Monday, August 13, 2007

The Monday Morning Wash

Bob Condotta of the Times put together a great one week status report that is fun to read over on his blog. It is still pretty early, and none of the writers have had the opportunity to see the team scrimmage yet. They will get to see a vanilla scrimmage next weekend.

Anthony Russo will likely miss the first game of the year with his broken finger, but Corey Williams has followed a strong Spring with even a stringer Fall so we look pretty solid at reciever going into the opener despite the expected loss of Russo.

Bob also comments that Ty may go with the offensive line the way it is to start the year. He is giving kids like Tolar, Sedillo, and Habben the opportunity to keep those jobs rather than just using it as a motivator for the players demoted. Talk about sending a strong message. Whatever the case, UW will rotate players in and out this year rather than going with only five like last year.

Casey Bulyca is a real dissapointment as far as I am concerned. A Kingco coach told me when he was recruited that he didn't have what it took to make it. The folks at Dawgman kind of chided me for relaying that one, but this particular Kingco coach has never been wrong in his evaluations, at least the one's he has shared with me.

Bob also thinks that EJ Savanna should be ready once the season starts which is good news, but we are all holding our breath until that happens.

I will have more this evening. This has been a pretty busy day for me work wise, and there won't be a lot of new items till this evening anyway when Ty does his daily press conference.

It's About Time

Tyrone Willingham's media briefing today was highlighted by the news that this Saturday's practice, which is likely to include some significant scrimmaging, will be open to the public.

The practice will begin at 2:30 p.m.

Willingham said he is opening up the workout simply to allow the fans a chance to see the Huskies go through a practice. It is the first time a fall practice/scrimmage has been open to the public since Willingham became coach.

I say it is about time that Ty made a gesture like that, and I think it is great timing. If I was in Seattle there is nowhere else I would rather be than Husky Stadium this Saturday.

Freshman News

A couple of posters asked about Nate Williams, and no sooner than you asked Ty Willingham commented today at his press conference that he has the abilty to play this season. Chris Izbicki also got a positive nod from the coach. The press conference is available to fans each day at .

As I said in an earlier post, this is still the first week, and it is hard to predict who will emerge, or still be standing when they hunker down to prepare for Syracuse the last week of August. One think is for sure, there will be some freshman who will make an impact this season.

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