Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Around The Pac Ten Blogs

Let's take an early look at what is going on with the Pac Ten blogs and return later in the week to see what else they have cooked up.

The Bruin Blog licks their chops in anticipation of Arizona.

Their offense is a joke, and there defense is mediocre. Things are not looking good for Mildcats who are coming off a deflating loss against Huskies (who were of course reenergized by Dorrell's gift in Seattle). If UCLA coaches do their jobs this upcoming Saturday, these Mildcats should continue to spiral down the toilet.

The WSU Blog is celebrating the rebirth of their program after giving USC a tough time.

But tonight the program re-arrived and Alex Brink showed that while his talent is certainly limited, he played like a winner tonight as did the entire team. And that is what we've been looking for all along.

On the Cal Blog they keep it all in perspective by pointing out another recent Noble Prize won by a faculty member.

With No. 3 USC looking, well, somewhat ordinary the last two weeks against Arizona and Washington State, this weekend's game between No. 11 Oregon and No. 16 California in Berkeley takes on even greater importance.

The Arizona Blog never fails to dissapoint.

Talk is cheap. Saturday's 21-10 loss to Washington proves that point. Earlier this week, Mike Stoops said this was the biggest game since he'd been at Arizona. He was right. Too bad his team didn't get the memo. This game was not lost on the field as much as it was upstairs, in the minds of the players. Washington came out with a confident, almost cocky swagger that said, "We're here to win this game." Arizona looked as uninspired as. well, as they did the last time out against Washington. For all the talk we've heard over the last year about how this team is learning to win games and play with a winning attitude. this game proved again that all the talk is simply that - talk.

The USC Blog reports that the receiving corps are getting thinner.

USC's receiver corps got thinner and less experienced Monday after an MRI exam revealed that senior Chris McFoy fractured two bones in the shoulder area against Washington State. Jarrett feels better and is itching to play, but since he never even made the trip to WSU he is still doubtful.

The Oregon State Blog chimes in that the Cal game was just one of those days. I think it may be just one of those decades.

So my question is this... why after every game are we forcing ourselves to answer these questions? There is no doubt in my mind that Cal isn't that much better than Oregon State. Heck, Washington State hung with USC until the very end of the game. Could of beat them. We play Washington State next week. Will we be talking about these questions next week? What made us so much worse than the Bears?

At ASU they are't happy with Carpenter

RUDY CARPENTER had by far his worst showing as a Sun Devil. Carpenter, who led the nation last year in passing efficiency, finished 16 of 36 for 177 yards and four Int's. Longshore was on the money all day long and the ASU defense, who entered the game leading the nation with 18 sacks, could not get any pressure on Longshore.

Stanford offense scoreless which keeps them winless.

For nearly three quarters Saturday night, the Stanford defense took UCLA's best shots and didn't buckle. But it ultimately did little good because the Cardinal's injury-depleted offense was in over its head. In other words, the defense could have been perfect and Stanford still would have lost because the Bruins scored a touchdown on special teams and on defense.

On the Oregon Blog the exciting game of "What is it?" continues as the Might Ducks get ready to face California. I think it is a bud, or maybe a close up of a bean that is sprouting? Nope, it is a Pistachio!


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