Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Around the Pac Ten Blogs

It is hump day once again and it is time to take stroll down Pac Ten Alley to see what those Pacific Coast neighbors are up to.

At Oregon the Duck's are getting thinner as they get ready for USC in the Coliseum. Michael also has something pretty slimey and disgusting to identify in his "What is This" section.

"Seniors James Finley, and Dan Kause are considered questionable to be ready to play Saturday when Oregon meets seventh-ranked USC in the Los Angeles Coliseum."

The USC Blog has some parting shots at Stanford, and some photos of a Trojan group trip to Italy.

"Hey Stanford. (Sniff). You Stink": In doing the Stanford team preview early last week, I was afforded a look into the futility of the 2006 Stanford Cardinal football team. I learned they had scored just nine touchdowns through the first eight games. They were dead last in the country in run defense and had suffered more key injuries than the rest of college football combined."

The Oregon State Blog is thinking Holiday Bowl when just a few weeks ago were considering the toilet.

"Like I've said in the last few posts, If the Beavers beat UCLA and Stanford, then top their conference schedule with a win against the Ducks, they can find themselves in the Holiday Bowl if the planets align with the rest of the Pac-10. If they do that, then they can go try and make some waves on the islands of Hawaii, and take a stab at a 10-3 season."

Over at WSU they think ASU is as beat up as the Coug's. You can't blame being beat up for losing to Arizona. That was a choke that needed the Heimlich maneuver to correct.

"Getting up early is going to go a long way towards beating them down in the desert. With the struggling confidence of Rudy Carpenter, and now their 800-yard tailback is probably out with a sprained ankle? And a couple of starting o-lineman and their #2 WR are also out, as well as another 3-yr letterman at WR!?!? Hmmm. Meanwhile Ropati is coming back this week and will hopefully play in the D-tackle rotation as we see more 4-3 against their running game? Double-Hmmm."

At UCLA they still hate Karl Dorrell. Make way for Rick Neuheisel.

"The puff piece which is basically a rewrite of Plaschke's idiotic M&M article from last season, does nothing to address the concern of overwhelming majority of UCLA alums, students, and season ticket holders, who are sick and tired of Dorrell leading like a clueless head coach on Saturdays, with his idiotic clock management, mind-boggling conservative game management with no signs of in game adjustments, and embarrassing and disgraceful losses to opponents with inferior talent, who we have no business losing to."

At California they have a couple of kids who shared Pac Ten player of the week honors.

"Quarterback Nate Longshore and punt returner DeSean Jackson, both of California, and cornerback Antoine Cason of Arizona have been named U.S. Bank Pac-10 Football Players of the Week. "

At Stanford they are focussing on womens basketball. They will eventually write something about the football team this week too. Things have never been this down on the farm.

"Stanford women's basketball star Candice Wiggins could miss the season opener Thursday night because of a bruised left heel. Wiggins, the two-time Pacific-10 Conference player of the year, was injured last Thursday in an exhibition game against Chico State and sat out Saturday's exhibition against Love and Basketball."

At Arizona they are celebrating the win over WSU and postponing basketball coverage for another week. That was a big late season wil for an underachieving program.

"Be honest, with basketball season right around the corner you'd basically given up on Arizona football. I had. After the loss to Oregon State, I'd come to accept another three-win season. I was out of things to blog about when it came to football. I started earnestly doing my homework on Lute's boys. For me, following this team for the remainder of the season was more about having nothing to do on Saturday then it was actually being interested in the results. Good thing the players don't take their cues from the fans. Saturday's 27-17 victory over a ranked Washington State team proves that Arizona hasn't given up on this season yet. Therefore, the fans shouldn't either."

At Arizona State they have written anything since the bye week so after the whipping they took last week at the hands of OSU you can say the season is now over for the Devils. I did get this from the local paper. One thing for sure, Washington picked the wrong week to play ASU. The Devils are now officially beat up and should be fodder for the Coug's.

"Tailbacks Ryan Torain and Keegan Herring sat out practice Tuesday to ensure their availability against Washington State on Saturday. Torain suffered an ankle injury when hit hard on a screen pass early in the second quarter at Oregon State last week and did not return. Herring played through the game but took a pounding. Shaun DeWitty, Dimitri Nance and Preston Jones took the workload during practice."For those guys to get hit in a Tuesday practice at this time of year just doesn't make sense," coach Dirk Koetter said of Torain and Herring. "It gives us a great chance to get DeWitty and Nance some reps. That's just precautionary. Both those guys are going to be good to go on Saturday."

Puppy Chow

The Washington Stanford rivarly is one of the oldest on the West Coast. The two scools have been competing against each other since around the turn of the century. Stanford's old stadium was one of the oldest in the country and the new stadium built within it's footprint while much smaller is one of the most modern in the country. Stanford will be able to recruit with a centerpiece like that. Walt Harris will be able to rebuild the program if given some time, he is an excellent coach.

Kenny James will be available this week, but expect the bulk of the carries to still go to Louis Rankin once UW puts it away. Keeping Kenny healthy is a key to beating WSU the following week.

