The position is of course Davenport's once he gets healthy, but it is nice to see Nicol being counted on to provide quality minutes this season. The status of Jordan Murchison is still up in the air, no telling when Ty will make the final the call on that one. McDowell still has a lot to learn, but he is almost certain to see action this year with the likely loss of Murchison.

Positions are still up for grabs on the offensive line, and none of the contenders have been eliminated as of yet, and that includes Matt Sedillo who took a day off for a minor injury. Casey Bulyca looks like he is making his move and will be a likely starter against Syracuse.

It is looking more, and more like TE Chris Izbicki is going to redshirt this season. The coaches seemed satisfied with the four upper classmen ahead of him. Kirton at this point seems to be the leader followed by Gottleib, Lewis, and Winter. (Correction on Chris Izbicki)

One thing we haven't heard anything about is how the incoming lineman are doing. Wood of course is out after wrist surgery and won't practice till September. Duncan, Armelin, Shugert, and Fancher also will all redshirt. It is rare when a frosh lineman gets playing time, and it usually a sign of big trouble, or great talent when it happens.

People who have seen WR Alvin Logan have come away pretty impressed so far. He has a nice combination of speed, power, and soft hands. Word has it that he blocks pretty well too. The Huskies have depth and experience at WR so he could sit out this year if the team stays healthy, but he could contribute right away if needed.

The two big stars of Fall camp have been Louis Rankin, and Corey Williams. Both need to have big years if the Huskies plan to spend the holidays anywhere. Their possession of the gold jersey most of the camp is an indication they are both ready to go.

On the injury front Anthony Russo still hopes to play against Syracuse, and it looks like that will happen since he was out there today in full pads catching passes even though his stitches aren't out yet. Wilson Afoa has a sore shoulder but is close to getting back. LB Donald Butler is being treated with kid gloves to get ready for the season after a little knee surgery.

DT Cameron Elisara is going to be in the rotation this year backing up Afoa, and Reffett with Lobos. No word on how DT Jovan O'Connor is doing which makes me think he is going to be a four and out guy at the end of the year.

Gunheim, and Teo Nesheim have looked great in practice this camp. The key for Greyson is to stay healthy. A knee injury really hindered him last season after being touted as a potential all conference player. So. Darion Jones, and Sr. Ceasar Rayford will be baking them up. We haven't heard much about Matthews as of yet, he could be a guy they move inside next year. Keep an eye on O'Dea walkon Fred Wiggs, the kid is a player. He will make an impact on special teams.

D'Andre Goodwin, and Curtis Shaw seem to be the likely kick returners with Roy Lewis still in the mix. The Huskies would like to avoid using Lewis to keep him healthy. Anthony Russo is another guy that will figure into the mix once his finger is healthy. Anthony doesn't excite me as a return guy, just half a step too slow, but he has sure hands.

ESPN's Ivan Maisel predicts UW will play Wyoming in the Armed Forces Bowl. You have to like Maisel for going out on the edge and prediction a bowl game for UW, and a 6th place finish in the Pac Ten. He has the Duck's headed for the Holiday Bowl.

I am going to be going Kate's family reunion up in the North Woods of Wisconsin this weekend. I will be teased by Kate's cousins who are all either Badger fans, or former Badger players, that Washington just isn't up to par anymore.

Kate went to Boston College, and we visited the BC campus in late July so she could show me around. They have a pretty nice, and modern stadium that seats around 50,000 on campus. I asked her if Doug Flutie ever left because his picture seems to be everywhere you turn on that campus.

There is a gold plated Eagle out in front of the administration building. The legend is the Eagle will fly away the day a virgin graduates from Boston College. Doesn't look like it is ready to do any flying soon to me.

So anyway we will see you all back here on Monday when I bring in the Wash to start up the week. I hope you all have a great weekend!


edski said...

I was surprised you didn't have Nate listed as he was the best of the lot in the safety recruits. I think Quentin will eventually move to OLB and that Victor is a redshirt so he can learn how to play football.

As to CB, many of us expected Nicol to play this year and possibly contribute. I am not terribly surprised that he is competing well but still expect him to be a solid fill in.

Hey, fix Izbicki's first name when you get a chance. You listed Mike instead of Chris. :)

I hope you are right in your prediction. I really expect the Dawgs to be 4-1 at one point.

Keep up the good blog! Ed

Michael Wines said...

Nice find on that early bowl game predictions John!

hairofthedawg said...

I can't believe someone didn't vote for Garcia to start.

It's almost like a Duck homer not voting them first;) cheers Dave!

I'm tempted to say fullback, fullback, fullback, but I'm being distracted, too easily, by Leah Rimini of King of Queens. That said, I like to hear that we have two good ones and I hope they're used.

I'm glad Carl came back based on all the good things I'm reading about his performance. Even if Jake's as good as professed, the competition is good for him.

Time to go read "Ball Four" again before I pack it up...

Health Insurance Expert said...

Thanks for the heads up Ed....I just made the correction...every once in awhile I have a little brain cramp.

A thanks to you to Mike, and I really like what you are doing with your blog this year so far!

Garcia is about as solid a starter as we have on the team, could have been one of our duck friends.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Ed, after the scrimmage on Saturday my good friend came away with a lot of appreciation for the frosh DB's. He thought all of them were players, and it was hard to really pick one who stood out above the others.

Omitting Nate from the earlier poll of course was a sill omission, but I had heard he had some catching up to do as far as Safety was concerned.

One of the cool things though is these kids do learn quickly, and there is a lot of improvement from practice, to practice.

Aiyewa, and Richardson were laying some serious lumber out there on Saturday, and that was good to hear about.