Friday, October 20, 2006

Fearless Friday Predictions

Once again we have reached the end of the week and it's time for the Fearless Friday Predictions. Some interesting game sin the Pac Ten this week while the Trojans sharpen up their game with a bye before a brutal stretch run.

This is going to be an unusual weekend for me, usually I wouldn't miss a game no matter the circumstances in Berkeley because it is such a fun trip to make. Crumbling Memorial Stadium located in Strawberry Canyon, atop the San Andreas fault, with a view of San Francisco off in the distance is one of my favorite scenes in college football. Always fun to watch the freeloaders on Tightwad Hill above the stadium, great view, and an ambience not unlike being across the street from Wrigley Field.

This has been a busy Fall for me with getting married, going to Hawaii for three weeks, and finally this weekend moving into our new house. (I know it sounds On Saturday the moving truck comes around 11:00 AM and by game time, 3 1/2 hours later the truck should just be about emptied at the new place. I will either head to a bar at that point, or I will have to listen to it on XM radio since the Direct TV, Phone, and Internet won't be hooked up until Monday. That is kind of a bummer but it beats the excuse of going to a couples shower!

Okay on to this weeks games!

I only had time to go over the Pac Ten this week.

Pac Ten

Washington at California

I would love to pick Washington this week but since this is the real world I am going to have to go other way. California is the best team in the Pac Ten, and they are also one of the top teams in the country. Only way Washington catches them if they fall asleep and Carl Bonnell and the rest of the offense put on a show.

California 42 Washington 17

Oregon at Washington St

The Duck's are a good squad, but like they showed against California they ahve the ability to be plucked when they have a bad day. A bad day is more prone to happen when they face a good defense on the road. The Cougars aren't California, but they have a good defense, unfortunatley they don't have the offense.

Oregon 24 Washington St 17

Stanford at Arizona St

The SunDevils will have no problem with the Tree, in fact it will be just like another bye week before they face Washington in Seattle.

Arizona St 35 Stanford 3

Arizona vs Oregon State

Oregon State is coming off a big win and that should breed enough confidence and points to get by the Mildcats. The Beavers are entirely capable of losing too, but don't bet on it.

Oregon St 21 Arizona 10

UCLA at Notre Dame

I hate the Irish, and I would just love it if Karl Dorrell marched into South Bend and pulled out a victory. I don't think the Irish are a great team, certainly not a top ten team, but they are as good as the Duck's. The problems the Bruins are having at QB are too much to overcome.

Notre Dame 31 UCLA 17


prrbrr said...

johnb, congrats on your new home, quite a change in your lifestyle and a very busy year. However, i have been concerned about you with the couples shower and now possibly missing the game due to moving, so I want to give you some marital advice before its too late. The secret to my 37 years of marriage is that i have always made all the important decisions. That is a true statement, however I guess there has never been one yet in our marriage. Best of luck to you in your new house, GO DAWGS

Health Insurance Expert said...

lol....I am OK, don't

I like the way you think, but it was actually my decision to get it done on Saturday morning, Kate would have been happy to wait. If I have time I can catch the game in the clubhouse on TV, or I can just listen on XM Radio while I work.

The one thing I miss is not being able to hook up to the chat room during the game. Actually the one thing I really miss is not being there in person, but it is a good trade off this week.

hairofthedawg said...

Ditto on the congrats John and prrbrr, that some interesting and excellent advice. I'll try to remember it if I'm ever so lucky.

Don't work too hard John and you might check and see if there's a sports bar with web access. Quite a few have it over here. Enjoy the game prrbrr. I'm looking forward to your after-action report. TV's nice, but you're stuck with what they are focusing on and miss a lot. You're also making me consider moving back to the state so I can travel with the team a bit. It sounds like fun.

hairofthedawg said...

what to say after this game...well, good job on the predictions except for us and the ducks/wsu. Not to rub it in but the chat room was great until the game was over. A lot of people were incredulous, but there were a few believers. I'll admit being surprised when Woods went in for the TD, but it did have sort of that same feel like when the clock ran out against SC. We could have done anything.

I wanted to go for two. Oh well...didn't happen.

Yeah, the 5 interceptions sucked, but we needed to take those risks to stay in the game. It's not surprising given the experience of the QB and the strengths of the opponent. Carl will learn quickly I think. I was impressed with his game overall.

I also hope Kenny gets well and we pick up a JC RB recruit in case Hasty doesn't make it back. Rankin seemed to get it earlier this year but in my opinion has regressed to stutter-stepping again. When he got it he reminded me of Shehee, not always a solid gain, but rarely a loss and always with the possibility of busting one. Rankin gets caught behind the line too often. Part of that criticism is on the line as well but I lean more toward the running style.

That said, the heart is there, the skill is close and I'm anticipating a few more gray hairs before finding out which bowl game we're going to. Rest in red Jake.

prrbrr said...

