Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ty Escorts Them Out Early

From Molly Yanity of the PI.

Tyrone Willingham pulled a new one today. The media is allowed to watch the first 25 minutes of practice, but today Willingham pulled the plug early, making us leave after 15 minutes. So, we got to see not one snap of the scrimmage.

From Bob Condotta of the Times

Serious enough that UW coach Tyrone Willingham made sure to have the media escorted out before it began. Usually, we are allowed to watch the first 25 minutes from the scheduled start of practice no matter what is taking place.

Today, they were about 15 minutes into that period and ready to kick off when Willingham called over and had us removed, with the kickoff not taking place until after all of us had left. It's the first time I remember him having us removed before the period of time that practice is scheduled to be open has elapsed.

Total BS move by Ty....he needs to stop jerking the media around. Pretty shabby way to treat people without any warning. Would the measly ten minutes have mattered?

Scrimmage notes

Brandon Johnson may well emerge as the starting kickoff returner in part because he shows a good burst through the hole.

Anthony Russo was able to handle punt return duties just fine, apparently breaking one for 30-40 yards that was called back by penalty.

Great Man Passes

Former college and professional basketball coach Butch van Breda Kolff, who ranks 74th on the list of winningest college coaches, has died after a long illness. Van Breda Kolff, 84, died Wednesday afternoon at a nursing home in Spokane, his daughter, Kristina van Breda Kolff, said.

Butch was a favorite of mine I grew up with, he was a great coach, an innovator, a legend, and a winner.

One question, what was Butch doing in Spokane?

Husky Crew Headed to Moscow

Having conquered all challengers in its homeland, the national champion University of Washington men's varsity eight crew will head to Russia next week to face some stringent international competition.

For the first time since a historic 1958 victory against four crews in the Soviet Union, the Huskies will compete on Russian waters in the Race of Champions on Sept. 1 in Moscow.
"This is one of the reasons you come to Washington to row, for opportunities like this," said UW crew coordinator Bob Ernst, who accepted the invitation after his men won the IRA national championship in June to cap an unbeaten 2007 collegiate season.

From Greg Johns of the PI


prrbrr said...

Johnb, wow, its really hard to support TW as a HC when he does this off the wall stuff. I am all for closed practices if they relate to game day prep, but I doubt we have ever had a coach this paranoid and uncomfortable with the media. Maybe TWs contract or extension needs to include $ for media relations and/or like Stoops $ based on fan attendance. I still support him, but boy does he make it hard to do even that.

Health Insurance Expert said...

It rubbed me the wrong way to be sure, no reason for him to pull that crap on people whose only job is to promote the program and keep the fans informed.

First of all this was a scrimmage that was originally going to be open to the media. He changed his mind, then he gives them the boot, not exactly kosher in my book.

I support Ty, and it is his job to win, graduate players, and keep butt's in the seats at Husky Stadium.

If you ever meet Ty in person, or at any non media event he is just incredibly charismatic. Too bad the public doesn't see that side of him from the media's eyes.

dadcojohn said...

I am all for it. He wanted to try a couple of things and did not want the world to see it. Who cares. It is his program and if he wins that is what counts. We all cry are rights are violated all the time. BFD!

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think the point is if you say it is 25 minutes, then make it 25 minutes....he could have delayed the tricky stuff till they left. 10 minutes isn't going to hurt anyone. It was just an ego move.

You are right, what he needs to do is win.

hairofthedawg said...

I was thinking the same thing as dadco, especially the newsies about violated rights, but that's changing the subject. Try hanging around the military.

You're both right. He wants to keep some secrets to help the team win...and keep his job...his choice. I hope he succeeds. On the other hand, stretch out the warmups or something or keep it vanilla until you make them leave. Show the reporters the same respect I feel he's making the players show for their scholarship requirements. Live up to what you sign up for!

dadcojohn said...

I guess maybe I came on a little strong. If he said they could have a certain amount of time, I agree, he should live up to it. I still want him to run the program the way he best feels it will put a winner on the board. If closed sessions are it I am OK with it. Let us know the rules though. I agree with you guys.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Dadco your comment was fine....I just think after you look at it a little longer you come to the conclusion that he should have handled it I said, ten minutes doesn't kill anyone. I have no problems with closed sessions, just live up to your word on how you are handling things so nobody gets jerked around.

hairofthedawg said...

On to the rest of the post...I really like the freshman RB class. It sounds like they can help in a lot of ways over the next few years, including this one. We've need some playmakers on special teams for awhile now.

I remember Jan more than Butch, but definitely remember the name.

Does the crew get a class in revisionist history out of their trip? I'm's a great opportunity and I hope they have a blast. Living in Cyprus, which sometimes seems Russian, I know they'll enjoy the scenery. Good luck crew!

The move is getting least I'm at the Holiday Inn in Limassol, Cyprus now, trading one good view for another. All my stuff is packed and I'm waiting on the damn company to supply the movers.

I'm also watching a tremendous fire all over television here but occurring in Greece. If the Greeks are anything like the Cypriot drivers, an idiot tossing a butt out the window is very likely the cause. I don't know whether it's stupidity or arrogance that causes them to do it.

Counting the days both to the move and Husky football!!

Health Insurance Expert said...

The Greeks are a piece of work to say the least. The frosh RB class is really coming on, look for all four of them to play this year. Johnson could be returning punts, and kickoffs. He hasn't fumbled the ball once this camp!