Friday, October 27, 2006

Fearless Friday Predictions

Friday has rolled around once again and as usual we try to predict what is going to happen during the games on Saturday. For Washington it is a must win, lose this and there are no moral victories. I think we come out firing on all cylinders against an Arizona St team that has better talent, but hasn't melded together very well because of inconsistent play at QB. ASU hates noise so come early, and come loud. The Devils are the most penalized team in the Pac Ten, and noise is a big factor.

The Pac Ten

No. 3 Southern California (minus 12) at Oregon State

USC's last game of season outside California, and the Beavers are pretty injury depleted at this point. Corvallis and Pullman all in the same season? the Trojans should be about ready to blow somebody out of the gym, and why not the Beav's?... USC 35-17.

Portland State at No. 25 Oregon (No Line)

Jesuit High School was busy this week... OREGON 47-3.

Washington State ( minus 1 1/2 ) at UCLA

The Cougars are having a pretty good season, and chalk this up as another win for the men in Crimson and Grey. UCLA can't buy a break, and Coach Dorrell isn't helping matters by being too conservative....WSU 27-24

Arizona State ( plus 1 1/2 ) at Washington

Carl Bonnell is more than an adequate replacement for Stanback, but the depth at RB has me a little worried. This is a pivotal game for both teams, if either loses the season is in danger of going down the toilet....WASHINGTON 27-17


No. 5 Texas (minus 11 1/2) at Texas Tech

The Horn's will give up some points, but in the end will vanquish the Red Raiders ... Texas 44-24.

No. 8 Tennessee (minus 5) at South Carolina

Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier has won 10 of 14 against Vols whose streak of luck should run out this week. ... South Carolina 28-24.

No. 9 Florida (minus 14) vs. Georgia at Jacksonville, Fla.

Last four meetings have been decided by seven points or less, they keep it cozy at the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. ... FLORIDA 23-14.

No. 11 Notre Dame (minus 14) vs. Navy at Baltimore

The Fighting Irish have won 41 straight against Navy ... Navy 31-28.

No. 19 Oklahoma (plus 2 1/2) at No. 23 Missouri

First time since 1998 Tigers are favored over Sooners. Cany you say defining moments Gary Pinkel? ... Missouri 31-24.

No. 20 Nebraska (minus 5 1/2) at Oklahoma State

Top two offenses in the Big 12 meet and I have to go with the upset on the road. ... Oklahoma St 31-24.

Miami (plus 6) at No. 21 Georgia Tech

Yellow Jackets beat 'Canes in Orange Bowl last season, and they will do it again tomorrow. ... GEORGIA TECH 31-20.

No. 22 Texas A&M (minus 4 1/2) at Baylor

Aggies' last five wins have been by six points or fewer. Baylor has been tough all year and is capable of beating them. ... TEXAS A&M 28-23.


Mr. Fumbles said...

Stewart Mandel of Sports Illistrauted has lost his mind. In this week's weekend kickoff Mandel picks Texas Tech to Upset No. 5 Texas 34-31. His reasoning? Texas can not handel Texas Tech's air attack? Watch the Horn's defense allow less than 50 yards passing this weekend. What an idiot!

Health Insurance Expert said...

I don't see Texas losing again this year, and I think they have a good shot at getting another shot at Ohio St of the chips fall their way.

Thanks for popping in Mr Fumbles!

hairofthedawg said...

A lot of upsets on your slate...if Bernard is able to play, OSU might give SC a game. I think he does and so do the Beavs, mainly because SC hasn't impressed this year. Yes, they've won, but there's something missing, maybe a killer instinct.

LOL on your second pick! I have to root for PSU because Sawyer Smith, their QB is from Chehalis, but even so I think they'll represent better than you predict. I hope so because Ducks doubting themselves plays into our hands.

Coogs/Bruins...pretty much a coin flip for me.

The running game worries me, and likely everyone else as well. Get Rankin a good start and have everyone available tell him to hit the freakin' hole, and I think he'll do alright. I hope Kenny's able to spell him a bit but nothing would make me happier than Sampson breaking a big one. All these must win games aren't doing much for my hair color, but they beat the hell out of the other type.

I don't follow the national games anyway near as closely as you do, but I have a little to say. First, I'm curious why you consider Tennessee lucky. I'm basing my perception on their defeat of Cal.

Navy, huh? I've heard good things about them and ND reminds me of SC, winning without dominance. I hope you're right except for the potential for carnage on the dawgman boards. :)

I'll have to check and see if Oklahoma/Missouri is on...also, did you want Pinkel to come coach at UW? I know a lot of people did and from the opinions I read, I leaned that way myself. It's nice to see him right the ship in a tough conference.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Coach Pickle at UW? Nope he was never a top choice of mine, but DJ loyalists liked him as a candidate after Lambo was fired.

I leaned strongly toward Tormey, and was pretty surprised when he hired Neuheisel.

After Gilby went down the tubes I wanted Spurrier, and I think we had a shot at him until the South Carolina job opened up.

I was satified when we hired Willingham. He knew the conference, he had a national image, would clean up the program, provide some needed diversity, and like DJ, and Romar wasn't the first choice.

I think Ty's best years are ahaed of him. I really think he will retire a Husky. Look for other schools to give him the chance to interview, especially in the ACC after the season is completed.

Michael Wines said...

I see Washington winning by 20 today, good luck you guys.