Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Quote of the Week

Willingham made an impassioned statement that he thinks the team is close to turning the corner.

"There has been no time in my career, for one reason or another, that the heat hasn't been on Tryone Willingham,'' he said. "When I took the job at Stanford, the heat was on. When I took the job at Notre Dame, the heat was on. Here, the heat is on. The only thing that solves any of those problems is just winning football games. We are a football team that is very close to doing that an awful lot. No matter how you cut it, no matter what statistics you look at, this team has played good football. Now, we may not have played it long enough to win particular ball games, but we have played good football and we have to shore up all those areas where we are weak at and we will do a lot of winning.''

If you look at it from an offensive point I have to agree, his Huskies have been turning a corner and getting better. Defensively I don't know what to say, something tells me (48 Arizona points) that they aren't very close at all. We have five games left this season, so lets see what they come up with.


hairofthedawg said...

There's a lot of truth in both Ty's quote and your response. We have to get back(how far back was it?) to dictating the game with our offense and using that to let the defense go for it and dictate the game to opposing offense.

Like you say, the offense is close and...we'll see. I think our defense can do it for limited lengths of time. Do a better job at keeping them off the field so they can be aggressive on every play and we might pull these next few off.

John Berkowitz said...

If Locker was playing at the current level he is at the beginning of the season we would have beaten UCLA, USC, and maybe Ohio State. The problem is the defense which has no depth got beaten up during that period of time.

prrbrr said...

John, some questions for you. What lately has changed your mind on the def staff? You preached putting Tormey in as DC but later post says can them all, I assume to mean JD Williams too. What about Hart, has Passion convinced you on him also?
I am in more of the remove Baer as DC and lets see where the problem really lies, is it with overall schemes or coaching positions.
I still am not a fan of Simmons. Denbrock and Miles I question only because of Garcia's low snaps and Rankin's dancing, I feel both those traits should have been coached out by now, although Rankin has improved mightily the last few games, but why so long to get it corrected? Thanks for your views.

John Berkowitz said...

"What lately has changed your mind on the def staff?"

I wouldn't can JD Williams, the guy owns the Central Valley as far as recruiting is concerned. I think once he gets his own guys trained back there things will be fine.

I think we need a new DC, and that new DC should hire the guys he thinks he needs to run the defensive show.

I will say one thing about special teams, they have improved quite a bit, not perfect, but you can see quite a bit of improvement.

prrbrr said...

Thanks JohnB. A speculative question, between Ed Orgeron (ole Miss HC former USC DC)and Dewayne Walker (UCLA DC) which one do you like or do you have another wish list. Orgeron might be hard to judge with all the talent at USC plus Petey was true DC, and Walker hasn't really had shutdown games in PAC10 due to high powered offenses plus blowout losses to Utah and WSU. Curious to hear your leanings on this one or would you prefer to wait until season over before we start to speculate, either way no foul. Thanks prrbrr

John Berkowitz said...

Orgeron sounds too much like Oregon doesn't it? Since he would be an ex head coach if fired it would go against the edict that I wouldn't hire ex head coaches.

I don't know enough about Walker, and it would be hard to make that decision based on what I have seen based on UCLA's play which is simply erratic.

Now let's talk about the effect of firing coaches. It is an umpleasant business since it effects individuals and their families. You hate to have to do stuff like that, or even make the suggestion to do it like everyone has this week.

The message that UW has sent out this week is they have five games left to play. They are going to try to win all five games. I am firmly on board with that type of thinking.

If UW wins the next five, and they are capable of doing that, the mood is going to change.

President Emmert made a good point when interviewed and that is you can't make a decision in the middle of the season, all you can do is support the team.

Mark Hadfield said...

Don't you think you should have included some link to the original quote from Condotta's Blog. Since you not only used his Willingham quote but also his lead. "Willingham made an impassioned statement that the team is turning a corner," or whateve it was. Don't most blogs do that?

John Berkowitz said...

Point well taken Mark, it should have a direct link to Bob's blog, and was an oversight on my part.

If you take a good look at the blog we usually have links everywhere, and we are always crediting Bob, or Molly for whatever we get from them.

The quote actually came from Willingham's press conference which I try to listen to each day via video stream from the Go Huskies website.

The interesting thing about the Willingham regime is that 95% of the info during the week on the team and players comes from these press conferences which has to frustrate the beat writers.

In other words everyone is writing about the Huskies from the same limited pool of information each week that is sanitized by the UW PR engine.