Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Message From Our Foes to the Immediate South

What does it feel like? Seriously, what must it be like?

Not that long ago UW was THE model of how to build a national powerhouse from nothing and to do so with integrity. Then, thru a sheer lack of integrity and astounding blundering, a 100% total and incurable implosion such as NCAA football has never before seen and probably never will again. Making matter worse, you have a horrible coach that had his contract non renewed after screwing up ND. At least they knew how to cut their losses, but UW is way too liberal to fire a black coach. He gets to enjoy his bling and keep that program in the mud as long as he wants. That must be galling to all those proud alums. Twenty years of recruiting players no other PAC 10 team wants. Stealing players from teams like San Diego State or some JC school. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

So here it is! THE big week. UW’s annual bowl game against Oregon. Or at least as close as UW will get to a bowl game over a 20-30 year period. Oh sure, there may be a team along the way that lucks into a few wins and maybe some minor toilet bowl game somewhere. But let’s face it- this is the week every UW fan turns to each year. The annual fanny kicking administered by Oregon to a program in utter and permanent disgrace. Oh well, keep it close for a half and claim your moral victory.


How does it feel?

It bothers you for around an hour, or two after the game, then you get back to your real life which is pretty darn good if you are a University of Washington graduate.

I am sitting in by the pool of my condo today in Scottsdale catching some rays, and drinking some Margarita's while the rest of the non Husky world serves me during the week. I then fly up to Seattle on Saturday morning to catch the next game before I head home to the North Suburbs of Chicago where I live on the second hole of an Arnold Palmer golf course.

I am only 48, and have been on vacation around eight weeks this year with my wife. We have been to Hawaii, Mexico, Jamaica, Martha's Vineyard, Puget Sound, Arizona, Florida, and a little summer place we have over in Michigan.

Life is good, life is way better than I ever imagined it would be, and the score of a college football game while important pales in comparison. The decision I made over thirty years ago to attend the University of Washington set me up for life like it has for so many other Washington graduates who read this blog.

How does it feel?

How does it really feel?

It feels great because when I wake up in the morning I am a Husky, and am set for life for the most part because I chose to be a Husky.

I can't imagine what it would feel like being a Duck, but I can tell you, win, or lose over this short period of time, it is much better to be a Husky.

Our football history goes back to the turn of the century while your program goes back to only the early 90's. Win, or lose, we have tradition, and class, which is something an Oregon Duck will never have.

Go Huskies


prrbrr said...

