Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I have returned...the belated Monday Morning Wash

Moving into a new house as usual is an adventure as you try to get everything connected back up. Sorry for the delay, but getting reconnected is always a challenge. Things are going well and I am settled and ready for more Husky Football.

I listened to the game while moving on XM radio this past weekend and it was a trip listening to the Cal announcers. They were pretty condenscending toward Washington and expected an early blow out like most of us did. As the game went on they grew more concerned, the fun, and games were over. They talked to Jeff Tedford at halftime and asked him if it was Washington, or was California merely self destructing? Tedford replied that it was partly Cal, but mostly UW. They asked him if he was going to make adjustments in the second half, and he started laughing and said, plenty. I think Washington suprised the hell out of them. That is the usual recipe for a potential upset.

We didn't have the greatest third quarter as we let the Bear's back into the game, but we just didn't die, and kept fighting...pretty amazing. The final play of the game was hard to believe as it was described on the radio. The announcers were just stunned, as I am sure everyone was. I can hardly wait to see it on the replay this evening. It was interesting hearing them, they were the old Cal again, blowing it.

There has been discussion in the paper why Ty didn't go for the two point conversion? I think it is damned if you do, and damned if you don't. You miss it and everyone second guesses you the other way around. I had little problem with the decision, but it meant stopping Cal on defense one more time, which we did not do.

Another unfortunate thing that happened was Kenny James ankle injury. I think Washington wins the game if James had stayed healthy. Louis Rankin needs to learn to run straight ahead. Too bad we can't afford to bench him till he figures it out. 3rd and short with rankin is a number that probably won't be called much for the rest of the year. Give it to Palaita for god sakes, at least he keeps his feet moving forward. How about a keeper by the QB?

Carl Bonnell had a great debut, in fact despite the five interceptions, he cemented the job with the outting. This basically will assure that Jake Locker won't need to play this season unless Carl is injured. I think they still use Durocher for a play or two if needed here and there. From what I heard on the radio, two of the interceptions were the receivers fault rather than his. Anyway I think Carl can lead us to victory over Arizona State in a must win this coming Saturday.

Around the Pac Ten

Arizona State had no problem with Stanford this past weekend which was little surprise. I don't think Idaho would have much trouble with them either.

Washington State upsetting Oregon was great. Every time the Duck's lose it is a great thing. I didn't watch or listen so I have no idea how the Duck's could allow the Coug's to score over 30 points? Did Alex Brink suddenly have the game of his life?

UCLA lost a heartbreaker to Notre Dame on the last play of the game. From what I heard UCLA blew it by being too conservative similar to what Lambo did when Lou Holtz brought the Irish to Seattle for the first time in nearly 50 years.

Oregon State reverted back to their former selves in struggling to get by Arizona. A win is a win, but the Beavers don't impress me and it seems strange they beat Wahington, but I guess they wanted it more than us...lesson learned.


Things are going to be as usual for the rest of the season as I don't have any other travel planned, weddings, moves, or dreaded couple showers planned for the rest of the year. So expect a couple of daily posts as we catch up and get ready for the Devils.

The Big East has three undefeated teams rolling into November, and Rutgers is very much for real and a threat to go to a BCS bowl. West Virginia, and Louisville are the front runners, but Rutgers is very capable of beating either team.

The Big Ten is still all about Ohio State and Michigan, the winner will play for the national championship. USC is till the likely opponent. The Trojans had a bye this week as they prepare for the grueling stretch run of Oregon, Cal, UCLA, and Notre Dame. They win those four and they deserve to play for the title.

Nebraska gave Texas everything they could handle last Saturday, and if they can get by Missouri will play a rematch in the Big 12 championship game. Keep an eye on Texas AM who are quietly having their best season in years and could easily upset the Longhorns at the end of the season.

Clemson took care of Georgia Tech, and Boston College knocked off Florida State in the ACC. BC's early win over Clemson is turning out to be a big deal since they are both in the same division which would keep the best team in the league out of the championship game if BC wins out.

