Thursday, October 25, 2007

Quote of the Week

These Willingham quotes are making the rounds right now as Husky fans try to decipher the motivation, and the inner meanings.

"We've got to get us a few more bullets in our gun to attack these guys," Willingham said. "That would help."

That, obviously, means improving the team's talent base, which is done mostly through recruiting.

Asked this week where the team needs the most help, Willingham said, "We are not good enough everywhere. I think I should ask you this question and you can come up with your own answer — how many of our starters, when we lined up against USC that night, would start for them?"

Is Ty throwing his players under the bus as some pundits, and fans are insinuating?

(I don't think so at this point. I think a couple of wins over Arizona, and Stanford will get the positive thinking headed in the right way.)

Is Ty just being realistic about the current talent on his team?


Would Jim Harbaugh say that about a similar situation he is in at Stanford?

(No, it is something that doesn't need to be discussed because it is pretty obvious. A better tact to go with would be to talk up your players, and find some positives. Harbaugh is in his first year and he has the Stanford players believing.)

Is this as Race Bannon says the beginning of Gilby II?

(Gilby's teams rarely competed, Willinghams teams compete every week. I wouldn't make that call till I see people giving up. UW was very competitive in all five losses, Gilby would have been blown out.)

My Reaction

I have mixed feelings on this one because if you look at the USC lineup you probably won't find a single position where a current Washington Husky would win a starting position. Would USC start Locker right now, no way!

To be honest that is the way it was most years of Don James reign as Husky head coach, and it will be that way most years in the future. The point is that a well coached team of lesser athletes can often beat a team with more talented athletes that isn't executing. Stanford proved that this year, and UW almost proved the last two seasons.

I completely agree with Willingham, Washington needs an upgrade at every single position except quarterback on this team in the future.

I also say this team needs to do a better job recruiting. In the crucial 2008 year we are ranked in the 30-40 range so far again, and that just doesn't cut it. Ty has 14 in the bag right now, but the next 13 he brings in need to be pretty special to put this one over the top. He needs the top local players desperately.

Those players are going to come from his last two recruting classes, and the next one which will have 27 players in 2008. Like he says it is all about recruiting, and those three classes will determine his fate.

Players with NFL Draft Potential

Here is a list, but Locker is the only guy on the roster that is lock to get drafted some day.


CB Lewis ( Late round if any)


C Garcia ( Third round or higher)


LB Butler ( Too early to tell because of a nagging knee injury)
LB Savannah ( Still young but has the speed you like.)
DE Teo Nesheim (Has a great motor)


QB Locker (First Round)
DT Elisara (Hasn't emerged yet behind three seniors, watch the second half of this season.)
OT Habben (You start as a RS and you might be pretty good by the time you leave.)
OG Tolar ( Same thing on Tolar)

Frosh (Way too early to really predict on anyone, but here are some guesses.)

QB Fouch ( This guy is going to be a great QB)
RB Johnson (We haven't seen much, but he is the top backup as a frosh)
LB Foster (Getting a start as a frosh is special)
S Williams (I think Nate can be a rock in the secondary)
S Aiyewa (He hasn't played much, but has great potential to grow into)
TE Izbicki ( He won't be lower than #2 next year behind Gottleib. this guy has the tools.)
OG Shugert (Like Tolar last year the coaches pondered about playing him mid year)


dcdawg said...

This is exactly why so many UW fans need to chill out. The program was in shambles (thanks Babs! thanks Ricky!) and rebuilding is a real chore, especially in these days of scholarship limits. Restoring character and fortitude was step one, and Ty has done that. Steps two three and four are winning, of course, but based in part on the draft predictions at the end of this post, aren't you excited about the offense in 2009: Locker in his third year as starter, Izbicki will have some experience, Logan/Boyles/Aguilar/Goodwin with experience, Johnson/Shaw/Griffin with experience, Homer tough as nails and experienced, and a potentially very good, assuredly very large and experienced line with Tolar, Sedillo, Shugert and Habben.

I am excited about the potential of that offense! Defense worries me a bit more, and I'm concerned about Baer's coaching. In any case, let's judge Ty on that team, not the current one.

prrbrr said...

Race has no credibilty if he ever had any. Like Kosub and others before him, he quit in mid season and abandoned his team.
TW must get it done in recruiting. I still think we win at least 5 of 6 and show Middleton, Kearse, Thompson, Taamu, maybe even Guyton we are coming back.
JohnB, do you think TW will make the hard call this winter on the assistants?
btw, the praCtice yesterday was good and bad, not as crisp as the ones I saw earlier.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think he will stick with his assistants. I think recriting better talent needs to be their #1 priority. I think the coaching is adequate. Better players make better coaches.

prrbrr said...

reference my earlier comment on rats abandoning ship, now JR Hasty.
my take, a disappointing trend but no real big loss.

hairofthedawg said...

I wish Hasty would have at least taken a shot at a different position rather than quit. You're right about it being a disturbing trend, but more because it's happening mid-season rather than at the end.