Saturday, October 14, 2006

Final OSU 27 UW 17

Huskies start off the 4th quarter with a second down from the 40. Six minus plays for the OSU defense in the third quarter. IS scrambles for a long one but hankies are everywhere. Play is negated by offsetting penalties. On the next play James drops an open short pass to end the drive....Ugly series.

OSU starts from the 20. Dawgs start off with some missed tackles as Bernard gains 11 on a draw. He is stuffed on the next one. Gunheim goes down and is shaken up. Moore hits Stroughter and into UW territory over Medfield. Moore not getting any pressure. Stroughter takes it down inside the ten on a nice little screen by OSU. Time to panic for UW. More arm tackles on the next play as Bernard takes it to the 3. He takes it in on the next play and it is now....OSU 27 UW 17

Washington has its work cut out for them as they start at their own 20. Stanback is sacked from the shotgun on the next play...Wow. They smell blood. OSU is just dominating this game. James is slammed down for no gain on the next play....Wow. 3rd and long and the wheels come off again as the pick up a false start. IS makes along run just short of a first down and goes down with an injury. Bonnell is warming up. IS looks like he is seriously injured, could be head or shoulders, not sure. UW punts as IS is carried off the field.

You can hear a pin drop in Husky Stadium right now. OSU starts on their own 30. Moore is incomplete on the first one. Funny the Beav's are still throwing the ball...Not smart. OSU picks up a dumb personal foul. 3rd and long for the Beavers and they hand it off and decide to punt. Good choice. Poor kick gives UW the ball on the 50.

Bonnell starts his first meaningful drive in a couple of years from the 50. Hits James on a screen on the first play for a yard. Good play to start him off with. Next pass is a duck, 3rd and long. Bonnell sacked on the next one. Time to punt.

Beavers go three and out on the next series and the Huskies still have life with 4:47 left in the game. UW goes after the kicker and Woods runs into his own guy and goes down near midfield.

UW starts off at the 45. Bonnell throws a pitch in the dirt on the first play. Goes long on the next and misses. 3rd and ten and Bonnel is flushed out and sacked. This one is about over, we cant move the ball...And the Beavers own us. 4th down and the Dawgs are going to have to go for it. Bonnell hasn't show that he is capable of throwing the ball or having enough speed to run the ball. Bonnel hits Lewis for a 1st down and we are still alive. Bonnell is sacked in the backfilled as Macklin is eaten up again on the line. 2nd and ten from the 47 and Bonnell goes down again. Washington isn't getting open, and Bonnell isn't getting protection. Offsides on OSU so UW gets a free play. Bonnell intentionally grounds it as he is being sacked. 4th down with 3:10 left and UW tries to find a miracle and stupidly overthrow a long one. The playcalling has been atrocious in the second half.

OSU takes over on downs and proceeds to run down the clock and collect the win. Great job by Oregon State today.

Terrible job by UW who came out flat, and stayed flat. Worst game I have seen them play since last year. I think if IS hadn't been hurt we would have made it interesting, but with him out we may have to reconfigure our recent thinking on the season. It may be Jake Locker time since Carl Bonnell showed today that he isn't close to being able to compete in this conference.

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