Saturday, November 04, 2006

Oregon beats Washington 34-14

Well this one is pretty tough to watch. Oregon has just methodically ground Washington up like no team has done this year. I asked early in the week which Duck team would show up, and it looks like it is the one that smeared ASU.

Oregon starts at the UW 34. Leaf to Kent for 5. Leaf to Williams for another first down. Leaf is sacked at the 26. Stewart for 4. Leaf incomplete to Kent in the endzone. Kent heard footsteps. Duck's hit the FG.

Oregon 34-14

Down 20 points in the 4th quarter what exactly do you do? Not really anything as the Huskies go three and out. Washington just didn't have it to day.

On first down Johnson picks up a yard, one of the few stops UW has made today. Leaf is sacked on the next play. Leaf reloads and fires one just short of the first down. Ducks decide to go for it on 4th down and Ty decides to prolong the agony by calling a time out. Oregon punts.

UW takes over to try to make it respectable. Bonnell connects for ten. Next ball is tipped, and Ellis was wide open. Bonnell to Daniels for nine, 3rd and 1 at midfield. Kirton picks up the first down. Nice to see. Bonnell to Russo for 12. UW is driving inside the Oregon 40. Bonnell sacked...why aren't we in a shotgun? Ben Ossai has been beaten all day. Bonnell misfires on the next one. Third and 20. Bonnell Sacked again for another ten yard loss. Ossai should have a spring on his ass so he can bounce back up after getting pancaked. Douglas shanks it and I don't think I can script this anyone is going to read past this.... .

Time to walk the dog and head out to IKEA to buy some garbage for the house. If you ever go there try the meatballs, not too shabby.


Michael Wines said...

The Huskie fans stayed dry, that's about all you can say if you are a UW fan. Some mighty dejected looking fans leaving Autzen after they punted on 4th and 33. A lot of them were saying just wait until next year...good luck the rest of the season you guys!

Health Insurance Expert said...

I was very impressed with Oregon, and I think they played their best game since Arizona State against us. The Ducks always are up for the Huskies. In my opinion the game was never as close as it looked, Oregon just kept Washington in the game for most of three quarters.

Your offensive line was really clicking, they dominated the game from the onset. I watched the line play and the Washington defensive line simply couldn't get off blocks to slow down Stewart and Johnson.

Washington never gave up, did their best, but they are simply running out of players, and with little depth it really shows by the tenth game of the season.

We do wish all the Oregon fans, players, and community the best of luck for the rest of the year. all joking aside the Duck's have our respect.

As far as next year goes we are going to have more talent, but we will be a lot younger which isn't neccesarily a bad thing.

Chances are good that we win five games because Stanford really can't compete, but WSU while a rivalry game is now doubtful in my mind. I don't know if we have enough left in the tank.

I dont know if you know this Michael but we are only playing with 71 scholarship players, so all in all it has been a good season for us, and I think we are headed in the right direction.

hairofthedawg said...

Yeah, it was a pretty dejected fan that fell asleep watching the game on the couch in Cyprus too. I did make it to some point in the 4th quarter but I don't remember specifically what it was that allowed me to say "$/#3&.0" and close my eyes.

Most of my thoughts on the game and the Ducks as a team echo John's although I think I'm a little more confident of our shot at beating WSU than he is. That could quickly change after visit my bookmarks and learn more about our injury status.

Health Insurance Expert said...

This game was a low point to be sure Dick. Can we beat WSU, sure we can if Arizona can take them at home, they sucked just as bad as we did today. i guess you could say they "Couged It" again.

prrbrr said...

HIE, whoo boy just got done with Dman and are the neggies running full tilt. Great comments by you to rationally put an answer to the crazies. Maybe TT was right on the half brains. Congratulations to Oregon, to me yesterday they proved they are the consistent NW powerhouse that we used to be, and what Moos said they wanted to be in the mid 90s. It took them 13 years but they have now reached that goal. My thoughts are how long will it take us to regain that lofty peak; I think we are on a good start to the long trek this year and last. Discipline, no quit, toughness and effort are there. Now we need the bodies. We just got beat by a superior talented team that literally blew us out of the trenches on O and D. It was improbable to expect another herculean effort as against similarly talented teams USC and Cal. Depth (lack of) finally caught up with us. Hopefully, the kids will shake off this beating and be ready to play a very beatable team in the Furd. The emotion should be there for senior day, as these kids deserve and demand our respect for their efforts and I hope the crowd on Saturday reflects that commitment. I would be thrilled to finish 6-6 and beat a puzzling WSU squad. GO DAWGS

hairofthedawg said...

Agree prrbrr and that's partially what drove me to the couch to just watch the game instead of watching it fly in the chatroom. Chatrooms and message boards to a lesser extent can be strange places. I think the internet term is meme, which I think means popular opinion,but get one going and it turns into a dawgpile.

I second your motion on senior day! They deserve our respect for what they've been through. They've certainly had me smiling quite a few times this year. There have also been other expressions, both facial and verbal, but I'm satisfied, although not happy, with the team's progress.

Health Insurance Expert said...

When Todd Turner was talking about internet half brains he was refering to 30% of the posters on Dawgman, and of course 100% on Brand X. You would however be surprised about how few of the actual members of Dawgman actually post on a regular basis, or at all. You would also be surprised at whpo actually subscribes, it is a real "whose who" list.

Point is I expect people to be unhappy afer losses, and also to look for people to blame, it is only human nature. The word "Fan" of course is a derivative of the word "Fanatic.

We cam close a lot this year, closed a few, didn't get it done on others, and yesterday were simply outclassed by a better team. Depth and talent finally caught up to us. I wish some of the negadawgs would realize how much these guys actually accomplished this year, we cam a long way, and it is only going to get better.