Thursday, November 16, 2006

Local writers searching for an angle

Thursday morning is always the toughest time of the week to write something about the Huskies. Usually I prepare something in advance such as the Cougar jokes, but they were just too good to wait to publish. Last week we had plenty of Mike Braunstein stuff so that made it pretty easy. This week Ty has things buttoned up pretty good to keep his foot out of his mouth.
The local writers however have not left us wanting this week as they try to find an angle on what looks to be a pretty boring game come Saturday.

Jerry Brewer is a new columnist for the Seattle Times, and while he is not from the area he has done a pretty good job assimilating in his first month or so working in a new city. I think he already has surpassed Steve Kelley who still thinks he is in Philadelphia after 25 years in Seattle. Of course I live in Chicago and still think I live in Seattle. Jerry took the angle of talking to Sonny Sixkiller, and Jack Thompson to get a feel for the game, and what the two schools think about each other. Jerry delivers a very good read, and you can tell he is talented and works hard at it.

Jim Moore from the PI of course shines brightest at this time of the year. The crusty Cougar has already bet his double wide in Port Orchard on the game. He is still infatuated with Braunstein and asks the question what if Braunstein transfers to WSU for his final year of eligibility?

Molly Yanity also from the PI asked Ty about several Huskies joining a group titled "I support Braunstein and Hemphill," Washington football coach Tyrone Willingham responded by saying, "Don't go there." Way to dig deep Molly! She also goes further to give us a clue of why WSU has declined so much over the past few weeks, and the answer is a lot of injuries on the offensive line, and at WR. The Coug's top two receiveres will probably miss the game.

Bob Condotta of the Times asked some questions regarding Michael Houston's status with the team to Ty Willingham this week. Tyrone Willingham said today that there is nothing new on his status with the team. However, he said that Houston is "still very in school and doing everything except really practicing actively with the football team.'' Bob's blog has been excellent this year and he is probably the best of a strong bunch who cover the Huskies on a regular basis.

Don Ruiz of the the Tribune focuses on what memebers of this senior class will remember. "Members of this Washington Huskies senior class have come to accept that they won’t be remembered well, so they are taking consolation in their own memories. Now their hopes are more modest: one more win, one last chance to spare next year’s team the burden of an ongoing seven-game losing streak, the small consolation of not being the first class to lose three straight games to the Cougars."

Mike Allende at the Herald asks what if Stanback hadn't been hurt? "Me not being able to play anymore shouldn't be the reason we're losing," Stanback said. "There are other things, just like if I was playing and we lost. We have to take care of business on the field, and we haven't done that lately."

Howie Stalwick from the King County Journal focuses on what it is like to be a Cougar from Western Washington? "Growing up in the Seattle area can be rough on a Cougar, but Redmond's Sean O'Connor says he was born and bred to hold his nose in the presence of Huskies. "When I grew up, my family were Ducks (Oregon fans)," said O'Connor, Washington State's senior offensive guard out of Redmond High. "The one thing that's easy about changing from a Duck to a Cougar is you both hate the Huskies."It wasn't a tough transition for me at all."

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