Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Around the Pac Ten Blogs

Once again we take a stroll down Pac Ten Alley to see what the neighbors are up to this week.

At USC Shareece Wright is making a bid for some playing time, and the Trojans are focusing on getting their running game going during the bye week.

"With the USC secondary depleted by injuries, could freshman cornerback Shareece Wright be making a move for playing time? Wright, who only plays special teams right now, broke up several passes in practices last week and impressed his teammates and coaches with his play." Shareece stepped up in the bye week," starting cornerback Terrell Thomas said. "I don't see why he wouldn't play. You could see his game go to another level. He's more mature and prepared."

At California they are pondering how lucky they were to get out with a win last weekend.

"Cal looked to be set up for the easy win when Washington Huskies senior signal caller Isaiah Stanback, the second leading total yardage producer in the Pac 10, was knocked out for the season in UW's loss to Oregon State the week before. However, the Huskies proved they practice the team concept by pushing the Bears into overtime before losing, 31-24."

At Oregon State the Beavers are suffering from a lot of injuries as they enter the stretch run of the season.

"Oregon State can't afford to have any injuries at this point of the season, and that is starting to happen. Running Back Yvenson Bernard has been on crutches with a sprained right ankle. He is questionable for the USC game, although we will know further information in the coming days. It's still too early to tell for sure."

At Oregon they are reeling after losing to the Cougars on the road. I don't like the Duck's, but I really like Michael Wines, so my condolences to the Wines family. Rumor has it that there are some unhappy campers on the Oregon team right now, take it for what it is worth.

"This photo of Jonathan Stewart in the first quarter pretty much sums up the whole game. Mistakes, missed opportunities and a general lack of spirit in the first three quarters spelled disaster for the Duck's in their second loss of the season."

At UCLA is is more of the same as the Bruins Nations refuses to accept moral victories after blowing it at South Bend. Karl is safe because he just signed a new long term contract, and UCLA is notoriously cheap and won't even consider buying him out this early.

"It's not a big secret to anyone (except to delusional Dorrell apologists who have their collective heads in the sand) that Trojans from cross town are in love with Dorrell. Well, those clowns are doing everything in their power to keep Dorrell at UCLA"

"The only thing Dorrell has been flushing down the toilet is a team that once used to beat Southern Cal and win the Pac-10 conference."

At WSU they are relishing their first visit to the top 25 in a couple of years.

"Hope that the Cougar Nation is enjoying this week of sitting at number 25 in SOMETHING for the first time in three years. Don't know about you all, but Brinkhater has been feeling like he's been on a Hawaiin vacation. Man, is beating Daisy, Daffy, and Donald sweeeet!"

In Arizona they are discussing change, and are pondering if you can be both a football and a basketball school at the same time. Is six wins a year in football a reasonable expectation?

"The list of athletic programs that are traditionally successful in both the big two sports is shortÂ…very short: Texas...that's it. Sure Washington has put together a solid basketball team and is rebuilding their football program, but neither is a traditional power. UCLA has managed some productive years on the gridiron, but not enough to be a traditional power. Syracuse? No. North Carolina? Not really. Duke? Well Steve Spurrier won an ACC title there. Kentucky? Tim Couch...Enoughh said. USC? Hoops ainÂ’t the priority there. Notre Dame? Good years for sure but not enough to be with the big boys. Michigan? The Fab Five ended the "glory days" for Michigan. ASU? Sorry, that joke was in poor taste."

At Stanford they have a bye this week and are using it to hit the recruiting trail while the team spends time in the training room recovering from injuries.

"The most important week of Stanford's season -- at least to now -- could be this one. The winless Cardinal doesn't play Saturday, but its coaches are trying to score a few touchdowns on the recruiting trail."

ASU is working on reducing penalties since they are the most penalized team in the Pac Ten. The least penalized team? That would be Washington. As you read the article you will find the Devil's have a lot of problem with noisy crowds so Husky Stadium should be a problem for them. Time to get the 12th man fired up!

"Quarterback Rudy Carpenter said he believes that reducing penalties should be atop Arizona State's agenda.The Sun Devils are 110th out of 119 nationally in penalty yards (68.29 per game) and 117th in penalties (8.57). That's after finishing No. 115/116 in those categories last season. ASU has had 70 or more yards in penalties in five of seven games and 95 or more in the past two. "That kills drives," Carpenter said. "Whenever you're in first and 20 or first and 15 and second and long, it's hard to dial up good plays. We really shoot ourselves in the foot and when you do that on the road, it's hard to come back. "


Redshirt UW running back Michael Houston got in some trouble over the weekend that got him suspended from the team. Reportedly he stole a Orange Cab after the driver got out to call 911 after an incident at McDonalds after a trip to Deja Vu. You would think strip clubs would be off limits. No telling what Ty decides to do on this one. He often gives second chances, but Houston was reportedly asked to leave Texas, so maybe this was his second chance.

As long as we are talking about stolen cars how about Marshawn Lynch commandeering the Cal Helmet car to drive around the field after the win over Washington? I thought it was funny, but Washington fan's, UW staff, and Cal officials weren't as amused. Look for the that to be the first, and last time that happens in Berkeley.

Notre Dame is complaing about being dumped down in the polls this week after a close win with UCLA. They need to realize over there that they aren't that good, and people are figuring it out. Would love to see them snubbed by the BCS, but they need to lose two to assure that.

