Thursday, November 30, 2006

Offensive Line Recruiting

Back in July we all agreed that the Huskies would go as far as the offensive line would take them. The inability to rush the ball during the second half of the season once the mobility at QB was erased showed how far we need to go to improve the foundation of this football team.

The JC's never came through as Jefferson never qualified, and Mason arrived late after finally qualifying. UW went with the same five guys for 98% of the snaps last year which in hindsight was probably a mistake because these guys while healthy wore down quite a bit in the second half. They also didn't develop much in the way of playing experience for next year. Bulyca, and Berglund were the only other guys to get limited time late last season. The line graduates Daniels, and Walker who were definitely the best lineman on the squad, and Willie Kava who graduates early. Returning starters are Garcia, Ossai, and Macklin. Ossai who started as a redshirt was man handled at times during the year but that was to be expected. Macklin is adequate, and Garcia has all league potential.

In 2007 look for the Dawgs to open with Ossai, and Macklin at tackle, with Bulyca, Rosborough, Tolar, Bush, and Mason battling for the interior spots. Garcia is solid at center. White-Frisbee is a question mark with his recurring foot problems, I hate to say it, but he may never get completely healthy. Berglund will get time at tackle during his senior season as he has proven to be an able backup. Habben, and Sedillo had good redshirt years and should be able to contribute as time goes on. Rosborough can develop into a force as he continues to develop aerobically.

Offensive Line (5-6)

UW desperately needs a big time offensive line class to start building for the future. The Huskies already have two big guys verbaled in Iweka, and Shugert, but after that things are a little up in the air. Taylor Dever would be a big get, and since he is Manu Tuiasosopo's god son we had a big in with him. Unfortunately he visited during the Stanford game and hasn't been high on UW since then. Palelei from Vegas would be a good get but he has a way to go to qualify. After that it looks a little like plan B since the Northwest, and West Coast in particular isn't flush with OL this year. There are still a couple of borderline recruits left in state, but you have to wonder why they weren't in on Kennedy's Freitag who is headed to WSU. UW could use some immediate help on the JC front if they can find someone who can qualify mid year. I think the wait and see if they get in bet is now over after last years dissapointments.

What is going to happen?

With Ty you really never know what is going on because he keeps his cards close to his vest. Simply put though he needs to find three or four more big guys to round out this class or he is going to be in trouble. One thing this staff has going for it is that they are strong evaluators. They are going to have to find some diamonds in the rough to round out this class. Sedillo was one of those guys last year who was offered in the last couple of weeks, and while raw the coaches feel he has a good future. Iweka, and Shugert are both excellent prospects with Shugert perhaps being the one closest to playing. Iweka is still growing and getting used to his size. He is a work in progress unlike a Steve Schilling who was ready to play immediately. Both players will need a year or two like most OL recruits to gain muscle, speed, and technique.

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