Monday, October 16, 2006

It's official....Stanback out for the season

It is official, and the news is worse than we thought it would be, or at least hoped it would be. Isaiah Stanback will have surgery tomorrow to repair damage to his foot, and ankle. He will not be able to return this season, and will not be ready for a bowl game if the Huskies qualify.

Willingham said that "without surgery, they don't heal correctly, so you have to go in and make repairs so he can be able to walk and run again.'' Asked if Stanback could be back by late December if UW were to make it to a bowl game, Willingham said "we are talking longer than that.''

Stanback will wear a cast and limit weightbearing on the foot for 6-8 weeks following surgery. Normal rehabilitation can take 8-12 months, which will hamper his efforts to make it to the NFL. They said Stanback did not suffer a fracture, but that surgery is needed to insert screws and probably a small plate to stabalize the foot. They said it is similar to the injury that cornerback Derrick Johnson suffered in 2001, which caused him to miss the whole season. It is also the same injury that Donny Mateaki suffered in the spring of 2005.

So there you have it, Carl Bonnell is going to be the quarterback on Saturday, and if he does well, he will complete the season at the position and be the leader going into Spring to claim the starting job if he is succesful. If not, we are going to see Jake Locker a year early.


hairofthedawg said...

Even though my hopes for IS playing again this season were slim, I'm still bummed that it's official. Most of you have probably already read it but Jerry Brewer's piece in the times describes my thoughts pretty well.

I will say that IS seems to have as good an attitude about his situation as is possible so soon after the injury. He'll need that attitude because it sounds like he has some serious rehab work ahead of him.

You also mentioned the turf somewhere John. I did a pretty quick search and have found this so far. Not definitive, but more than I knew before.
and this...

It's kind of hard to imagine the torque IS's explosiveness is capable of generating and applying it to the linked articles. I'm in favor of the turf, but would like to do whatever is possible to prevent another injury.

Good luck and thank you Isaiah!

prrbrr said...

Yes we were very sorry to read and see that Isaiah's career at the UW ended this way. We wish him the best for a full recovery, much more important than a speedy recovery. He is such a very nice person. and was most kind to my grandson at a spring game 3 years ago. I met his brother at the practice I was allowed to attend this year before UCLA, and they are a very nice family. To HOD, thanks for the links to the turf, I am headed there next. For John, what a surprise to find myself on your front page, although I wrote it while drinking, having reread it I stand by it, its time to sell out and Go For Broke.

Health Insurance Expert said...

It definitely sucks that IS is injured. I think he has been a great Husky and I am dissapointed he won't be able to go out leading us to a winning season and a bowl game on the field.

IS was what made us dangerous, and also made us competitive. He masked so many of our problems. Tui had better talent to lead earlier this decade, but that team without him was .500 at best. Both made their teams much better than they really were.

As far as the Field Turf goes it is the safest of all the playing surfaces out there including most grass fields, especially in the North. However the Lisfranc injury thing is worth researching because perhaps they can tap players a different way to help prevent it.

PrrBrr I know you had a few while you wrote it so I re read it more than a few times before posting. I have written some of my most unusual, and good stuff with the help of the "recipe".

I had to move your post to the front page because it showed the attitude of a fighter, and it accurately depicted what Washington has to do to stay in the game Saturday.

I likened Oregon State to a wounded animal last week that had to be put out of it's misery early. That prediction might have been the best one I have had all year.

Washington is now the wounded animal, and it us up to these guys to fight for survival out there and rally to save the season. If OSU can do it, Washington certainly can do it.

Your post fired me up big time!

MariusJanulisForThree said...

Bummer, man. I went to the USC-Wash game and I gotta say that despite the strange time-management at the end of the game, I was impressed by Stanback and the Huskies. Going in the right direction, hopefully this won't set them back too far.

Health Insurance Expert said...

This a major setback for the program, and Isaiah personally to say the very least. We aren't very good, and we aren't very deep, but IS gave us a chance to win every week, and as we saw this year it was working.

It is really going to be interesting to see if Carl can get the job done. I also think he deserves more than one game to prove it.

Locker is a superstar in waiting. He may be the top QB we have ever recruited, but he hasn't had very many snaps with #1's since the season started. that makes it very unrealistic that he will go in and perform miracles...but it does happen.

I just hope Carl can handle the job, and Jake gets to keep his redshirt.

prrbrr said...

Johnb, I echo your comments. I think CB will adequately lead this team and Cal must not be the yardstick. Unlike IS 3 years ago against USC, CB must not be judged by the Cal game alone. If it goes badly as can easily happen, put JD in there to finish out, a QB with different skill sets might be better than using JL. ASU will give us a better indicator of CB abilities to lead this team. He did fine 3 years ago against ND, so hoping we can save JL and let him mature more and compete in the spring. I believe CB can win 2 of the 3 remaining winnable games, but the team is going to have to perform.

Health Insurance Expert said...

We have a smart coaching staff that will make the right decisions on this one. They know very well what each player can do, and they also know that Locker could use some more snaps before they have to put him into a game situation. I doubt we see Jake this weekend, but I could be wrong when you consider Ty's history with Brady Quinn.