Friday, October 13, 2006

Fearless Friday Predictions

Once again it is Friday and time for for the Fearless Friday Predictions! Not a real big week, not a real bad week, but as you saw last week with Arkansas, and Auburn you really don't know until gameday where the shocks are going to come from.

Pac Ten Games

Arizona State (plus 19) at No. 3 Southern California

Trojans have won six straight in the series and will make it seven this weekend at home. The Trojans have been looking for a blowout win to start establishing a case for another title run. ASU has had the week off after being treated like a rag doll by California, and Oregon. Can Koetter rebuild Carpenters psyche with a week off? I don't think he can, and an embarrasment that should seal Dick's fate should happen this Saturday. ... USC 42-17.

No. 10 California (minus 7 1/2) at Washington State

Golden Bears have lost nine straight in Pullman dating back to 1979. Pretty hard to believe that the Bear's haven't cracked the Pullman code. WSU hung in till the last play with USC, but Cal is better right now. Cal has way too much firepower for the Coug defense even though many are prediciting a Coug upset. ... CALIFORNIA 42 WSU 20

UCLA (plus 10 1/2) at No. 18 Oregon

Bruins have won four, of five in Eugene, and Oregon is coming off a tough loss to Cal so this will be a gut check for the Quackers. UCLA has lost QB Moore for 4-6 weeks. Bruins will go with Cowan who has the talent to be succesful, but in Autzen for his first start?. ... OREGON 31-27

Arizona at Stanford

This is the battle for the doormat of the Pac Ten, and I have to go with Stanford because Mike Stoops really turns me off. Walt Harris is making progress on the Farm even thoug it is hard to see. His teams get better, Stoops get worse. ... . STANFORD 17-10

Oregon St (minus 10 1/2) at Washington

Oregon St is a turnover machine that doesn't play very well together as a team. They do have some hitters, and it will be a physical game whatever the score ends up being. Beating the Huskies this week would jumpstart their season. Washington is on a bit of a roll, as big of a roll as you can have after losing a game last week. The crowd at Husky Stadium is going to be very loud, and it will help our defense force Beaver mistakes. Isaiah won't be affected too much by his hip pointer and Washington should be able to put together a balanced attack against the Beaver defense. the bend and don't break is difficult with Serna in there who is always an automatic 3 against Washington... . Washington 31 Oregon St 17.

National Games

No. 22 Virginia Tech (minus 3) at Boston College

Frank Beamer's 300th career game as head coach and it will end up as a loss since I can't pick them over BC. Kate went to BC, and is a big BC fan, so I have to go with the Eagles or get cut off for the rest of the weekend which is not good. ... BOSTON COLLEGE 21-17

No. 1 Ohio State (minus 15) at Michigan State

Buckeyes have won four straight against Spartans, and they make it five on Saturday. That tick tock noise you are hearing is the countdown clock being used for John L. Smith's career as a coach at MSU. ... OHIO STATE 37-17.

No. 2 Florida (plus 1) at No. 11 Auburn

Tigers have won five straight home games against top-10 teams. Auburn is due to bounce back, and Florida is due to lose one. Since it is at Auburn chances are the Gator title hopes fall on the backburner after the loss. ... AUBURN 23-20.

No. 4 Michigan (minus 6 1/2) at Penn State

Michigan might be the best team in college football, but they have to wait till the end of the year to prove it when they travel to Columbus. Joe Pa always makes it close, but not close enough this week. WR Mario Manningham out for Wolverines ... MICHIGAN 21-13.

No. 19 Missouri (minus 2 1/2) at Texas A&M

Tigers are last unbeaten team in Big 12 which is pretty cool if you are Gary Pinkel. It's on the road, it is going to be tough, but Mizzou is my team of destiny in the Big 12. ... MIZZOU 24-20.

No. 21 Nebraska (minus 10 1/2) at Kansas State

Huskers lead Big 12 in rushing, and they alos lead the league in playing cupcakes. The Big Red don't impress me, but neither does K-State ... NEBRASKA 24-17.

No. 24 Rutgers (plus 1 1/2) at Navy

Middies lead nation in rushing and Scarlet Knights are 10th. People in New Jersey need to put off ordering those BCS Title Game tickets. The Midshipmen have one of their better squads this year. ... Navy 27-24.

Minnesota (plus 8 1/2) at No. 25 Wisconsin

If you call anyone in Minnesota on Saturday and ask them what they are doing they will reply watching the Gopher's lose. This is the Battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe and Wisconsin has a decisive edge due to the humongous size of their lines. Who said Bratwurst and Cheese wasn't good for you? ... WISCONSIN 34-21.


hairofthedawg said...

You scare me John in how much we think alike. That probably scares you too, so sorry...I was all set to find something in your picks to disagree with, but I didn't.

I'm closer to the spread on the Bruins and UO and think MSU may give the Buckeyes a bit of a tussle, but other than that and maybe Rutgers, have to agree.

Health Insurance Expert said...

The Bruins and the Ducks game is a hard one to figure because the outcome depends on how well Cowan does at QB.

The Bruin defense could be able to do the same thing the Cal defense did to them, and that is shut down the run. The main difference though is UCLA lacks the firepoewer to take advantage of that in comparison to Cal.

I might have picked the Bruins if Olsen hadn't been hurt. Not that Olsen is that big of an upgrade over Cowan, just more of an experience factor.

I have been waiting for MSU to show up, but the last two weeks they haven't which makes me doubt they will against OSU. the loss to ND was as crusing as our 12th man loss to Michigan....changes a whole season.

Toby said...

Hey, I'm from Jerzey, so what your mouth! Although I wouldn't buy tickets anyway, I'm gonna try to win them from the BCS site - RUTGERS!

Health Insurance Expert said...

We all enjoy the resurgence of Rutgers who I have always thought was a sleeping giant. You have a nice stadium, great school, plenty of money, and a tremendous population base to draw from. I think Rutgers is here to stay now that Miami, BC, and VT have moved on.

Rutgers in the BCS?

Well they can do it if they win the rest of their games. With 3 prominent in league opponents victories over them would really move you up.