Saturday, November 04, 2006

First Quarter 7-0 Oregon

Rankin starts at TB and takes the first carry for a yard after a nice return by Wood. Bonnell hits a nice pass just shy of the first. On third down Shackleford drops an easy one on a hitch and we have to punt. Those type of mistakes lose football games.

Duck's fumble on the kick return and recover it and pick up an interference call. duck's pick up 12 on an end around. Stewart picks up five over tackle. Dixon throws incomplete on a roll out. dixon picks up the first with a timing pass to the TE. Dixon hits another, Huskies getting no rush. Dixon hits Rosario again and the Duck's are insode the Husky 30. Stewart takes it for a 1st down to the 22. Bomar is out of position, Huskies missing Butler. Dixon pump fakes and takes it on a run to the 18. Incomplete to Kent. Stewart takes it for 6. CJ Wallace making all the tackles. Dixon throws incomplete intot he endzone, 4th down. Duck's are wide right on the FG attempt!!!

Dawg's take over and need to move the ball on the second drive to take advantage of the defensive stop. Bonnell is forced out of the pocket and overthrows the receiver. Rankin picks up a decent gain but is negated by a holding call. Bonnell runs a draw for 2. Lappano really isn't off to a good start calling the game. another dropped pass, Rankin this time. Douglas punts to Chung who takes it back 60 yards to the house for the TD. Kick is a line drive to one of the top returners in the conference. Punting game is a problem right now with an interference call, and a TD given up in the past two series. Starting to wonder if we do indeed need a new special teams coach.

7-0 Oregon

Huskies return the kickoff to the 32. Bonnell hits Russo for a 12 yard gain. Bonnell hits another one for a short gain. Bonell underthrows one across his body to Russo. Why call a pass he usually doesn't make? Rankin is thrown for a 4 yard loss on a short screen. Douglas hits a good one and pins the Duck's back inside the 15. Flag on the play and it backs the Duck's up inside their own 1o.

Johnson picks up a couple. Huskies stuff them for a one yard loss on the run. Duck's are backed up, see how field position works? Duck's load up with five receivers but Williams is hammered over the middle. 3 and out, Ducks punt it to their own 49, punt was shanked, but got a good bounce.

UW takes over on the Duck 49. Ranking stutter steps to the 45. Big third down for the Dawgs. Bonnell's pass is tipped and the Hukies are 3 and out again....pretty pathetic. Douglas blows it by punting out of the end zone. Huskies are flat, very flat so far.

Duck's start off at the 20. Duck's get a little tricky and pick up 9 on 1st down, that helps. 6-7 yards on the next play up the middle. Stewart takes anothe rone up the middle into Washington territory. Oregon is dominating the line of scrimmage on both sides. Stewart for no gain on the next one. Dixon is intercepted by CJ Wallace!!!

UW takes over and bonnel hits a big one to the Oregon 32. Rankin picks up ten. Rankin for five.

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