Saturday, November 04, 2006

Oregon 31-14 Third Quarter

Going into the third quarter down by ten Washington needs a defensive stop from the get go to change momentum in this one. What exactly would you do if you are Ty Willingham? Well I might go Pinella on these guys because they haven't been mentally sharp and have been pushed all over the field.

If I am Bellotti I am going to just hand it off to Stewart and try to duplicate the 94 yard drive they had in the 2nd quarter. Do that and the game is over because UW won't be able to come back from 17 unless the sky caves in for the Ducks who just have to keep running the ball to win. The rain has not appeared in Eugene negating the Washington strategy of not dfering and going 3 and out. 170-32 in rushing adavantage for the Ducks.

Ducks start on the 20. Dixon scrambles for 1. Stewart picks up 5, 3rd and five. Dixon intercepted and Washington takes it back 34 yards to the Oregon 16. Rankin dances for 4. Bonnell to Sonny for a couple. 3rd and 5 and Bonnell finds Quinton Daniels for the TD. Well UW is in this game. Nice way to come out and take away the Oregon momentum. Blame Bellotti for going away from the bread and butter. All he had to do to put this away was hand it off to Stewart.

Oregon 17-14

Oregon starts from the 20 and is piled up for no gain. UW has momentum. Dixon hits Rosario for a first down. Stewart for 3. UW is doing better against the run. Wallace leaves the field...not good. Stewart for 13, that one almost went all the way. Dixon incomplete to Williams. Play is under review and looks like it is possibly complete. Phil Knight overules the refs on the field and awards the completion to call. Shovel pass on first down to the Husky 38 for a couple. Johnson picks up 4 outside. Swing pass to Stewart for three, 3rd and short. Stewart for nine down to the Husky 22 and the flags fly. Invisible personal foul on Bomar. Dixon swings it out to Kent to get it down to the 3. Johnson take it in untouched for the TD.

Oregon 24-14

Huskies start with a nice pass to Russo for a big one. Rankin dances for a 2 yard loss on the next play. He would have picked up 2 if he didn't dance. OL Clay Walker is down on the field. 2nd and 12 at the Oregon 47. Bonnell hangs one up to Russo what is knocked away, looked like pass interference to me. Bonnell throws into triple coverage and is nearly intercepted. Huskies miss an opportunity for points. Douglas punts it into the endzone.

6:31 and Oregon starts from their own 20. Stewart for 8. Stewart for 4. Dixon outruns a sack and picks up 11. Stewart for 6. Dixon for 6. Johnson for a bunch. Dawgs are in trouble. Dixon throws to the endzone and it is incomplete, should have been a flag on UW. 259 rusing yards for Oregon so far. Dixon on a screen for 7, 3rd and 3. Stewart on the option to the Husky 4. Stewart takes it in for the TD, this one is now over except for the final score. That would be two 80 yard drives in a row for the Oregon offense. UW defense has to be sucking some wind.

Oregon 31-14

UW starts at the 26. Bonnell for 2 on a very ill advised keeper call. Not Lappano's finest hour. Sonny picks up 4 to bring up the 3rd and 5. Another dropped ball, and it results in an interception. Well it is now Johnny Durocher time. Just a crappy series, and this game is about over. Oregon puts Brady Leaf into the game and Oregon continues to grind on the ground.

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