Expect Johnny Durocher to get some playing time against the Tree this week, but Carl Bonnell is still listed to start at this point. The position is actually in competition this week so more word on that Thursday night.

This Saturday is the official start of recruting season for Washington. Expect 6-10 recruits from out of state at the game on Saturday. Washington likes to have most of theur recruits visit in December when they can focus on the recruits themselves, and the city of Seattle. This week there will be some top guys from Hawaii visiting who by the way were in Eugene last weekend. Time for Ty to steal some kids from Oregon.

Honoring 24 seniors? You are going to see attrition as they make room for two consecutive 24-25 man classes to rebuild the football team. I have a good idea who the 4 year guys are that won't be invited back for a 5th year, but we will save that for after the Stanford game when it is announced. Always a few surprises.

There will be no TV for the game this weekend, so if you can't attend listen in via KJR radio, XM Radio which will have the KJR feed, or on the internet at The televised replay will be available as usual Tuesday night via the internet at

Stanford is preparing for rain this weekend, this is an article Bob Condotta found in the SF newspaper.

"In an attempt to minimize fumbled snaps, Stanford will drench balls used in the center-quarterback exchange during practice this week. The Cardinal will not have quarterbacks throw those balls, Harris said, because those heavy, water-logged balls could hurt the quarterback's arm. "

I will be taking in the Apple Cup from Jamaica next Saturday. My brother in law (couples shower) is getting married over Thanksgiving down there so the whole family is making the trek to the ancestral home of Bob Marley.


hairofthedawg said...

It's kind of strange looking forward to watching a game the Ducks are playing, but I am. Should be a good one. I've also failed miserably at identifying slimy and disgusting.

Who do you think is on the hotter seat, Koetter or Dorrell? From my perspective it's Dorrell, mainly because his school's in LA. Do you think Neuheisel will come back to the college ranks if given the opportunity?

What's the difference, if any between Cal and Stanford's recruiting restrictions based on academics? Compared with UW's? I've always had a bit of a soft spot for those two teams and am wondering if my perception is correct.

Enjoy the weekend...I can imagine few things finer than a weekend on the beach, tropical drink in hand, and good reggae in the background...well, maybe a laptop with internet radio on hand for a Husky win.

DuckHATER said...

Hey Puppies:

I liked the jab at us Cougies this week, e.g. "you can't blame it on injuries, it was just a choke job of monumental propoportions" (or some such). Show nuff.

Using that logic it is really easy to see why you all are 4-6 right now. I mean, it couldn't possibly be because you lost your near All-American quarterback to injury (against a team that was at the time winless in the Pac-10 and headed STRAIGHT toward the conference cellar). Instead, the only (husky) logical explanation for your record is that you SUCK-- just like you SUCKED last year--just like you SUCKED the year before that--just like you'll SUCK again next year.

In other words, I'm glad that you could bring such solid analysis to what has otherwise been a spectacular blog.

Early toast to your 5-7 season!

Health Insurance Expert said...

Hair- I am sure Koetter is gone without a bowl game, maybe he is gone with a bowl game. This is his sixth year at ASU so he has a track record of underachieving teams. The QB debacle to start the season basically seals it.

Dorrell on the other hand should probably be fired. He got rid of half his staff in the offseason, and the result is the team is not nearly as good despite the talent they have on the roster. He signed a big extension last year so don't expect UCLA (Cheapest school in the league)to eat it.

Enter Rick Neuheisel as a serious candidate for either job if it opens up. Rick has roots in Tempe, and Westwood.

Stanford like USC is a private school so they can admit anyone they want as long as they pass NCAA guidelines. The problem though like Notre Dame is keeping them in there once they are admitted. There are no easy classes at Stanford, unlike USC, so they have to go national to find enough kids who are talented athletically who will be able to stay in school once they get there.

California is similar to Michigan academically. They have a much easier time admitting JC's if needed because they do have a PE program which Washington lacks. I have always wondered why Washington did not put together a sports management program through the business school. Seems short sighted to me since sports are such a big biz these days.

WSU does take PE credits because they do have a PE program. The two state schools have traded such programs as broadcasting, and PE, for other subjects so the duplication is eliminated and the one school can be dominat in that area. That is why all the TV people in Seattle are Cougars.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Brinkhater- You ignorant to see you slither on by for a visit. It will definitely be fun jousting with you, and your buddies next week in anticipation of a Husky victory in the Apple Cup.

I have enjoyed your blog all season and have to say you guys really have me hitting the floor laughing at time's.

Honestly, until the major choke job at home against Arizona I exected you guys to win out, now I am not so sure even though you guys like everyone have a significant talent, and depth edge on UW.

You can throw the record book out in the Apple Cup, the game as usual will be hard fought. Animal feces, and bottled urine will rain from the stands in Pullman in celebration of the great event.

You guy's no how to party!

Did losing Stanback make a difference? We were 4-1 with him, but 0-5 without, that may tell you something. I do think people were pretty pleased by Bonnell in the Cal game, but once the kid is dinged his game really falls off. I think you might see a lot of Johnny D this weekend if the offense comes out flat again.