Friday, October 06, 2006

Fearless Friday Predictions

This is a much bigger week in college football, and eyes are turning West of the Mississippi for the the California vs Oregon matchup, and surprisingly the Washington vs USC game. Farther East the LSU VS Florida, and Oklahoma vs Texas games will also being drawing the attention of ESPN Gameday.

Washington's 4-1 resurgence is the surprise of the year since the Dawgs were heavily predicted for the Pac Ten cellar and a one win season by most of the pundits. I guess that is why they call them pundits. ESPN Gameday will be running a segment on the resurgence of Washington this Saturday.

I had a little more time this week and added the betting line to each game, and expand the coverage nationally since there are a lot of marquee matchup this week.

PAC TEN Predictions

Washington (plus 20 1/2) at No. 3 Southern California

The Huskies are going to give these guys a game but playing USC in the Coliseum is tough, just ask the last 28 teams that have played there. I have been saying all along that Washington has a chance and the Trojans are vulnerable, but there are a lot of what if's that haven't happened yet. What if we play four quarters? What if IS has the game of his life? What if we win the T/O margin? Do you really expect those things to happen against the Trojans at home? I think it is asking for a lot, and it is ok to ask, sometimes you get what you ask for, but probably not this week.

If you are a betting man you have to take Washington, no way do they beat us by three touchdowns unless we totally collapse. IS is is a potent weapon, and he will frankly be the best athlete on the field. If he is on for four quarters, watch out, UW can win But since neither he, nor Washington have been on for even three quarters, let alone four for most of this decade, it is very unlikely it is going to happen to the Mighty Trojans at home. I think it will be close, and Washington will have it's chances, but USC will pull away in the 4th quarter. ...USC 27 Washington 17

No. 11 Oregon (plus 5 1/2) at No. 16 California

Ducks coach Mike Bellotti is 7-1 against Cal. This is going to be a close one between two excellent teams. I just think Oregon has more balance team wide than California, but this will go down to the buzzer and be one of the best games of the season. Oregon can still lose and get into a BCS bowl game. If Cal goes down they will have two losses so they may be thinking Holiday....OREGON 35 California 31

Stanford (plus 31 1/2) at No. 12 Notre Dame

This will be a cakewalk for the Irish. Stanford is really down, and really banged up, not a good combo. Stanford simply can't score points which makes the upcoming Arizona vs Stanford tilt a poor candidate for TV. The Irish are playing much better as witnessed by their thrashing of Purdue last week..NOTRE DAME 52 Stanford 3

UCLA (minus 12) at Arizona

Bruins should be ready for revenge against the toothless Wildcats. Arizona can't score, and UCLA can. All you have to do is score 21 to beat Arizona, and UCLA will. Forget about last year, that was an aberation...UCLA 35 Arizona 10

Washington State (minus 3) at Oregon St

The Coug's head on to the road to see if last week was real. Chances are it was, and WSU has firmly anchored itself to contend with Washington for 4th place. Oregon St is the second best team in Idaho....WSU 35 OSU 21

Arizona St Bye

The SunDevils have a week off to contemplate getting the snot kicked out of them by USC. This bye week is crucial because it allows the Devils to chance to work the kinks out of their offense, and QB. ASU surprisingly has been able to move the ball on the ground, and their defense has 18 sacks so far this year. The problem is Carpenter, they have the wrong one, and Karen is dead.

Big Games Nationally

No. 9 LSU (minus 2) at No. 5 Florida

Florida is due to lose one, they have won some close ones, and this will be a close one. Who here likes Urban Meyer, raise your hand, that's why we have to go with the Tigers...LSU 21 Florida 17.

Michigan State (plus 16) at No. 6 Michigan

The Spartans are done. The ND loss killed them, can they come back against Michigan? No! they want to bury John L. Smith, they want him to be fired, and the best way to insure that is to keep losing ... MICHIGAN 35 Michigan St 17.

No. 7 Texas (minus 5) vs. No. 14 Oklahoma

Sooners just not up to par after the personel losses. Texas seems to be a more complete team at this point. Ya, Oklahoma should be undefeated, but who really cares, if they can't get by Texas it really doesn't matter. ... TEXAS 35 Oklahoma 27.

No. 13 Tennessee (minus 2 1/2) at No. 10 Georgia

Bulldogs trying to go 6-0 for the third time under coach Mark Richt. Georgia may be 5-0, but they don't impress me, a last second win over Colorado? The Volunteers already took it to Cal, and lost in the last second to the Gators. ... TENNESSEE 20 Georgia 17.

No. 15 Clemson (minus 16 1/2) at Wake Forest

Wake has won two of last three meetings with Tigers. We all want Wake forest, but it is time or Cinderella to get her dress dirty. We are talking the Top Bowden this year in the ACC, Tommy is due, and so is Clemson. ... CLEMSON 35 Wake Forest 17.

No. 22 Nebraska (minus 7) at Iowa State

Cyclones have won two straight against Huskers in Ames, and why not make it three straight because I hate the Huskers. The Huskers are favored, but they haven't done anything but lose to USC so far in my book, and I think couldn't beat WSU. ... IOWA STATE 30 Nebraska 27.

No. 23 Missouri (plus 4) at Texas Tech

Pinkel needs this win to move to 6-0 and make a charge for a Northern Division title. Tech is tough, but Tech isn't as good. This is Pinkels year to really make something happen to insure long time job security in Columbia, he needs 9 wins to do that. these guys won't beat Texas, but they should handle BIG 12 North, anything less than a title is a dissapointment....MISSOURI 28 Texas Tech 27.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

i couldn't pick the huskies this week either. but here's to a good game and perhaps the huge upset!

U-Dub Dish

Health Insurance Expert said...

I would love to pick UW, and did after the Arizona win while having a few potent cocktails....but reality soon set in, and while the Trojans are vulnerable, it is most likely to Cal, or Oregon rather than UW at this point, especially at home.

The Huskies can win tomorrow, but it will take 4 full quarters, and we havent done that until we do...have to take SC.