Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wednesday Updates

Looks like WR Anthony Russo is going to be out approximately four weeks with a broken finger which means that he might miss the opener at Syracuse. Russo will undergo surgery on the digit which is the way they tend to handle these things these days. Surgery allows it to actually heal quicker, and straighter. I'm not too worried about Anthony because he has a lot of experience, won't lose any conditioning and should bounce back fine.

Byron Davenport will be out a week or two. He says he heard a pop which is never a good thing when it comes to hamstrings. I hate hamstring injuries, and suffered a big one in the surf of Hawaii last Fall that knocked the wind out me it hurt so bad. They can take quite awhile to heal, but since Davenport is approximately 30 years younger than me his prognosis is quite a bit better. Dashon Goldson has the same type of injury and it hampered him the entire season. Looks like Vonzell McDowell is going to get some early playing time.

Freshman Kicker Erik Folk arrived on campus with a back problem that is liniting his participation so far. On a bright note the Huskies have brought in quite a few talented walkons that have looked pretty good so far. Everyone of course is rooting for Ryan Perkins who seems to be back on track after suffering a terrible knee injury. I wouldn't put Ryan on the kick off team, so if he gets the job I imagine another kicker would handle the kickoff duties.

The media seems to be hankering for a little quarterback controversy since every time they actually get to see the team play Bonnell out plays Locker by a wide margin. It sort of reminds me of Chris Rowland, and Warren Moon. Chris was a senior when Warren came into the program. Chris was obviously way ahead of Warren at the time, but James went with Moon anyway. James took a lot of flack for that, and Moon suffered the brunt of it. It all of course worked out, and Warren is in the Hall of Fame, but lesson be learned, he could have had a much softer landing.

The Iron Curtain has once again fallen over Montlake, so don't expect a lot of information each day on our favorite team unless it is released by Willingham, or the coaches. they are going to open up one scrimmage this fall, but we were all hoping for more.

No change for the demoted members of the offensive line who didn't come in at the prescribed playing weights. Willingham said he would be comfortable going with the current starters against Syracuse if neccesary. He is sending string message, but you would think by year three some of these guys would be getting it since playing college football is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Murchison In Trouble

The day after Byron Davenport pulls a hamstring the other foot falls all so heavily. I mean how stupid can you possibly be? How exactly do you spell snakebit? How exactly do you fail to appear in court and expect it to go away? How does that crap happen without Tyrone knowing about it? What the hell Ty, how can this happen on your watch? How can you be surprised by something like this going into camp? Where the hell are you ? What is it with defensive backs?

Bad news for the Huskies today as it was learned that cornerback Jordan Murchison was arrested for failing to appear in court in connection with a felony assault case last March.
Seattle Police reports indicate Murchison assaulted another man on March 31 who he suspected of showing interest in his girlfiend. The man suffered damage to several teeth, reportedly losing one.


prrbrr said...

HIE, historically there have been 2-3 losses every year, usually for academics, arrests, lack of playing time transfers etc. What is bad is the position he plays, and once again calls into question our track record with JC guys. What I can't figure out is why TW has not oversigned scholly players by 1 or 2 a year. Probably his experience at Stanford and ND has prejudiced him to think that all the kids will come with no attrition. One major critique of TW as a coach and quick learner is this is at least the 2nd year where we have been short on scholly players due to I feel poor planning. With as many holes as we have, it would have been nice to offer Eric Block as a fallback, possible grayshirt (if everybody made it in) type kid. I also feel we really need to look at our JC profiling of who we offer. The list of shortcomings is very long recently. Keep up the good work Dawgs 24 Cuse 17

Health Insurance Expert said...

I don't know why he doesn't over sign either, it would make sense wouldn't it? Ty does it his own way, and he ultimately is going to determine his own success or failure.

As far as JC's go, we don't have a lot of luck because we don't get the top tier guys. We get the kids with challenges. Most kids who end up at a JC have challenges.

Honestly UW is better off concentrating on HS players since it is so hard to get a JC player in the school anyway.