Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Puppy Chow

Working harder than your opponents in the off season is a great way to make sure you win in the Fall. Seasoned observers are telling me that there are still players on the squad who aren't making the sacrifice conditioning wise. The majority of fingers are pointing toward the interior of the offensive line. The information contradicts a report the PI's Molly Yanity ran late last month in reference to the mammoth Morgan Rosborough.

Ty Willingham on Summer Workouts

"I think some of the word on the street is that some of the guys have had fantastic summers. Some guys have had some good summers, and some guys have had less than good summers. We'll see later what it really is like."

Ted Miller of the PI

So Tyrone Willingham announces Sunday that everything starts for the Huskies on the offensive line -- "That position dictates what happens in the game of football" -- and then immediately demotes three projected starters because he is unhappy with their off-season work. Not good.
The new second teammers, tackle Ben Ossai and guards Morgan Rosborough and Casey Bulyca, each needed big summers. They do not pass the sight test.

Molly Yanity of the PI

Mammoth offensive guard Morgan Rosborough, who weighed 370 pounds in the spring and works out in a sweatshirt, looks like he has shed 20 pounds.

Todd Turner Gives the Program a Vote of Confidence

What I do worry about is the difficulty of this year's schedule at this particular time in our program's rebuilding process. Are we ready to go toe-to-toe with Syracuse, Boise State, Ohio State, UCLA, and USC on five consecutive Saturdays to begin the season? I'm not certain even the most veteran, bowl-tested of teams could navigate that run unscathed. However, I like our mind-set. Coach W. and his staff see this not as a daunting challenge; rather, it is an opportunity to make a monumental statement about the future of Husky Football.

Pac Ten Commissioner Not Dealing in Reality?

From his comments over the past few years, one gets the impression he'd gladly return to those days in a heartbeat. At the very least, if he had to do it over, he never would have let his conference and the Rose Bowl get sucked in to the BCS, which disrupted his league's most treasured annual tradition and, on two occasions (2001 Oregon and 2003 USC), jobbed one of its members out of the title game. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Hansen is threatening to cut ties with the BCS if it were to adopt a "plus-one" game (a title game played after all teams' bowl games) when the current contract ends in 2010.

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