Michigan State came back from an incredible deficit to beat Northwestern this past weekend. Is it enough to save John L. Smith's job? I don't think so. The Spartans are still underachieving in every area.

I mistakingly reported that Alabama had upset Tennessee yesterday, my mistake, the ticker had the score wrong, should have double checked, so the Vol's are still in it. Ihate it when you check something and they have it wrong, but I was playing catchup all weekend so excuse me for the error.

Wisconsin has put together a pretty good season, but missing Ohio State this year will prevent them from being in the mix for a conference championshipA a trip to Florida is never a bad consolation prize.

We have all talked about the gauntlet that USC needs to go through in November to get back in the national championship game, but what about Texas A&M who have put together a solid one loss season up to this point? A&M closes with Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas.

Missouri has Oklahoma, and Nebraska up next. Thehaveve a great season going, but lose the next two and it starts going down the toilet, but still it is enough iColumbiaia for them to hail Pinkel a savior.

The Big East has three undefeated teams, so November will be very interesting. This is how it all breaks down.

Nov. 2 : West Virginia at Louisville. Two top ten teams square it off in the biggest game ever in the state of Kentucky.

Nov. 9 : Louisville at Rutgers. Perfect setup for the Scarlet Knights. I think they catch the Cardinals coming off the Mountaineers game in what might be Rutgers' biggest game since it started the sport with Princeton in 1869.

Nov. 16 : West Virginia at Pittsburgh. Backyard Brawl gives Panthers a chance for revenge after being ripped by WVU on a frozen field last year.

Nov. 25 :Louisville at Pittsburgh. Pitt isn't a pushover.

Dec. 2 : Rutgers at West Virginia. Potentially the biggest Cinderella story since Northwestern 1995 vsA a team that could be playing for a spot in the national championship game.

Tom O'Brien the Boston College head coach who was ready to accept a job at Washington if it was offered when we hired Ty instead could be moving along for bigger bucks at the end of the season. The ACC should have a lot of new coaches next year with 6-8 being canned, retiring, or moving on.

Georgia's president doesn't want the Bulldogs-Gators game to be called the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Oh well, why not just call it a Nascar Race?

You might have noticed on Saturday that Miami pummeled Duke. Well, by five. The expansion isn't exactly working out the way the ACC planned and the conference they pillaged, the Big East is tasting some sweet revenge right now with three undefeated teams.


hairofthedawg said...

Thanks for saving me the time John. I usually make it to our current opponent's site a few times, but not most of the rest.

That's impressive by Wright if indeed it's due to his play and not the injuries.

I like that others are noting the "team" concept about the Huskies that I also see. Thanks coaches and players!

I share your sentiment about Mike and his family, but not quite so much with the dislike of the Ducks. I don't cheer for them, but I do remember Prefontaine and Ron Lee as athletes of theirs that I've admired. It will be interesting trying to be a respectfully arrogant Husky fan on their site, and here as well. Fun, too!


Cougs...well, they should be feeling good about beating Oregon. Top 25 is cool, but I'm looking forward to it being the norm that we're in the top 25 again.

We'll find out about the basketball/football school question soon enough. Coach R's got what looks like a sustainable program going and Coach W's headed in the right direction. I don't get to see the commercials and other things they do together but it sounds like they enjoy working with one another. Has that ever happened before?

Stanford...just waiting to play them...

ASU...we'll soon know! Bring a megaphone prrbrr!

Also prrbrr, send me an email to wildwood at wildwoodrugby dot com. I'd like to get in touch with your realtor. If they have a web page that would be cool so I can look around ahead of time, but contact info is all I need.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I have quite a few very close friends who are Oregon fans and graduates. In fact we have been going to the UO/UW game together almost every year since the early 80's.

I used to go to track meets at old Hayward Field in the 60's and 70's with my dad. We saw such standouts as Jim Ryan, and of course Pre at the Olympic Trials which were held there on occasion. (People actuallu used to go to track meets at husky Stadium too. It used to be a spectator sport. funny how it kind of fell away, even in Eugene.)

Ron Lee was quite an athlete, was a a soccer goalie too if my memory serves me correctly.

I have had a couple of bad day's at Autzen since the infamous pick like most Husky fans so now I keep it pretty neutral when I go down there and only show my purple when we get to the seats.

How do I really feel about Oregon? Well I am happy that my good friends finally have something to cheer about after decades of mediocrity.

I think the rivarly is one of the best in college football, and I can't wait till we beat them again.

hairofthedawg said...

It is kind of strange how track and field has fallen off as a spectator sport, at least in the states. I never went to watch any, but the sport was a pretty big deal and I remember age group meets from around the second grade on. Getting a ribbon for high--jumping 2'-10" or something like that. My dad had a Plymouth Fury and you could fit around 8 kids in it as we went to various meets. Good times.

I wholeheartedly agree about beating them again. Did I mention Bill F. as one of those 20 question candidates?

hairofthedawg said...

Well, never take computer advice from least about Firefox 2. It worked great the first day. I cycled through my usual haunts with no problems. Since then, it probably crashes every couple of hours. I haven't bothered troubleshooting yet.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I am sticking with Internet Explorer, I like the reliability.

Michael Wines said...

Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all the effort you put into your blog (and the plugs). Makes for some great reading!


Health Insurance Expert said...

Thank you Michael. What makes it worthwhile is making new friends up and down the coast no matter which school they root for.

I like highlighting the other blogs on Wednesday because I think they all make interesting reading. We all are big fans of your blog, and just love the What is This?