Monday, October 29, 2007

11th Change

I just had to add this one, and I can't imagine why I forgot it because I repeatedly comment on it during the game. One of the posters over at Dawgman added it to the list.

Garcia needs to make perfect snaps to Jake Locker.

This is probably the important thing you can improve on offense. Every time Jake has to reach for a snap, or go down and get a low one, it throws off the timing of the offense. If you can get this one thing down you are going to improve the efficiency of the offense by 20%.

Why that much you say? It is because the 1/4 second or more delay takes away a read from Jake Locker, maybe he can't make a great fake, or perhaps it makes him fumble the ball during a hand off.

It is all about discipline, and doing it right every time, that is what makes a football team win, and that type of precision takes coaching no matter what the talent level is.


t9odawg said...

A TD that Jake scored last Saturday was because a of low snap IMHO. The snap hit the ground and Jake had to move a bit to pick it up. Who knows what play had been called but Jake turned it into a TD anyway. Garcia's snaps have been this way all season, one of those little things they need to get corrected?

John Berkowitz said...

Well Jake is a magic man!

Tui made a lot of mistakes even as a senior but the team was able to overcome it with a better defense.

t9odawg said...

Tui's last mistake on the ill advised pitch to the wide receiver in the Rose Bowl gave the Purdue fans a lot of hope but when our D held them they started leaving shortly after, by games end the wife and I were pretty much by ourselves. I hope to get to another Rose Bowl with the Huskies in my lifetime.

dadcojohn said...

John, you got it on the nose about the snaps. I had been thinking that also as many tims hegets the ball off balance.

On another note, don't give up yet guys on Husky Football. We do need a new DC in my opinion but with th offense progressing as they are I am excited about the future if a good DC is in place.

prrbrr said...

So JohnB, appears Hasty has had a change of thinking. With TW, not sure that was a wise decision, it appears to me TW has a very long memory. Hope it works out better for Hasty than it did Sampson and Berglund, although Berglund did get a scholly back yesterday, whoopee, a 5th yr senior over halfway through his last quarter. What do you think? I feel hasty might get a few carries in his remaining year and a half, just very few.

John Berkowitz said...

I think it was PrrBrr who added the snaps to the list on Dawgman.

Yes, JR Hasty is back, and where exactly does that out him? Well it puts him back in the competition to carry the ball next year.

It isn't going to be easy for him because he is going to be competing with seven other running backs for the positition, but he he will be the oldest by a couple years.

For the record Sampson simply couldn't hold on to the ball in practice, that is why he didn't play much after he came back.

Sampson also left and came back a couple of times even though the one incident is the only one that got a lot of public play.