Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday Morning Thoughts

It is around 7 am in Seattle and most of you are just rolling over to catch a few extra winks before you go about the process of getting up to get ready to go to a late starting game. Saturdays are fantastic that way, my favorite day of the week because a day of football is ahead for all to enjoy, what can be better than that?

For the Huskies this is all about doing or dying, no more moral victories allowed, and no more flat performances such as Oregon St are acceptable. UW needs to come out on all cylinders and put these guys away by breaking their spirit. ASU is very suceptible to that, they fold under adversity, they self destruct with loud crowd noise, and they arrive in Seattle a team that has dissapointed their fans all season. ASU is ripe for defeat, and the one thing Washington cannot afford to do is not attack from the get go.

I am predicting victory for Washington. I am predicting this is the day we get the monkey off the back, and start a 4-0 stretch run to remember. Traditionally Washington is supposed to own November, we are supposed to own the fourth quarter. When the weather gets bad, the leaves begin to fall, when there is a tint of smoke in the air, that is when Washington plays it's finest football. Today is the day we restart that tradition.

I think Carl Bonnell is going to have a fine day, I believe that Louis Rankin will go North/South first and hit the hole with power. I believe that Dashon Goldson is the ingredient that makes our defensive backfield physically click. I agree with Jeff Tedford when he says our defensive line is impressive, and our LB's are fast and physical. I believe that today we beat Arizona State and march back toward bowl eligibility.

For those going to the game, have fun, I will be here puttering around the house doing an endless list of honey do's as we continue to settle into this monster. At 6 pm central the work will stop, the beer will pour, the Laphroig will come out, and the big screen will turn on!

I expect victory!


hairofthedawg said...

I share your game play sentiments wholeheartedly as well as the joy of Saturdays. It's a bit different over here for me as far as the way the day progresses though. 7 am in Seattle equals 5 pm over here and I think we're switching to standard time today so it's even more screwed up. Not much in the way of honeydews...laundry and dishes already done and some hot italian sausage for spaghetti sauce later. It's nearly 6 now and I'm debating which pub to choose for dinner, Franx or Jonny's. Franx is Sinatra themed and has better looking waitresses and food, but Jonny's has Strongbow cider vs. Blackthorn and is usually more populated, albeit with football(soccer) fans. I'll usually have 3 pints and make my way home to set up the audio feed unless the game is on TV(this one isn't) and depending on what time the game is on take a nap. I forgot the first thing I do on gameday. I call my boss to make sure that I don't have to work on what will be Sunday. Check! Then it's off to the dawgman chat room along with one of the stat feeds for the game and the audio. There's usually someone in the chatroom providing near real time play by play, but I still like to have the stats available. I have dreamed that my alarm clock was ringing and not woke up, but hopefully not this morning. Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

I agree, this is the day that we play a complete football game and actually put a team away. No more 23-20 victories. Score early, demoralize the opposition and then pour it on. Dawgs 34-16.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I really thought we were going to beat them till the plast play, it just kind of numbed me.