HIE, well said. I too was at the game, and purposely delayed my thoughts for 3 days so as not to insert foot into mouth again ala UCLA.
1.Where I was sitting i didn't hear the idiots start the go huskies chant, classless. This brings up a point I made on DMan. We need to move the visitors section in HS by splitting their seats ala ASU and AZ and get them as far away from the field. I suggested the upper 20 rows East side of either N/S upper deck. Let them climb Mt Everest to reach their seats rather than premium seating with easy access in a big bloc. The other area I would allocate would be in oblique horseshoe top 15 rows uncovered away from Husky tunnel. This is really simple to do and could be implemented next season.
2. The defense is simply on the field too long. Why do we try to keep hitting the home run with Jake; a vertical threat is only a threat if we can hit it more than 1for6. The short and intermediate passes are there, use the quick slants for Reece and the TEs, and the FB . This would do 2 things, allow Jake to become comfortable and open up the deep ball. BTW, I agree with you on Kirton. Hopefully next year he will realize its his last chance and finally practice and play up to his potential, if TW gives him that 5th yr. I could also see him playing 3rd string behind Middleton and Izbicki.
3. Agree with you totally on the odd RB subs in 3rd quarter. Game wasn't lost yet, but we panicked or decided hell or high water we were going to sub the hot hand. Along that line with 5 min left and behind by 3 scores, put in kids to give them that valuable game day expereience. The counter argument is Jake needs to see these situations, but mine is at that point don't get him hurt in an obvious blitz situation, resulting in a TD intcp much like OSU which could have been avoided. Also, although Louis R did a fine job on KOR, in the last 5 mins game out of reach why not let Brandon Johnson and Curtis Shaw get another chance. Tell them catch the ball, don't run it out if you are in End zone, and whatever you do don't fumble. BTW, when CB was in there, I saw why Brandon isn't in there, he missed at least 2 blocks.
4. The OL was horrible, false starts are killers and we have had way too many, esp this late in season. Did you notice one of the first penalties on ASU was roughing the passer, another helmet to helmet shot on Jake, that is going to be the modus operandi all season. Garcia talks about having his back, but no response and no retaliation on ASUs next offensive series. Words only. TW rules.
5. Baer stayed pretty much in 4 man rush, with a few notable exceptions. He fell back into 3 when it was 3rd and long, believe that was the TD reception by Rudy Burgess, This DL is not talented enough to get reasonable pressure with 3 rushers, so the nickel/dime packages don't work, is there anything more demoraizing than a 3rd and long and have the opposing team make it consistently?
6. I read where ToddT is not going to dictate to his coach who to hire. The last bend and break Dc we had was Hundley, and some big money forced RN to make a change by bringing in Phil Snow as a "co" DC. Note Snow really ran the show and Hundley left the next year quietly. I had hoped Phil would have been retained by TW after Gilby as it looked like we were finally getting it defensively, but cest la vie.
7. Although special teams did much better, the best STs I have seen lately at UW was under Al Roberts, I believe he is available and in the area, helping Anthony Allen at Garfield HS.
8. I am not ready to concede to Ore. We need to put a spy on Dixon, my choice would be Savannah, has speed and appears to be the surest open field tackler. With Jeremiah Johnson(#2TB) and Colvin (best WR) out for season, UO could be pretty thin quickly. If we hit like we did in the opening half against ASU, who is to say that Jon Stewart (career injury prone) won't be limping off field early to never return, or Dixon could easily be out too, a constant danger with running QBs. We need to keep our O on the field longer, more quick short passes, a possession game, roll Jake out to get the WRs time to get open.
9. Sorry for the length, but I do believe this game can be won. Stop the run by Stewart and Dixon. Keep them off the field by Time of Poss. Play smart and with intensity (no mental errors) for 60 minutes, something we haven't done yet this season
10. This game hopefully will show TW hasn't lost the team.

hairofthedawg said...

Nicely put John. Even though I'm neither set for life nor a UW grad I understand your sentiment. I also don't like to fall back on history, but it is there, making the team's latest results just a little harder to bear.

Also a fantastic post pb. I remember your post and also remember a "double letter" seat I had for one game that would make a perfect place for an obnoxious opposing fan.

It's nice to have personal reports from you guys that attended the game. Ball control is a big issue and like you say, it doesn't happen with home run shots, at least until you've established some sort of other weapon.

I'm not entirely clear on TW's standards for the fifth year, but other than not living up to potential, is there something else Kirton's done to not deserve it? Are Middleton and Izbicki going to be that good that early or was your statement about Kirton playing 3rd string behind them a little tongue-in-cheek?

What you say about the kick off returns should be so ingrained in the returner's head as not to be a question. That's also one of the most frequently mentioned positive attributes of Rankin...his blocking. I hope he's passing his experience along to the young guys. If you can block, you'll get the PT.

There've been some things written about the team taking on Ty's personality, i.e., the "words only" and not really having Jake's back. There's some spirit missing. I'm sure there are repercussions for retaliating, but I think most coaches would secretly like to see it. I don't know about TW.

Not many things are more more demoralizing than unsuccessful stops on 3rd and long, except when they go for TDs.

I haven't read what Turner wrote yet.

Again, great post pb!

Health Insurance Expert said...

I guess my point is there is a lot more than football when it comes to the UW in the past, and present tense.

We are going through a tough tme on the football field, but is it really that big of a deal? Is it ruining anyone's quality of life?

We all want to win, but do we want to sacrifice ethics by having a Dennis Erickson as a coach, or stooping to the level of a Knight led UO? I don't think it is worth it, and I don't think it is the right path to take.

