Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fearless Friday Predictions

This used to be the end of the season on the West Coast unless USC was playing Notre Dame the next week in Los Angeles. TV and a longer schedule have put a damper on this, and now the Northwest and the Big Ten are the only schools which haven't stretched it out. Mainly that is due to the inclement weather. Look for the NCAA to let the Northern schools have the option to start in August in the future to allow them to get a bye during the grueling schedule. Because of that there are not an abundance of big games this weekend. You have two classic's though in USC/Cal, and Michigan/Ohio State. I like spreading the rivalry games out over the next two weeks, followed by the conference championship games. It keeps things interesting and eliminates that dead time before the bowls start mid month.

I am watching Pittsburg and West Virginia on my new 50" Plasma in HD. Have to say it looks pretty good above the fireplace, and I really wish I could watch the Apple Cup live that way. Pittsburg can beat these guys, and Wannstedt has done a good job getting them back on track to compete. The death of the Big East was very exaggerated, this the third straight fantastic Thursday night Big East game in a row! It is the Super Conferences who seem to be at a disadvantage. Pittsburgh ked 27-24 late at the half but WVU held them scoreless in the second half and won 45-27.

The Pac Ten will have some Thursday night games on ESPN in the future. It will be interesting to see how it goes, but the Est Coast start times don't work well for the East Coast. If you move the start time up on a weekday it hurts the fans.

I am leaving for Jamaica on early Saturday morning (brother in laws wedding, but I will be listening to the game via XM radio or the internet while I am gone. Most of the Green Bay, Wisconsin family won't be making it because it is right in the middle of Deer Hunting season which is something Cheeseheads treat as a religion. They can miss a football game, or Holiday, but not Deer Season which runs from the November 18th to the 26th.

I won't however be tuning into the UW/Sacramento State yawner on Sunday, but you guys enjoy. Even though the season will be over for UW I will keep the predictions going all the way through the bowl season.

The Pac Ten

Washington at Washington

You can throw the record books out anytime these two teams play. It doesn't matter what their records are, it has always been a good game. That being said, this game looks like a real stinker on paper. WSU has the edge at QB with a healthy Brink. Washington on the other hand could be going early with walkon Felix Brinkman if Carl Bonnell is unable to go and Johnny Durocher is unable to recover from last weeks concussion. Felix has gotten a lot of snaps this week. Despite having Brink the Coug's offensive line depth is very questionable because of injury coupled with the absence of their two top WR's. Washington defense has played well all year without taking a game off. They will have the opportunity for turnovers, and they better get them because the Washington offense has been horrendous.

WSU is going to come out with eight in the box to take away the Huskies anemic run game and force them to throw from the get go. UW needs to get a run game going, if they don't it could be a long day because they just haven't been the same since the mobility was taken away from the QB position. UW receivers need to stop dropping the ball this week, and they need to start blocking down field. For UW to win they need to win on defense, and special teams.

I am going out on a limb at picking Washington. I think the 26 seniors have a lot to prove in their last game, and they want to wipe the stench from their mouth from last weeks loss to Stanford.... Washington 17-14

California at Southern California

The Bear's have been waiting anxiously for this game all year and it finally caught up to them last week when they lost to lowly Arizona. Pete Carroll has the inside track for another BCS championship game, all he has to do is beat Cal, UCLA, and Notre Dame in November. Like Don James, Carroll owns November. ....USC 31-30

Arizona at Oregon

Arizona has won to in a row, has the program finally arrived under Mike Stoops? They have a lot of young talent, and maybe they are starting to gel. Oregon has to be hopping mad after not playing very well in the Coliseum. The Duck's still have a shot at the Holiday Bowl and won't allow the upset at home. ....Oregon 34-17

UCLA at Arizona State

The Bruins finally won a game last week, and Arizona State is coming off obliterating Washington State. Ben Olsen is back this week, but no word if he will play this week, Cowan will start. I think the Devil's have enough in the tank, especially at TB to beat the Bruin's. ....Arizona State 27-25

Oregon State at Stanford

Miracles do happen, and Stanford's 20-3 win over Washington was a miracle. It isn't going to happen two times in a row with the Angry Beaver's invading the farm. ....Oregon State 45-3


Michigan at Ohio State

This is the game of the year between the top two teams in the nation. After these two the rest of the country drops off quite a bit. The loser in fact will be deserving of a rematch if the game is close enough. That won't happen of course if USC, Florida, Arkansas, Notre Dame, and even Rutgers does not fall before the end of the season. Truth be told, it could happen. The smart money of course is on Ohio State. The Buckeyes are playing at home and haven't shown a lot of weaknesses this year even though they are a grade below the last couple of national champions. Michigan on the other hand has had more close games, but they did take apart Notre Dame earlier this year with little problem. .....Ohio State 21-20

South Florida at Louisville

South Florida isn't ranked, but don't overlook them. They are a solid team that is only going to get better with all that Florida talent at their disposal. The fall of Miami, and Florida State would help that growth as SFU has joined the Big East. Louisville will prevail at home. ....Louisville 38-24

Virginia Tech at Wake Forest

Usually this would be an end of the season cakewalk for the Hokies, but the Deamon Deacon play great football and have a shifty innovative offense. They are on a roll. .... Wake Forest 31-24

Maryland at Boston College

BC is out of the title chase, but they can still hit a decent bowl if they knock out the Terrapins. Once again it is heresy in my home to pick anyone who is playing BC, and this week my heart agrees. .... Boston College 26-24

Puppy Chow

No word on the status of Michael Braunstein and if Ty will let him and Hemphill play this Saturday after the stunt the pulled with the website. The Go To Guy thinks that Braunstein may be auditioning for a job with the Cougars.

Michael Houston is still suspended from practice, but he is still in school and involved in all team functions other than actually practicing. Chances are he will be back for Spring practice.

UW picked up another verbal last night. Three star 6'2 190 4.50 WR Alvin Logan from Aurora Colorado. That is the second WR we have received a verbal from in Colorado this year. Drew Davis a four star from Denver also has Washington at the top of his list along with Georgia Tech.
This one came in way under the radar. On a side note we won't be announcing verbals until the information hits the regular newspapers after being confirmed a day in advance by

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