Hair and John. These guys are for real, once again they played with heart throughout. We can sweep out if they show up and play with emotion. JB, like you said earlier, the college game can be won with emotion. We always enjoy traveling to Cal, the fans are nice (minus the usual drunks found everywhere) the weather was perfect, in a historic stadium much like HS showing its age but more neglect. The bleacher seats reminded me of Stanford before the World Cup renovation, dry rotted wood timbers etc, and scafolding everywhere holding it up. A lot has been said on whether to go for 2 or kick the PAT. I agreed with the decision as we hadnt done real well all day getting 1 yard much less than 3. Marlon Woods miracle reception I actually missed. It was in the far end zone and I had the binocs on the ball when it appeared batted down, and I thought oh well then I saw the ref signal TD so I was in shock as much as the Cal fans. To me the critical juncture came when Cal went for two and we had the PAT block team on the field (and now I find out we only had 10 on the field). Confusion on our part. Another curious call at the time s was the dribble kick to give Cal good field position with 46 seconds left in the half, but TW said it was planned differently and not executed. Rankin still dances, and like you Hair, thought this had been corrected 2/3 games ago. Boy we missed KJ. Goldson is such an upgrade, he allows the defense to be so much better along with Wells and CJ. Hemphill played well in relief of CJ for a series or two in second half. Morovicks snaps were high and right again. Tackling was good and gang was there, just missed on the big gainers which showed up spectacularly. Forced Cal into many long yardage downs, but I really hate our long yardage D. Rushing 3 speed guys, Teo Nesheim, Ala and Gunheim, we get no rush, QB gets all day against our zone and usually connects. The defense stiffens as we get closer to our end zone but I think thats because there is less turf to cover by the zone. Longshore was not that good when heat was applied, so thats all I will say on this topic. The flea flicker was good, but Sonny S had to slow down and wait for the ball so was tackled, but still a vertical game. Some of the kitchen sink was thown on offense, but none on the D. The first game against Tedford where I feel we weren't grotesquely out coached, maybe he isn't a genius after all. Despite the 5 Ints, I thought CB played well. I was glad Kirton (a no quit play much like Gunheim against UCLA) saved the TD in OT after the INT, a dumb move by the Cal player, he kept the game alive which cudda (wished it wudda)backfired on him. Lastly, not sure if you got it on TV was Lynch's showboating after the game driving the MULE onto the field and doing wheelies until a coach I presume) told him to get off it. The college game becomes more like the NFL everyday calling attention to oneself. I know TW would never allow this to happen, and if it did, would never happen again. What will Cal, PAC10 do, if this wasn't excessive celebration, don't know what is. Sorry for the ramblings, starting to get like AAndy but with much less knowledge. I love these DAWGS, they play with heart. Time to start game planning for ASU, and for me laying initial plans for which bowl game and logistics thereof. Hair, keep up the faith. You are doing an important part for our country there, you will have plenty of time like me when you retire to become even more of a DAWG junkie.

hairofthedawg said...

Thanks prrbrr for the comment on what I do. It's true, but your sentiment is far more deserved by those closer to the front lines. I've got it easy.

Also, getting like AAndy isn't a bad thing. I thought you wrote a great post(meandering).

I'm not sure which browser you guys use but I just downloaded the latest beta release of Firefox and it should limit the number of times I look like an idiot due to misspellings. I think the actual release is out tomorrow.

I agree they're for real. It was neither perfect nor pretty but damn, I wanted them to win, more for their sake than mine.

I understand what you mean about the 2pt. attempt, but that's what was in my mind, along with a healthy helping of cider. In hindsight I still feel that the momentum from the improbably TD would have carried us over the line. It's obvious why I'm not a coach. It's also why I chose not to referee rugby matches. I tried being a touch judge a couple of times, but I forget to easily what I'm doing and get into the game. That and I don't know all the rules.

You're probably telling the truth about where your binocs were focused, but it makes for more entertaining reporting if you describe and provide photos of an incredible set of cheerleader focal points. I'm glad you had a fun trip.

The short kickoff bugged me too.

I've heard a lot about Lynch, not much good other than as a football player. Someone on dawgman said it was nice to have a team celebrating a victory over us and I also like that, but his actions seemed to fit what I mentioned above.

Knock on wood concerning health, but with KJ back I think we can win out. WSU looks like the toughest matchup with UO right next to or slightly behind them.

I already consider this season a success and enjoy having reason to get greedy. Excellent post pb. Thanks.

hairofthedawg said...

On firefox...I out-idioted it with a couple of misspellings that turned out to be real words so it's not perfect. :)

prrbrr said...

extra extra read all about it. newlywed husband found dead after suffering heart attack moving sofa for 20th time. more details at 11

Health Insurance Expert said...

Thanks for picking up the bag for me guys and keeping things alive over the weekend!

The Cal announcers were very impressed with Teo Nesheim, they said he was causing trouble all afternoon. I have to check the replay tonight and see what he did.

I didn't carry a lot of stuff, was doing more directing, we had four strong guys doing the lifting. I have to tell you, unpacking is not fun, but it is cool to see the new house take shape inside and become a home.