Alabama knocked off Tennessee in the SEC which derails the Volunteers fine season. There is a a lot of parity down "y'all" country this season, and probably no national championship.

Pac Ten Power Ratings

1. USC.....Trojans move back to the top in a bye weekk because for the second consecutive week Cal showed they are indeed mortal. With a bye this past week to prepare I think Troy is right where Pete Carroll wants them.

2. California....The Bear's escpaped Washington by the skin of their claws. Were they looking ahead to USC? I think they were because that is all they talked about the week before the Washington game. I doubt they let down again.

3. Washington St....Knock off Oregon and I have to reward you with the #3. the Coug's are having a great season and this win put's them on track for a bowl.

4. Oregon....Pullman is a tough place to play, but the duck's could ill afford to lose this one after losing ugly at California.

5. Washington....The upper division is in reach for the surprising Huskies depite three straight close losses. Stanford will be a win, but ASU is a must win. Oregon, and Wazzu are on the road, and Washington has what it takes to win those games too. 8-4...I think it is pretty doable.

6. Oregon State....Ok you beat Washington, then Arizona, but Washington is still ahead of you? Well I am not buying into the Beavers. I think they lose more than they win the rest of the year.

7. UCLA....Tough loss at South Bend, but the Bruins despite the loss show they have some bite left in them. Dorrell is having a tough year.

8. Arizona St....Washington is a must win for these guys, win it and they can go about salvaging a dissapointing season.

9. Arizona....the Beavers did their best to hand the Wildcats a win, but there were no takers. you have to wonder how long Stoops has left.

10. Stanford....The Tree is injury, and talent depleted...Walt Harris needs time, lots of time.


hairofthedawg said...

Boy do I know the horrors of moving...I'm thinking about doing it again too. Just down the beach though so it shouldn't be too bad.

No ill will intended, but I laughed out loud at pr(that was sort of cool, I guess...firefox, the released version, just crashed and although it died, it let me go back to exactly where I was in this post. The original post that you wrote is no longer up, but still kind of nice.)rbrr's heart attack comment. Glad you're back.

I agree completely with the "damned if you do..." remark. My first reaction was just to go for two and I wasn't paying attention to TO's.

It sounds like Kenny might make it back, but I wouldn't expect a lot of carries for him. One article I read had Sampson sounding like he's ready to go and looking forward to the opportunity. If so, wrap it up Shelton! I know he has the speed. Also on the subject of RB's, I'm sure you've read about Houston's adventure. I trust Coach W to handle the situation fairly. I was mentally screaming "Homer" on the third and shorts but that's nothing against Palaita, just that I want to see what Homer can do.

This weekend will be another interesting game. It's kind of fun in a stressful way to enjoy a team that's so close to where they need to be. I like watching them grow. And by team, I mean "team". I don't post much on dawgman but I read most of their work and with these guys when I read about competitors for a position helping one another I believe it for some reason. I was never sure in the past. Don't ask me to identify how I can tell. I can't define it.

Health Insurance Expert said...

My first inclination after the Hail Mary was to kick it and go to overtime. I don't know why that was my first instinct because in retrospect hitting while the iron is hot, and while Cal is in shick was probably the best thing to do.

I do defend Ty's decison because a timeout was most likely needed to get the right people on the field, and make the right play call.

AAndy had a good point and that was Cal would have probably called timeout anyway.

As far as the message board at Dawgman goes I can't believe what some of those guys are posting, and how negative they are. Anyone who knows football can see how far this team has come in the last two years.

Health Insurance Expert said...

This isn't the first time Houston has been in trouble. Despite the high character and leadership he displayed in HS he was asked to leave Texas, rather than him moving on because of a potential move to full back.

Talk about your bonehead moves, stealing a cab to escape the embarraing scene of a stripper spitting on the Mc Donald's drive thru window? What exactly did this guy think he was doing? Shows some very flawed decison making on his part.

Ty believes in second chances, but this kid may have already had his.

DJ recruited a kid from San Diego by the name of Mark Jones who was a pretty good player with lots of past problems. DJ felt those problems were behind him with the support of the program, but he left the program after snatching a purse at gunpoint downtown.

