Saturday, November 04, 2006

Oregon 17-7 at the half

Huskies take it to inside the Duck 10. Shackleford grabs it for the TD on the fade for the TD. Very nice touch throw. Offense got untracked with that drive. This team usually needs something to jumpstart them and the interception seems to have done it.

Washington 7 Oregon 7

Stewart does something stupid by taking it out of the endzone and getting stuffed around the ten. Flags fly and Oregon bets backed up by the hold. Duck's start at their own 5. Finley take it across the ten and have a 3rd and one. stewart picks up 5-6 and the Duck's get some breathing room. Stewart picks up another 5. UW inside is vulnerable. He picks up another 5 for the first down across the 30. Dixon picks up 9 on the option. Dixon scrambles for 15 up the middle. The middle of the Husky line is nonexistant. Dixon tosses a short one that goes big and the Huskies are on their heals at the 22. Another flip for around 8. Dawg defense is getting beat. Dixon throws incomplete, brings up 3rd and 2. Stewart picks up a couple for the 1st. Dixon takes it to the five. Stewart take sit in untouched. 94 yard drive mostly on the ground by the Duck's. huskies are being dominated on defense. Really the worse defensive performance of the year on that drive.

Oregon 14-7

Woods take is back to the 24 on the kickoff and flags fly. UW starts off at their 10 on a stupid personal foul. They follow it up with a false start. Rankin picks up 3-4. Oregon had 7 in the box, why doesnt Baer try that? Lappano of course runs right into it. Bonnell is flushed and throws it away. Huskies throw long and misses Russo by around ten yards. Douglas punts it, Chung fumbles it and Washington recovers. Flags fly and Washington is guilty of illegal procedure....pathetic as the punting game screws up again. Douglas punts again and Chung return it to the Husky 40.

Oregon takes over from the Husky 40 and if they can drive one in are not going to be looking back. The motion call negated 60 yards of field position and likely will put a major stake through the heart of the Huskies if they can go up 21-7 midway in the secon qtr. . Stewart takes it for 15 yards on first down. Duck's fumble on the next play and UW's bacon is saved.

UW starts at the 22 and Bonnell is sacked for a loss of ten. How come we are not in the gun. Next ball is nearly picked. Third and a mile for the Dawgs. Bonnel is forced out of the pocket and throws it away. UW is sloppy, very sloppy. Douglas punts to Chung who takes it back to the Duck 49.

Oregon gets a little tricky and loses five on a reverse. gunheim on the stop. Dixon hits Williams across the middle for 16 and the 1st down. Dixon tosses to Kent for a couple. Johnson picks up a big one to the 30. Dixon is almost intercepted by Lewis in the endzone. He should have had it. Johnson stopped for little, 3rd and 10. Dixon goes incomplete and the Ducks are stopped again.
Duck's hot a 43 yard fg.

Oregon 17-7

Washington starts at their own 2o. Rankin picks up 6. Bonnell scrambles for a 1st down. Cody Ellis dropped what would have been a huge gain on the next play....pathetic. That just cost us at leat 3. UW has one more play. Incomplete and UW has to punt again with nine seconds left. Offsetting penalties on the next play, and UW takes a knee.


The only thing keeping this one close is oregon mistakes. The Huskies came out flat and have stayed that way except for the 51 yard scoring drive. What is scary is how the Ducks are dominating the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Stewart is running at will inside the tackles. If I was Bellotti I would open up the second half with him carrying the ball on every play till UW proves they can stop it. This can get ugly in the third quarter if we can't stop the run.

Washington has been unimpressive and sloppy in all aspects in the first half. The chat room is calling for Durocher but to be honest Carl is fine. His receivers can't hold on, he has no run support, and the line isn't blocking. So hey, lets put a less mobile guy back there...not!

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hairofthedawg said...

Yep, mistakes are keeping us in it...and out of it, dropped passes are really pissing me off. Bonnell hasn't been perfect by any means, but he's thrown quite a few that should have been caught.

All to hope for now are excellent halftime adjustments, but those work both ways.

I can't say I'm surprised but I am impressed with UO's running game. It sucks, but it's killing us and reminding me of what we need to be, and what I hoped we would be, doing.