Saturday, October 14, 2006

Third Quarter OSU 20 UW 17

OSU starts there first drive by once again going to Bernard for 6 on first down, but they arent going to be able to go back to well as much in the second half as UW forces them into a 3rd and five. Moore tosses a short one to Bernard that is stuffed by EJ for little gain. Three and out, nice start. Marlon Wood fumbles his second punt but the Huskies once again recover.

UW starts slowly again forcing themselves into a 3rd and eight. The Huskies are 0-5 on third down today. Russo picks up the first down on a little pass from Stanback. Russo fumbled the ball and the refs call it down. IS goes right back to Russo on an inside slant for a nice gainer. IS scrambles on the next one for a another nice gain. James makes a nice power spin for another five, we are driving but just as suddenly stall and have to punt it away.

OSU starts off at around the ten after a nice punt by Douglas. On the first play Moore hits Jackson for a long one which takes the Beavers into Husky territory with a 51 yard play. Next play goes for 24 to Stroughter. OSU at the 15 with a first down and are forced into the dreaded second and ten. That becomes a third and ten on the next play. UW ends up holding and Serna comes in to convert on the 26 yarder. UW 17 OSU 13.

UW starts from their own 30. UW starts off on the ground with James for a nice gain, and Ellis on an end around followed by a personal foul on OSU. Huskies follow with little gain on the next two plays and are headed for 3rd and long. UW is forced to punt, and IS isn't on today, it's official. UW should be handing the ball to Kenny James right now.

OSU starts on their 20 after the touchback with 5:30 left in the third. Moore hits a long one for at TD after a blitz that sends about everyone. OSU 20 UW 17.

Washington is now officially in big trouble because they have let the underdog stay in the game and let them have a lucky mo changing TD. UW needs to answer. UW starts at their own 30. Sonny finally makes a catch for a nice play on first down. James picks up five up the middle. Husky Stadium is quiet as Stanback flicks a dart to Sonny again for another nice gainer for the first down over the middle. James is hammered on the next play for no gain as Francies meets him at the line of scrimmage. Stanback hits Ellis and that brings up a third and short. IS really screws the pooch by not running soon enough to get the first down. Stanley Daniels goes down with an injury. Huskies have a 4th and 6. Daniels limps off the field but looks ok. Huskies decide to go for it from the OSU 36. This is a pretty big play. Stanback runs and is crushed, UW turns it over on downs and maybe it is time to panic. The last two play calls and executions weren't very good.

OSU takes over from their own 35. Moore hits Stroughter over the middle for a 27 and he promptly fumbles and the Huskies take over. Nice play by Goldson. OSU reviews the call and UW keeps the ball. Once again momentum changes.

UW takes over and throws a nice screen which is negated by holding on Ossai. James is just stuffed as the Husky offense can't go wide today. 3rd and 20 and we still cant get it going. UW goes long on the last play to Shackleford who lets it goes off his fingers. UW lucks out with roughing the passer call on Stanback which gives them a first down at the 35. James ends the qtr with a four around end.

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