Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked:

Which Five Players will Start against Syracuse on the Offensive Line?

Macklin 16% (21 votes)
Ossai 11% (14 votes)

Habben 10% (13 votes)
Berglund 2% (3 votes)
Bulyca 17% (22 votes)
Tolar 18% (24 votes)
Rosborough 1% (1 votes)
Sedillo 2% (3 votes)
Garcia 18% (23 votes)
Bush 2% (3 votes)
Mason 2% (2 votes)
White-Frisbee 2% (2 votes)

This was a pretty interesting poll where everyone that was nominated got at least one vote. The Left Tackle position came down to almost a dead heat with Ossai gettingthe nodover Habben by only one vote. The top vote getter believe it or not was Tolar. Juan Garcia who is certain to start every game if healthy was not the unaminous choice at center which was surprising to me.

I voted pretty much along the line with the majority, but picked Habben over Ossai. Both will likely share the position this year, and I can see a rotation overall that includes nine players which will help keep the big guys healthy, and fresh.

This weeks question:

Will Ty go with two starting QB's this year?

Carl Bonnell had a great Spring, and he has also had a great Fall camp. Locker of course is still the starter and has been improving every day, but even Ty has been musing to the press that it may have developed into a 1-A / 1-B situation. What that means while Locker is still the starter you may see Bonnell play meaningful minutes and actually get inserted if the offense doesn't move.

I agree that you wasnt to go with one leader, but having two starting caliber QB's isn't a bad thing if it is managed correctly. Locker is the future, and probably the present, but Carl will be there to help ease that transition. What that means if Ty thinks he can win by inserting Bonnell he will do it.

This is from Bob Condotta's blog.

While UW coach Tyrone Willingham let float the hint that Washington could use both quarterbacks, Jake Locker and Carl Bonnell, while games are in question, it's clear where his sentiment lies.

"I think leadership is best when you have a real vision of that leader," Willingham said. "I think it would be very difficult for us to have two head coaches. I would think it would be very difficult to have two quarterbacks extend their leadership on a football team."

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