Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Around the Pac Ten Blogs

Once again we take a walk down Pac Ten Alley and see what the respective bloggers are saying about their favorite team.

California, and Washington are the only teams that have participated continuously in every season since what is now the Pac-10 was founded in 1916. It is one of the longest continuous rivarlies in the West. Washington vs California used to be the biggest game West of the Mississippi in the teen's, and twenties. The two schools have lots of traditional ties in education, football, and most particularly Crew.

At USC they are accepting the fact that being #2 in the nation and undefeated isn't too bad a position to be in. The Trojans have a mid season bye this week. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Washington had the same?

"In this game, college football, young players take two steps forward, and one step back, and occasionally, vice-versa. For the third consecutive week, USC has a won a Pac-10 game by a one-play margin. The Trojans won at Washington State by six. They beat Washington by six. Saturday night, they beat Arizona State, 28-21."

At Oregon they ponder the visit to Pullman where just about anything can happen. WSU is a team that can play with and beat the Duck's. The Cougars are due.

"For the sixth time in seven seasons the Ducks are traveling to Pullman this week. Maybe they should just invest in a local motel?"

At Oregon State they finally have something to be happy about and they rank this win right up there with the Eastern Washington victory. By the way the X Box simulation had the Beavers beating Washington, so the Beavers are still undefeated in X Box simulation. The Beavers need to keep their heads out of the clouds against Arizona this coming weekend.

"We always win here....Those four words are the exact four words that the Washington Huskies didn't want Coach Riley to be saying in the locker room following tonight's game. This game gives Beaver fans a little less to be worried about, and less to make noise about. Moore rebounded well this week, and the strong win gives Beaver Nation less grief to throw Riley's way. However, we need to keep in mind that this is only one game. The Beavers looked very strong against Eastern Washington, a week before falling flat on their face against Boise State. Granted, Eastern Washington is Eastern Washington, but still the Beavers were clicking on most cylinders."

At California they feel they have the best team in the conference and are looking ahead to USC. I doubt Tedford and the Bear's are looking ahead. Washington is always a big game.

"The Cougars seem to think that Cal is the best team in the conference, and they get no disagreement here. The Golden Bears will have to beat USC in Los Angeles, but with that offense they’re capable of it."

At Arizona they are still unimpressed after the big Stanford win and suggest that Stoops keep Tuitama on the bench. Oregon St is a winnable game for these guys if they can produce some offense.

"Can you believe it? Arizona actually got a win against a Pac-10 opponent. In the process, they amassed 200-plus yards on the ground and gave up just 52 yards of offense. The problem – nobody cares. In fact, Saturday’s 20-7 victory over winless Stanford proves nothing (except that Stanford is by far the worst team in a BCS conference – maybe in all of major college football). To make matters worse, the loss of Adam Austin likely means this team will struggle just to avoid getting blown out for the remainder of the season."

At Arizona State they turned the team over to a sports psychologist during the bye week. The result is they cut their margin of loss by quite a few touchdowns. This weekend against Stanford they should bust back into the win column just in time before they play Washington.

"The East Valley Tribune reports today that a sports psychologist worked with some team members, including Carpenter, during the bye week. Among those to take their stab at figuring out Carpenter in the last two weeks was a sports psychologist. The man, who went unidentified, worked with several Sun Devils over the bye week."

At UCLA Karl Dorrell remains less than popular after the loss to the Ducks. I wonder if they ever consider that Oregon just may have better talent? I would love to see the Bruins beat Notre Dame this weekend in South Bend. I don't think ND is that great and would love to see them miss the BCS.

"Of course now the latest excuse from Westwood is that Karl the Quitter didn't have the team in a hurry up mode because of Cowan's throat injury didn't allow him to make the calls at line changing protection or calling audible."

At Stanford they ponder life after losing their last blue chip player on offense.

"T.C. Ostrander, a senior, will replace Edwards this Saturday against Arizona State, assuming his bruised left knee doesn't worsen. He will be backed up by redshirt freshman Tavita Pritchard from Tacoma."

At WSU they wonder if the offense will return for Oregon, but they are happy with the defense.

"Hope you all are nursing the hangover from Saturday's miserable offensive showing against CAL. While Brinkhater was not surprised by what happened on offense, he was VERY happy to see how the defense performed. Word from the CAL radio networks was that the Cougar defense was of "championship" quality. So, kudos to Akey and the group for coaching these kids up and for such a big turnaround from last year!"

Local Media Tidbits

The local media has about finished writing their tributes to Isaiah Stanback and is now moving on to previewing Carl Bonnell, and Jake Locker.

Bob Condotta wrote an excellent article in his blog on Isaiah Stanback and his contributions as a Husky. This is a real must read for any Husky, and a superb tribute to IS.

"His injury is one of the most devastating I can remember. Obviously, nothing can top what happened to Curtis Williams. But for the sheer magnitude of what it could mean to the team, and how it will affect everyone involved with the program, this is one of the worst injuries UW has endured in a long time."

Ted Miller at the PI waxes nostogically about Rick Neuheisel.

"And if the Huskies overcome the loss of Stanback and manage to reach a bowl game, amid the good will such a surprising development should inspire, perhaps Slick Rick deserves a begrudging acknowledgment, even if that includes a mumbled expletive or two."

Greg Johns is the first to get down to the business of exploring Carl Bonnell and what has led him to his first start in a couple years this Saturday.

"Bonnell has been around the block a couple times. He's 23 years old, five years removed now from his glory days as starting quarterback for Class 4A state champion Kentwood High. He's been through two universities and four head coaches, having originally signed a letter of intent with Mike Price at Washington State before being wooed to Washington by Rick Neuheisel after an odd "gray-shirt" season in Pullman when he was never officially part of the team."

Jim Moore chimes in at the PI with his traitor angle concerning Carl Bonnell.

"For one, it's another reason for the Cougs to root against the Huskies. Four years ago, Bonnell was a brilliant kid from Kentwood who committed to Washington State. But when Mike Price took the Alabama job, Bonnell bolted for Washington, which makes him a Coug defector, guilty of football treason."


hairofthedawg said...

There's also an article from the Mercury news I enjoyed on the Cal blog today. Kind of states the obvious, but it's still nice to read from a distant paper.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Wouldn't it be great to beat Cal on Saturday? Just come out and shock the world and beat these guys?

The great thing about college football is this stuff happens every week...witness Arkansas over Auburn.