Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Duck Poop

Coach Mike Bellotti pictured to the left was complimentary when asked about Johnny Durocher. "Johnny played fairly well at the end of that game, led them to the touchdown that tied it up and gave them a chance," Bellotti said.

One player I've watched this year on the Duck's is Jordan Kent. I think the kid is tremendous weapon in development. He kind of reminds me of a healthy Duane Jarrett. Whoever picks this kid when he heads to the NFL will be getting themselves a player with a lot of upside.

Defending the Duck's is a nightmare once they get going. It's tough to get an effective rush going on a mobile QB like Dixon. Look for Washington to use a lot of nickel from the onset this weekend. UW is light in the defensive backfield with Well's unlikely to play. Enter Mesphin Forrester who has shown the ability to pick up turnovers when he is in the game. The kid is a player and has experience at all the DB positions. Key to slowing down the Duck's is getting ahead of them early.

Kenny James is back, and that is good news for the UW. If you noticed how much the UW offense has been slowed the last 6 quarters you can attribute to the loss of James who brings a lot more to the table than rankin who seems to be best when used in a complimentary role.

The weather is going to have some impact on the Duck's game plan this weekend. A running game on paper would seem to favor the Duck's, but when Washington concentrates solely on the run they have done a good job stuffing it. ASU ran up a lot of yards on the ground when Washington did not adjust out of the nickel last weekend. Rack that up as Baer being outcoached by ASU in that series. One weak spot in the Duck D is up the middle on the run, so the return of Kenny James really helps us.

We could see more Brady Leaf on Saturday if Dennis Dixon keeps giving the ball away. While Dixon is the more talented of the two his turnovers are a big reason the Duck's have two losses this season. Here is hoping for three by Saturday night.

Even though WSU handled Oregon at home, the Duck offense was still able to put up almost 500 yards on the Cougar defense. Once again the key to the game is forcing turnovers, and getting an early lead to quiet the throng at Autzen.

WSU QB Alex Brink was 20-23 against the Duck defense. Keep an eye on Dexter Manley Jr, the kid can really play and Washington's OL will have a tough job containing him this week.

Still have not been able to get a hold of Duck Hater Supreme Bill Fleenor. Bill was injured by a projectile peanut in Autzen a few years back that struck him in the eye. Perhaps we should add safety goggles to the list of things to bring to Autzen.

Michael Braunstein is once again in the news this week after writing letters to numerous writers around the country who dissed him earlier in the season. Just keep putting them through the uprights Mini Me.

I don't know how many of you frequent Bob Condotta's blog, but he has done a tremendous job this year covering the Huskies. He posts quite frequently so pop by a couple of times per day to see what is going on.


hairofthedawg said...

Mainly to illustrate my laziness, but would you mind putting up a link to Condotta's blog? I feel stupid every time I forget to bookmark it after reading some writing that was deservedly praised.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I can do that, will add it to the article.

hairofthedawg said...

Thanks! Bookmarked.


1) That's not a photo of Bellotti.

2) Q: What do Paris Hilton and UW have in common?

A: They both got screwed by a guy named 'Rick'

Health Insurance Expert said...

1)You have a very sharp eye BP, the photo is of Mike Bellotti look alike Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer.

2)I think we will see Rick Neuheisel take up residence in Westwood sooner than later. Dorell is his old college room mate, and one of his best friends, but I don't think Rick will have much remorse taking his place.


Do you really think Rick will ever again be a head coach of a major program?

While Rick got results, he left two programs in tatters when he left. I think he's worn out his welcome so far as major programs are concerned.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I really do think Rick will get another shot coaching at a BCS program. He made mistakes, wasn't mature enough, obviously never paid his dues. That being said the world has changed for Rick Neuheisel dramatically since his departure from UW. I think any program that hires him will be getting a very good coach who has learned from his past mistakes.

They say when Ty was at Notre Dame he was the perfect coach six days a week. Well at UW Rick was the perfect coach one day a week, and that was on Saturday. The guy calls a game as well as anyone in college football, and there are few that can motivate kids like he does.

Ricks problem at UW was always taking shortcuts just for the sport of it. He also wasn't a very hard worker, and he obviously did a poor job as far as talent, and character evaluation went in recruiting.

All these things are correctable with age, and wisdom. Neu has been taken down quite a few pegs, and maybe that is what he needed to be succesful in the future.

When the UCLA job opens he will be among those interviewed. I think he would have gotten a job last year someplace but there just weren't many openings for jobs. Look for that to change dramatically this year as there will be 6-8 new coaches in the ACC next year. That will have a domino effect.


For all those reasons, he's a classic offensive coordinator for some pro team or BCS team. I still don't see him as a head coach.

Health Insurance Expert said...

We haven't seen the last of Neu as a head coach, he is going to get another chance. I have to agree BP,he hasn't shown in his two previous stops that he has the discipline to be in charge, and get it done seven days a week.

I always thought his choice of friends while in Seattle was kind of strange. I was aquainted with the guy's he hung out with, and really questioned his judgement. I always thought it was risky for a high profile guy to associate himself with that type of crowd.

We weren't talking criminals, we just are talking rich Eastside Brat Packer kind of guys. In the end it was that association which brought him to his knee's at UW over the silly gambling pool.

While we all poo poo the trumped up gambling pool charges it should be noted that Rick does have a problem with gambling. Betting was a way of life for the guy. If you ever had a chance to spend 18 holes with him you know he has a potential problem.

You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps.

Michael Wines said...

Kent is an amazing talent, he is raw but definitely has great potential. You are right on target about Manley also. I am just hoping that there are no injuries this week on either side, neither program can afford to lose another player.