Some kids just never get it, and we have to ask the question whether Houston ever will. If he comes back it will be on a very short leash.

I am betting that they don't invite him back.

prrbrr said...

Well, the Pac10 is shaping out. Like most of us felt, Cal and USC are at the top, and AZ and Stanford at the bottom, with the rest bunched up for the bowl fights. I like our chances but we need to beat ASU as they are fighting us for Sun, Las Vegas, Emerald, Hawaii versus no bowl. WSU beating UO was a good thing too as it drops Ore into the middle tier. The differences from preseason has been the downfall of ASU, AZ and Ore IMO. ASU has UW, OSU, WSU, UCLA and Az left. I see 2-3 losses there. Ore still has to play USC. OSU has to play UCLA, USC this week,ASU and UO, so at least 2 losses there. WSU looks in good shape with UCLA this week, AZ, ASU, and the DAWGS. UCLA toughest to play out with WSU, Cal, OSU, ASU, and then USC for a min of 2 losses more likely 3 at best. Regardless of what other teams do, we need to take care of business and play with Cal/USC type heart and win out which is doable. But we really need to win against the remaining teams as they are (minus the furd) our competition for that very needed bowl. I hope it is cold wet rainy windy so we can knock the snot out of the stun devils, but that may not be a good wish as they have an excellent running game. Leaving tomorrow am early for SEA. JB, glad you are back in the groove. we moved 11 times in my first 7 years in the USAF, so know how stressful it really is. For Hair, your comment about my binoc focus, gotta tell you this. We attended the pregame luncheon at Cal hosted by Ath Dept, ended up at a front row table with the band and cheer squad doing their routines right and I mean right in front of us. Even my wife commented that "well that was certainly up close and personal" so I didn't need the binocs during the game other than to miss Wood's reception. LOL

Health Insurance Expert said...

Up close and personal...I like that. I went to an event called the Great Eight in Chicago when Bob Bender was coaching the Dawgs.

I was fortunate to have seats right on the floor a couple of feet away from Dick Vitale which was very cool. My boss at the time was a basketball nut and he bought us $1200 tickets...I thought he was insane, but you can really get used to that at United Center.

The cheerleaders for Kentucky, and the other schools sat right at my feet which was very up front and personal. Pretty amazing if you ever get the chance to do it.

Donald Watts is a great kid and he came up and high fived me when he saw my Washington hat and dragged on to the floor for a minute or two to meet the team. I think the only Washington fans were me and parents such as Slick Watt's, and Fred Brown whose son was also on the team.

I go way back with Downtown since we lived on the same block for a number of years in Magnolia while I was growing up. Seemed all the Sonic's lived in the condo's. Fred was pretty cool, and we would shoot hoops together at his suggestion...really nice guy.

Slick was a real character who I met in later years out in the bars when he had his carpet cleaning service.

Spencer Haywood lived down the street too, but he wasn't exactly friendly. He would drive by in his Mercedes slow down, put down the window, motion us to come over, and then he would speed up and drive away....nice.

hairofthedawg said...

LOL...on the binoc focus and 11 times in 7 years? Damn, I get the three year itch, but that's a lot. You're quickly pushing me to early retirement! :)

These "are" the games that matter. We've won all but one that I hoped we would and played closer than I thought we would in the other three, well four, if you count SJSU as far as closeness. It's just too hard to predict how this team will play and that's what I mean by fun and frustrating.

That was an excellent observation by AAndy and one that hadn't crossed my mind. No point in dwelling on it.

Message boards are message boards...I've had my own posting under the influence(PUI) moments but I can't say that I envy the moderator's jobs over there. It's not hard to learn who to read and not to read, but can be a pain during that process.

No point in me speculating on Houston without the facts. I'm sure Softy will do enough of that for all of us in an hour or so. I hope it's a misunderstanding, but it doesn't sound like something Coach W will overlook or take lightly. I'm still thinking about ASU. The website I sent you hasn't been updated since the 13th so...sorry about that.

hairofthedawg said...

