Saturday, November 11, 2006

First Half of Toilet Bowl Notes....3-3

The Huskies don't look sharp offensively, big surprise, in the first quarter as they have squandered some excellent field position so far. Dropped passes, broken plays, you name it we have seen another stinky performance so far. UW has had the bad habit of playing up, or down to the level of their opponent. Bonnell was knocked out of the game early, and Durocher has taken over. I guess we get to see what Johnny D is going to be able to do the last couple of games. We are definitely running out of players.

The Huskies do open the second quarter with a Braunstein field goal to take the lead 3-0. The Huskies gained around 50 yards in the first quarter limiting the Tree to only 15. UW needs to make sure they don't keep these guys in the game much longer. The Husky defense seems to being playing well, and the soon to be departing Chris Hemphill is playing his butt off at the safety position. I still think he will take care of business and be back next year.

Durocher hasn't been able to move the team either despite great field position. A good example was Washington starting on the Stanford 23 after a nice return by Marlon Wood. UW came away with zero points and actually were pushed back far enough that they had to punt. Douglas of course put it into the endzone for a touch back resulting in a net gain for that possesion of only 3 yards. Washington is absolutely flat and just mailing it in offensively. I would say that this is the most pathetic half of perhaps the decade so far, and we have had some bad halves.

Late in the second quarter Stanford comes up with a 41 yard reception which gives them some confidence. This is exactly what Washington didn't need to do, let the underdog stay in the game and get some confidence. UW is pretty balanced so far...38 passing, and 39 rushing. Stanford has minus 13 rushing. Stanford hits another long one and is now inside the Husky 5. Washington does get a sack to back them up to the 15. Stanford is forced to kick a field and ties the game at half.

You have to think that the Husky coaches need to kick some major ass at halftime and go Pinella. This performance is just inexcusable. Stanford is absolutely terrible, and Washington offensively is just embarrasing. The Huskies simply are not executing. Bonnell should be back to start the second half which is good news. 77 yards in total offense for Washington, and 74 for the Cardinal which came on two long passes.


hairofthedawg said...

Just repeat that for the second half and save yourself some time. 4 minutes left and it still sucks. As I mentioned in the chat room, no words and I've been cursing for many years now. I just flat out don't get it.

To epitomize this I just listened to a call, right after a 23 yd. toss to Sonny that took us to the Tree 46, somewhere under 4 minutes left. Rondeau's take was beautiful throw to Daniels who was loping along after it, never making a true break for it. Incomplete. Personal foul while we're sort of driving now. Great! I don't look forward to your having to try to be sane and reasonable after this. That's going to be tough to do. If there were a lot of questions about the program yesterday...

Part of me feels most sorry for Steve Emtman, who was supposed to be honored by today's performance. I'll feel better tomorrow, but I'm glad I'm not a lot of mirrors on campus today. Vent mode off...sorry

hairofthedawg said...

Well, I'm a little calmer now, if no less flabbergasted. Maybe I can express a rational thought or two. I also think I worded it wrong when said I don't look forward to your having to be sane and reasonable. I do look forward to it, but don't envy you the task.

Biggest concern right now is next week, although this week's banter between the Dawgs and Coogs may turn into a contest of self-deprecation. QB, actually no, OL, is my biggest concern. Does it matter who we put at QB if he doesn't have a running game? It seemed like most of our offense in the 1st Q was Bonnell scrambling. Remind you of anyone?

I still think keeping Locker's redshirt was a good idea except perhaps for the possibility that the team knew something about IS's backups that I don't, and have played accordingly. I don't like speculating in that direction, but it certainly seems possible. I guess the coach will cobble something together depending on health.

There's a lot of things I don't understand. It doesn't mean they didn't play, but I didn't hear the names of any of the OL depth called. That could be a good thing since it means they didn't get a penalty called on them, but at some point, something new needs to be tried.

This brings me to coaching and a comment you made in chat. It was right at the end and since it's premium I won't repeat it, but did you mean that or was it heat of the moment? We can go to email if you'd prefer. I've come to grips with what Coach W's doing as far as years and scholies and, to me, today illustrates why. Now, I'm just afraid we'll be going through it again next year. I don't like it, but I understand why now. Especially if that was a lackluster performance based on retaliation.

I like the kind of guys I think he wants in the program, but if he's trying my patience...that's saying quite a bit. I can't imagine, well yes I can, having read dawgman's board, how those less patient feel. It's not going to be a pretty winter, but I'll still be here in spring.