Monday, October 16, 2006

A Message From PrrBrr...Get fired up, and sell the farm!

(This is a copy of a post from PrrBrr. It got me so fired up I thought it deserved to be up here on the front page so everyone could read it. Thank's, and a toast from me in Chicago to your friend too!)

Against Cal I believe its time to sell the farm and go down fighting and not on our knees begging for life. Its time to run the ball at them, 3 step drops to Wr/Te across middle and a host of trick plays to keep them honest. Its time for flea flickers, lateral pass to Shackelford who passes deep to Russo. Daniels, Ellis or Williams. A reverse for Wood plus any other creative ideas should be considered.

On defense, its time for Baer to sell out also, cheat CJ up closer and hope Jackson doesnt burn us deep, bring pressure from a corner, safety or LB every other play. Drop a DT into the middle when we do bring a safety blitz. On STs time for the fake punt and FG. I realize these are the acts of a desparate man, and yes I am there. it's time for a fighter pilot to perform his last ditch maneuver and die trying to kill the enemy rather than get a missile crammed up my privates. I do not believe we can beat these guys straight up, so its time to at least give them big doubts on our plays, and also bang them mostly with KJ. No Rankin dancing and whiffs on blocking getting CB hurt.

The OL, and especially the DL must step up and play balls out. The team must play for 60 minutes, they must come out for the opening bell ready to kick some Longshore(man) off the docks. They must play with passion and smarts. If they are timid and hesitant from the get go (season normal), it will be over by the first qtr, and then like you said by how much. where and how. I refuse to concede this game so IMHO its time to let it all go and try out the wrinkles. An epic upset if we were somehow to prevail. I will now finish my bottle of wine and drink a toast to my downed Garfield alum.

(This is a great post from man who believes if we have to go down this weekend, we can't concede defeat and we must throw everythng in the kitchen sink against California on Saturday. I just love the spirit, and tone! We are getting a lot more visitors, in the neighborhood of 100 or so per day now which is great, and I thank you all for visiting. Feel free to post when you are here. You can do it anonomously, or you can register, takes 30 seconds using any name you want, even your Dawgman user name. The Husky Blog is open for everyone to post their opinions! Since the end of June when I started this we have gone from 2-3 viewers a day to over 100 so it must be at least mildly feel free to post to add to the fun!)

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