Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gameday Washington at Oregon

It's still early morning out on the West Coast but out here in the Midwest we have already been busy this morning getting everything out of the way so we can watch the game without any type of interruption. The Plasma still isn't installed yet which is a bummer, but the old big screen will work just fine. Funny how technology has progressed as far as TV's go in the last six years. When I bought the big screen it was six months before the debut of HD. It took about six years for HD to actually get enough programming going to actually make it worthwhile, and of course cost effective to invest in the technology.

Anyway we will be posting throughout the game, and expect a wet, and wild one as the weather report from Eugene has not improved. The team that holds onto the ball today is going to win the game, and Washington needs to take advantage of the weakened Duck defensive line. How will it bode for passing? I think UW has the advantage if the weather allows it. Let's all hope that Snoop continues to have fumblitis. A short field is the key to todays game.

I will be back around game time which is approximately four hours away!

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hairofthedawg said...

Just woke up, somewhat reluctantly, over here in the Mideast. 1030pm and of course my internet connection was dead. Sometimes restoring it can be a lengthy process but I got lucky and it was just a reset of the wireless router. It's usually me that makes it a lengthy process by trying quick fixes rather than resetting the whole thing. Obviously it's back up now and the game's on, or the pregame anyway. Weather doesn't look as bad as I anticipated it would be.