Sunday, November 19, 2006

Huskies go out winners

The least succesful senior class in the history of Washington football went out as winners Saturday as the Huskies snapped a six game losing streak beating arch rival Washington State on the road 35-32.

We had trouble getting the game last night on XM since we are at the end of their coverage area surrounded by the tall coastal mountains surroundinf Montego Bay, but the internet reception was ok in the bar as we watched the other two thrillers Michigan/Ohio State, and California/ USC. As I advertised eallier in the week a different Husky team showed up against the Cougars on Saturday as the underdog always seems to do in the Apple Cup. Washington did something they hadn't done in awhile, they blocked people, scored on big plays, and had the best special teams day during Willinghams tenure. These were all the key ingredients that we identified earlier in the week that were neccesary for victory, not to mention a healthier Carl Bonnell.

Carl Bonnell passed to Cody Ellis down the middle for a 64-yard TD in the second quarter as UW tied the score 7-7. Carl also hit Marcel Reece for a 69-yard TD in the third quarter as UW took a 21-14 lead. Louis Rankin rushed for a 77-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter for a 35-25 lead, UW's longest run since the 2003 season. On special teams Marlon Wood in possibly his last game returned a kickoff 87 yards to set up a score before the half, and Chris Stevens blocked a punt in the thrid quarter and recovered it in the endzone for a TD late in the 3rd quarter putting UW ahead 28-17. Five big plays that won the game, five big plays that put an end to the suffering at Montlake. What this does is send the coaches out without a positive message to bring potential recruits in the upcoming crucial 2007 class.

For WSU, they fought till the bitter end only losing by three, but the big plays on offense coupled by the great special teams play were just too tough to overcome. Well it is back to the beach....Go Huskies!


hairofthedawg said...

Well John...thanks! You've helped to make this season more enjoyable for me with your insight. You've also indirectly introduced me to some Ducks that I now consider friends. Thanks again.

I've tried to post a post-game review of my thoughts but it always turned into me bitching about the attitude in the chatroom...yes, again.

I think my biggest question is for Marcel Reece. I kind of understand why, but I sure wish he would have asked Lappano his question a few weeks earlier.

Here's to basketball season...!!!

prrbrr said...

Me too, john. really have enjoyed the more positive yet still critical tone here. The kids finally got it together minus any long sustained drives, yet still planted daggers in the cougs whenever it looked that the coogs might have a chance. We need a good recruiting season. How big do the losses to Stanford and ASU look now?

tdawg said...

Despite not going to a bowl game this season, it was a great turnaround for you guys. Good Luck next season. College football in the Northwest is always better when Washington is playing well.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think we have some solid ground to work with as far as recruiting goes. Stanford was a disaster, but I think going out with a win is always a good thing. The coaches are going to have some good stories to tell, and one thing that is always important is early the promise of early playing time, Washington obviously has that.

This is Willingham's moment of truth...he has to do very well with this class or he isn't going to be around for the length of his contract. I dod think we are off to a good start, but the coming month will tell where he is headed.

Thanks guys for all the support and compliments during the season. I will cover basketball and we will analyze stay tuned...much more fun ahead!