Oregon is headed in the wrong direction when it come to athletics, and academically it isn't even close to being on a par with UW.

I give the Ducks their due, and I think they may be the best team in the country this year, and Husky fans are a good judge of that since every week we seem to play a top ten opponent.

Anonymous said...

Dear Health Insurance Expert,
You are so impressive. Wow, thank you for expressing to all who can read how wonderful your life is. It must be great being so self-indulgent -- and proud of it! Did UW provide that to you too, or were you just lucky enough to have been born with it? Enjoy all the important things in life--YOU. Because, well, you're worth it. You are the American dream!
A lowly Duck Fan

Health Insurance Expert said...

Anonymous - It is just enjoying the fruits of life after thirty years of hard work, and getting a good education.

Football is a lot of fun, winning is better than losing, but it doesn't kill me when we lose a game.

Anonymous said...

If all going to UW gets you is a vacation house and enough insecurity to fill your H2 then I'll happily choose Oregon. I'm sure you'll be comforted by the success of the 1932 Huskies when you're down by 30 in the 3rd quarter. Then again, you'll probably already be stuck in traffic on your way home, tinted window rolled down in the 50 degree whether. After all, what's the point of buying an expensive car if no one can see your face behind the wheel?

Anonymous said...

Oh Health Insurance expert.
If we learned anything about you it is how your Husky education properly prepared you to become another one of the many pompous snobs that I run into at my course in Palm Desert. Oh how fun it is to mingle with these self important front running bad wagon fans who after yet another disappointing season attempt to heal their wounds by telling each other that they don't really care.

Could you attempt to explain to me how with that grand Husky education my waiter at the old Spaghetti factory in Seattle hadn't managed to get a "real" job yet?
Or perhaps you could help me to understand the son of one of my clients. He just happened to get a degree in psychology from your esteemed university 5 years ago yet still lives at home with his parents in Bellevue. He has no job, no prospects but a sincere interest in smoking pot. A habit which he apparently picked up attending Harvard west...

Health Insurance Expert said...

Anonymous- Can you make sure that you don't forget to clean our shoes after we finish our round today? I found a pebble in one of them yesterday and it really bummed me out. Make sure you have the wine, and cheese prepared for us at the turn or you will be back to pumping gas in Tualatin!

Anonymous said...

I wish the Huskies all the best, although Oregon is going to beat you.

My hatred of UofW basically just extended to the Weasel, so really I am basically indifferent to your specific program. Mike Stoops has replaced Rick as most hated coach in the Pac-10 IMHO.

If TW can attack the Duck Defense with the run by confusing and frustrating their Linebackers this could be a game. Honestly though Locker would need to run up the gut, into the heart of Oregons weakeness to make this happen, and I think you would be flirting with disaster. Running around the edge will not work consistantly with the speed the Oregon can place on the field, so spend too much time there.

Lastly, I think J. Stewart is due for a very frustrating game, Johnson was the perfect compliment to him, I expect your Defense to adjust to his complete lack of vision and poor overall balance. He has great speed and strength but is alligator fast, -try to make him go sideways.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I just want to add that I have plenty of Oregon graduates who are great friends. We always get together for this game, and it was much better when Washington used to pound them. Now that the shoe is on the other foot it isn't as fun.

I think Oregon is the best team in the country right now, but this is a wacky year, anything can happen from weeke to week, and UW is due a little good Karma.

Anonymous said...

Do your friends that are Oregon graduates know of your disdain for their degree from a lessor university?

I am sure you must be much more successful than they are in life given your husky class and heritage...


Excellent comeback! Laughed my head off.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Stanford has a great cheer they use when they are down 48-0.

"That's alright, that's okay, you'll be working for us someday!"

I never came close to imagining we would have to use the Stanford defense in my lifetime...lol

Thanks for the yearly contribution Blazer, and glad that you, and your friends got a kick out of the response!

I don't think it is permanent though, it just seems that way.