Sounds like a lot of fun John! Living out in the sticks like I did, my closest brush with fame was Detlef playing several miles away in Centralia and a Pirate's scout saying "I wish you were bigger." after watching me catch and hit at a tryout. 5'6" and 130 didn't cut it. I didn't think it would.

I've never been a big fan of the NBA, but the UW guys are sparking my interest. We used to live halfway between Seattle and Portland and the reception was usually better from Portland so my grandpa was a Blazer's fan. I was very happy that Brandon went there because I have no problem at all rooting for them and feel he'll add some maturity to the team even with his youth.

Nate's Nate. Can't help but cheer him on even though I could care less about the Knicks. I really hope Bobby and Will catch on somewhere.

Was Vitale a coach then or an announcer? He gets on my nerves.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Vitale was an announcer, and while he may get on the nerves of some people, in person he was one exceptionally nice and gracious person. I spent about five minutes with him one on one which was pretty cool. The thing that was neat about him is he is interested in other people and not self absorbed. He was asking me questions about what I thought...pretty cool guy.

Dan Patrick is the same way, a pretty fun guy to have a beer with. He and Dibble were doing a live remote across the street from Wrigley and he was very friendly when I ran into him after the broadcast.

hairofthedawg said...

I think most personalities would be like you describe in person, once out of their element. Maybe an idea for a post? Who would you like most to spend a few minutes or share a beer with. For me, John Wooden, DJ, and if I could drag Romar and Dollar to Hooters...

prrbrr said...

Johnb, we recently purchased a condo in Magnolia on E side overlooking golf course and pier 91. Bought it so we could have a place to stay during football and spring game. Magnolia was always the place I would have wanted to live if we had stayed in SEA, as I grew up in Japantown/Chinatown in the international district. I am so old, I remember where the Safeco and Qwest stadiums are now were stockyards. An interesting youth growing up time, but looking back I would not trade it for anything now. I laugh and am saddened at the Dman boards regarding the posts and attacks, but glad they are finally starting to censor boorish behavior. As for the Houston issue, I really do trust TW will examine everything and make the correct call. He really is a man of great integrity, and we will be a much better institution because of him. I am impressed by how he has influenced the behavior of these young men and set them on the course for a successful life. Now its time to focus and beat ASU.

hairofthedawg said...

pb, can you give me an idea of the cost of such a condo? I've thought about doing something similar, but have no idea what prices are in that area. If my email isn't avialable via my posts, let me know and I'll find a way to get it to you.

Stockyards? I thought I was old when I remembered the Sea-Tac exit being farms.

I grew up on a farm and wouldn't trade it for the world...in hindsight at least. Go Dawgs!

Health Insurance Expert said...

I remember during college they were just giving those things away. You could buy a really nice condo in Magnolia for under $30,000. The saying was there were two things you could never get rid of in Seattle, Herpes, and Condo's.

Now if you are on the east side, and you are overlooking Pier 91 and Interbay you must be off of Thorndyke.

Magnolia has gotten very pricey for houses, I would think the condo's are expensive too.

Which sports personality would I would like to spend time with?

I would like to play a round of golf with Willingham. I wouldn't mind if Lorenzo, and Todd filled out the foresome.


Interesting, never realized we had them there at some time. The only real reason to drive down that way was to go to Sear's, or Pacific Iron and Fabric...it was always pretty industrial.

prrbrr said...

Hair and Johnb, we are on Thorndyke, 3rd floor of an apt to condo conversion. Have a very nice view of top third of space needle, see the bay and 91 easily, Mt Rainier is framed in the bedroom and LR window, can also see both Safeco and Qwest and almost to west seattle. 570 sq ft, fireplace 1 br 1 bath cost 250K. They are building a new condo right across street which should also have great view. Our realtor initially showed us some places on Queen Anne, but they were junk and more expensive than this place. If you go to look, take your time, there are some good and bad buys there now. Cheaper units were on 1st floor, no view around 200K. Last time i was there, believe there were only 2 units left in entire complex of 35.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I used to deliver newspapers in that section of Magnolia. I grew up on 26th and Dravus.