Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Michael Braunstein Update

Michael Braunstein has been busy on and off the field this season. He recently wrote the Dash at ESPN to chronicle and update his recent expoits on the gridiron. Michael once again proves there is truly no "I" in team.

"Next came this update from Washington kicker Michael Braunstein (19), whom The Dash gigged a few weeks back for excessive cockiness, especially in light of his modest accomplishments (he was 4 of 6 on field goals at the time, with a career long of 32 yard ):"

"So I am now 9 for 11 with a long of 47 which came in overtime. So next time you mention me in one of your articles try not to be so harsh. Thanks, Michael Braunstein University of Washington kicker"

I really don't know what to think of this kid, but as long as he keeps putting them through the uprights I am happy. I also have to say the two misses he did have were more attributtal to the holder/snapper combo then it was to him.

As Dan Patrick often says, you can't control Micheal Braunstein, you can only hope to contain him.


prrbrr said...

You have to love his cockiness. Kickers are always an aloof bunch anyway, but MB carries it to an extreme. Maybe Ryan Perkins next year can give him something to look over his shoulder every kick.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Fetters said Perkins was still in full leg brace today at practice. We are talking seven months after the injury...that isn't good. He really blew his plant leg out to the point where recovery may take more than a year. So I wouldn't count him.

The fact that the Huskies are recruiting a punter when Perkins could do the job when healthy is a sign they aren't counting on him.

Braunstein has one more year if Ty grants the 5th year, at this point I think he is the man.

hairofthedawg said...

Someone teach him to tackle like Knudson!