Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Washington vs Northern Iowa

Tonight the competition has ratcheted up quite a bit with Northern Iowa visiting Hec Ed. The first ten minutes of the game have been pretty low scoring for both times and very spotty for the Huskies who have been racking up the turnovers. In the first couple games, including the exhibition against St Martins turnovers have been a problem for the young Dawgs. UNI is leading 17-11 with around nine minutes left in the forst half. Romar doesn't looked too pleased after a 7 point run by the Panthers. In the early going Washington is being outmuscled inside and on the boards. Time for Spencer, Artem, and Brockman to take that away.

Five minutes to go in the half and Washington isn't shooting the ball very well tonight. Huskies trail 25-17. Spencer is playing a high post on defense and is getting beat pretty good tonight on defense. On offense he is throwing up bricks from close range. Brockman has drawn three fouls in the first half which is too bad because he is all over the floor. He will sit the rest of the half. Pretty physical game with lots of fouls being called.

Appleby came in off the bench and hit a couple of three, and a two to draw the Huskies closer and change the momentum a bit. Gasser is getting some time tonight and playing good defensively. Hawes puts together a powerful dunk followed by a block on the next play which results in four points and draws the Dawgs withing three. It's halftime and Northern Iowa takes
a 31-28 lead to the locker room. UW only shot 38% in the first half. Huskies are led by Dentmon, and Appleby with 8 each. UW needs to settle down in the second half and work for better shots to win this one. NIU has a lot of experience in the low post and it shows. The Dawgs are only 1-7 from three point land.

UW starts off the second half as Dentmon ties the game with a three. UW picks up the tempo on defense as LoRo has made some adjustments to open the half. Hawes is lower in the poist on defense and it is making a difference. Brockman picks up a 4th foul as he is whistled on offense. Not a good call, and he heads to the bench with 17:21 left. Hawes is heating up and hits one inside.

6:25 left and we still have a pretty tight game with UNI leading 52-50. Hawes has had a good second half offensively he leads the 12 points 2 blocks, and five rebounds. 52-52 with 5:17 left and Washington is dialing up the pressure in defense again forcing turnovers. Brockman goes to the line for 2 with 4:09 left and hits one, and Huskies are up by one. Huskies aren't shooting well but are out rebounding the Panthers.

Appleby its a three and the Huskies are up by 4 with three minutes to go. UNI goes to the line and hits 2 to pull back within two. Brockman hits from outside for 2, and UNI scores again in transition. Hawes heads to the line for two and hits them with 2:25 left. Hawes blocks his third shot of the night, and Dentmon takes it coast to coast to go up by 6 with under two minutes left.

Crunch time now for the Dawgs and keeping focus to close is the key to victory. UNI hits for two. Coleman who has been a force tonight fouls out of the game and Brockman heads to the line. Jon hits both, Huskies by 6. UNI answers on the offensive boards. Appleby draws a foul setting a screen and keeps UNI in the game. 46 seconds left and UW takes 30 seconds to talk it over. Spencer has 16 for the night, great second half. UNI turns it over on an offensive foul.

UNI goes into fouling mode and Dentmon heads to the line, and hits two to put us up again by six with 30 left. Brockman fouls out and sends UNI to the line with 26 left, dumb foul. UNI misses, Dentmon is fouled again, heads to the line, and hits 2 to ice it. Appleby draws a charge defensively to put the final stake in UNI's heart.

Washington wins 70-61 after trailing by eight in the first half. Good test with Brockman on the bench for most of the night. Hawes had his best game as a Husky.


hairofthedawg said...

Quite a difference from the past two days, that's for sure. Welcome to college boys! They're still in it and eventually their superior athleticism should pull it out. I knew the wake up call was coming. Second half will be interesting.

hairofthedawg said...

Rondeau is good. "Gorgeous bit of basketball there". Fun game to listen to...up by six!

Health Insurance Expert said...

Bob calls a good game. Bob Weiss is doing a great job so far handling the color job on TV.

Good win against a scrappy opponent. Dentmon is really coming on.

prrbrr said...

Well, my wife browbeat me into buying BBall tickets. As I said, I am a football guy first, haven't been in Hec Ed since 1968 to watch a bball game so am looking forward to attending. Will give the tickets to remaining Nov/Dec games (inc LSU) to my nephew or her brother who love bball, but plan on making all Pac 10 games at home after holidays. Got to use our condo more to justify the expense. I think I am busier now in retirement than while working.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think you are going to like it in there. I haven't seen a game in there, but I have walked through it, looks a lot better inside than 1968.

I like college basketball, and I like the fact we have something to cherr about. This team is very young and on training wheels right now, but they have a lot of talent. Spencer is going to be a real beast. Last night in the second half it was a break out game for him. NIU was very tough inside and kind of beat him up in the first half. He and Romar responded well.