Friday, August 31, 2007

UW / Syracuse Matchups

Quarterback - Even

Locker, and Robinson both have the ability to be playing on Sunday in the future. Locker has the edge with his running ability, but it is his first game so we will call this even. Robinson has the advantage of playing at home, plus a little mop up experience last season.

Running Backs - Washington

This isn't even close. The Huskies are bringing a stable, while Syracuse is down to one dinged up starter. I will be surprised if Syracuse can go over 80 yards rushing.

Wide Receivers - Even

Receiver is a strength for Syracuse, but Washington counters with an experienced veteran lineup. This one is really too close to call till they play.

Tight End - Washington

UW's TE by committee has more going for it than Syracuse who had to move a linebacker over to fill the position. Syracuse had a major blow when the starter quit right before camp.

Offensive Line - Washington

One word for Syracuse's offensive line...horrible. Washington's is unproven, but has some good size.

Defensive Line - Washington

Cuse's Jameel McNeal is a potential sack machine the UW has to look out for. Watch him line up against our LT all night long. UW is strong, veteran, and deep. UW has a very slight edge on paper. Keep your eye's on Gunheim, and Teo Nesheim who need to wreak havoc against a horrible Syracuse offensive line.

Linebacker - Washington

UW's unit is speedy, young, and talented. Syracuse doesn't match up at all. Rankin could have a hey day breaking tackles, and getting deep into the secondary.

Defensive Back - Syracuse

This is close, and Washington loses out simply to depth, and experience problems at cornerback. The Huskies will play two rookies on Friday. How they do will be a bellwether for this unit. Keep an eye on Vonzell Mc Dowell because Syracuse is going to throw at him all night. This will be a key matchup.

Special Teams - Syracuse

Syracuse has a good kicking game. UW's punter, kickoff guy, and placekicker are all unproven. Same can be said of our return unit until they play. Special teams have been weak under Willingham, and hopefully we see improvement on Friday. Anthony Russo will be the early season punt returner, but look for the "Flea" to grow into the role as the season progresses.


DCDawg said...

This is as excited as I've been about an opener in years. Is it Locker, or the general sense of improvement, or just the fact that the game is on tv here, a rarity in godforsaken ACC country? Dunno. The UW kicking game and db depth have me worried, but I'm really optimistic about the offense and the defensive front seven, which could be just awesome if they all play to their potential. I think UW will win IF they play to their potential and don't make too many mistakes (well, duh, right?); mostly I'm just looking forward to some husky football enjoyment (fueled by some homemade chili and a delicious chilled beverage...)

Health Insurance Expert said...

I am so excited I can't stand it!

I have the same concerns, but tonight we are going to get to know exactly what we have, and I think it is a team that will surprise people.

My gut is UW will win big, Syracuse is too one dimensional.

hairofthedawg said...

You're not the only one! What sucks about the game coming on at 2 or 3 am, and I know this well from staying up for M's, Seahawks and Husky games, is that it's too easy to consume too many delicious chilled beverages while amped and waiting. 31-13 Dawgs...yes, I've already had a few.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Dick---you alread having a cold one? Wow, it is 2:45 here and I took the day off to clean out the garage and stay busy till game time. Just sent the wife out for some Michelob Ultra because I am dieting.

hairofthedawg said...

just about 11pm, since I had dinner at around 530, yeah, a few. See you in chat...

prrbrr said...

3 and 1/2 hours left. Watched part of OSU/Utah last night. I too am amped, will start on my bottle of wine about 1 hour before game. Wish we could have gone, but too hard to get to on labor day weekend traveling standby to a limited market (seat availabilty) area. Its one of the few road games I have missed since late 90s. Go Dawgs, be tough, play smart and with heart.

Health Insurance Expert said...

My wife told me today that she looked into airplane tickets to Syracuse to surprise me, but they were $450 a piece so she bagged it and got me Patio Heater for the deck instead.

hairofthedawg said...

Patio warmer? How long into football season is it useful?

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think it can make it habitable out there into December. Just depends on when the foul weather hits. With all this global warming/climate change going on we never quite know anymore.

Make sure you have a few Irish Coffee's so you can stay awake, but still keep that edge.