Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Around The Pac Ten Blogs

It is that time of the week where we cruise among the Pac Ten blogs to see what they are writing about their respective teams. The UCLA blog is absolutely hilarious. Not much out of Oregon State which is a bummer, but they usually publish later in the week. Arizona St is coming off a bye week to face USC, so not much from the Devils as they are about to watch their team sink to the cellar of the league.

We found another Oregon Blog called "Addicted to Quack" pretty funny title, and a pretty decent blog. The question of the week is if Duck fans should go into panic mode.

"The question of the day on Primetime (KFXX, Portland) was Is it time for Duck fans to start panicking." Why would it be time to panic. Over one loss? I fully realize that it is the job of sports talk radio to try and create controversy so that people will have a reason to call in. However, I fail to see any reason why "panic" is something that Duck fans should be feeling."

The UCLA Blog reports that Ben Olson is going to be out 4-6 weeks.

"Before we go on to the news of the day we need to revisit the dirty, thuggish tactics of Mike Stoop's white trailer trash Arizona football program. If you haven't seen the video on Ben's injury check it out again. Now that the good news (no surgery) and bad news (MCL tear - out at least 4 weeks) on Ben Olson is out of the way, let's wish Ben a speedy and healthy recovery, and move forward. Let's also put rest to talks about transfer. Ben is not going anywhere neither is Pat. As Cowan and his coaches have said already he was more than prepared to go in. And now that he is in charge, the Bruins Nation can expect him to hold down the fort, and maintain the reasonable expectations of winning 9 games and beating Southern Cal."

"Well if Karl Dorrell wants to finally put together a break through win on the road this weekend, then his offense will have to step up. Because right now after 5 games into the season, there are still lots of doubts around anemic offense"

Michael Wines at the Duck Blog rehashes a Black Day At Strawberry Canyon.

"Dennis Dixon threw an interception on the first play from scrimmage. That led to a Bear touchdown and Cal never looked back. I think that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the game. It gave Cal a ton of confidence early and did just the opposite for Oregon."

The WSU Blog wonders what happened to the Coug offense.

"Where did the offense that scored 22 on USC go? The defense obviously played great* but man what happened to our offensive line. They couldn't get any holes opened for the Cougs to establish a running game and keep the Beavs honest."

The USC Blog ponders Kirk Herbstreit and his impact on the college football universe. They also have a preview of the up coming game with ASU.

"Should USC's Trojans apologize for the way they're playing, as ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit proclaimed Saturday? Maybe if they did so on a two-for-one "Apology GameDay" show, with Herbstreit offering his own "mea culpa" for punditry malpractice in touting Miami to make it to the BCS title game."

The California Blog is concerned about a cheap shot by Oregon last week. WSU is on tap next for the Bears and they are also talking about the Coug's Jason Hill being injured.

"Of all the big plays by Cal in a 45-24 win over Oregon on Saturday at Memorial Stadium, there is one being replayed over and over in the film room today. The subject of the play is Oregon tight end Dante Rosario, who stomped on a fallen Cal player during DeSean Jackson's 65-yard punt return. "

Stanford takes a little pride in not getting totaly blown out.

"Notre Dame, a 29 1/2-point favorite, didn't deliver the early knockout that everyone expected -- which was a sign of progress for Stanford. Stanford stayed within 7-3 for much of the first half, stunning considering the Cardinal defense is ranked 117th nationally and Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn is a Heisman Trophy candidate."

Arizona State has nothing new this week which is understandable. At least Arizona switched the focus to basketball. The Sun devils are in free fall as they head to visit USC.

The Oregon State blog actually simulates each game before it happens using X-Box. How scientific can you get? The Beavers are undefeated in X Box simulation this year.

Last weeks X-Box Simulation Results:
Oregon State 35, Washington State 30

The Arizona Blog has decided to move onto basketball this week. I am sure they will get back to cutting down the Wildcat football team later in the week.

"I'm done with football. I am a basketball fan first and since McKale Madness is just around the corner it means that it's time to take a look at what kind of team will be hitting the hardwood this winter. I decided to divide the team into two groups, known quantity and question mark."

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