Monday, August 27, 2007

Nicol Retires Due to Injury

Cory Nicol told Bob Condotta of the Times that he has retired from football due to a reoccurence of the groin injury he originally suffered when he was at Orange Coast JC.

He said he made the decision that he could no longer play on Saturday and told Tyrone Willingham before practice. But he said it was a brief discussion and that he intends to have another meeting with the coach on Tuesday to more fully explain his decision. He said there is no plan to return to football, however.

Too bad for Nicol, and the Huskies, he plans to remain a student at UW, and will meet with Willingham later in the week. What it came down to was the pain was too much. Nicol had surgery for that injury, and he thinks it never properly healed.

Role for Bonnell?

Willingham keeps hinting that Carl Bonnell is going to have an expanded role this season despite being the backup to Jake Locker which of course was the poll question we asked this week. Once again he brought it up roday on his radio show.

Asked a question about Bonnell, Willingham said "there are some things Carl will do before the year is over that may surprise some people. We're eager to see what they both can do (Bonnell and Jake Locker) as coaches.''

Carl might end up being used to provide a changeup for opposing defenses. I guess we will find out starting on Friday night.

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